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Prerelease:Alarm for Cobra 11: Nitro

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Alarm for Cobra 11: Nitro.

Alarm for Cobra 11: Nitro, formerly known as Alarm für Cobra 11: Vol. 4 (original title) is the fourth game in the Cobra 11 series. It was developed by Synetic and published by RTL Games. Mostly to all of those elements remained only in the pre-release video footage. While overall the must


  • The game was originally titled as "Alarm für Cobra 11: Vol. 4".
  • The release date was going be November 16 2006.


  • There are only 25 missions in the game
  • There were only three levels of difficulty (easy to hard)
  • The arcade/sim slider from World Racing 2 has been removed.


  • Player vehicles didn't have number plates.
  • Opponent vehicles had the ability to appear in different colours. When vehicles are viewed in MTKit, they follow WR2's colour name pattern with a few colours mismatched, such as dark red being labelled black.
  • The following traffic vehicles had different textures, which can be seen in pre-release video footage (includes online and in-game frontend) and map/trailer objects. All of these look closer to their real-life equivalents:
    • kl_w1 (Kleinwagen 1/Small Car 1, Opel Corsa)
    • kl_w2 (Kleinwagen 2/Small Car 2, Fiat Stilo)
    • kombi (Kombi/Estate, BMW 5-Series Touring)
    • mk_w1 (Mittelklassewagen 1/Mid-Size Car 1, Audi A4)
    • mk_w4 (Mittelklassewagen 2/Mid-Size Car 4, Volkswagen Golf)
    • rtw (RTW/German abbrevation for an ambulance, Mercedes-Benz T2)
    • transp1 (Transporter 1/Renault Master)
  • At least three traffic vehicles were cut from the game:
    • abvan_euro (Ford Transit, breakdown lorry; a leftover from World Racing 2 that was scrapped)
    • lkw_m1 (loading lorry; unused)
    • Police variant of mk_w3 (Opel Vectra, File name unknown as it was scrapped; can be seen in pre-release footage)
  • The Executive V8 and Saphir 3.5 Turbo lacked driver models.
  • The Executive V8 was originally going to be named the "Senator" according to the car's directory.
  • The Grandsport 4.2 TT V6 was originally going to be named the "Phantom" according to the car's directory.


  • In earlier builds, there were no pedestrians in the city.
  • Pedestrians had no collision detection.