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Prerelease:Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge/MohendraBanjo

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Area 6


Deep in the jungles of the east, Banjo explores the ruins of the ancients. Jungle trees and vines mixed with rivers and ruins. Watch out for the spitting cobras that pop in and out of alcoves around the ruins. Moving walls with spikes make some ruin passages into forced scrolling sections. Use, vines, and snakes, for ladders. Wall carvings with Banjo references decorate the ruins. Burial chambers have coffins built into the ceilings and floors. Spiders sometimes drop down or jump up out of these and attack Banjo. This should be a darker area. Curry, Stir Fry, Blow darting.

  • Baddies: Scorpion, Spitting Cobra, Grabba, TNT Boom Box, and Spider.
  • Could Already Have: Run around, Jump Lv 1, swipe Attack Lv 1, Surface Swim Lv 1, Forward Roll Lv 1 & 1, Mouse, Feathery Flap Jump Lv2, Beak Barge Lv1. Talon Trot, Candle, Flap Flip Jump Lv. 2, Dive Underwater Lv. 2, Rat-a-tat Rap Lv2 Red Feather Flight, Beak Buster Attack Lv2 & 2, Octopus, Blue Eggs Attack Lv2 & 2. Shock Spring Jump
  • Learn: -Climb -Wonderwings Attack Lv3 - Bumblebee
  • Effects:
    • Make something seem as though it is moving in and out of the screen by shifting between a faded version and a higher contrast version. Fade in and out stone block platforms.