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Prerelease:Bionic Commando (NES)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Bionic Commando (NES).

A pre-release version of the NES Bionic Commando was showcased in the second issue of Nintendo Power, with a few differences present in the translation. Not that the finished product is much to write home about either way.

Early Final
Bionic-commando-nes-early1.jpg Bionic-commando-nes-text-final1.png

The neutral area guard had his Engrish cleaned up a bit: "All acts of hostilities are prohibited" rather than "All act of hostilities is prohibited".

Early Final
Bionic-commando-nes-early2.jpg Bionic-commando-nes-text-final2.png

"The" was added in front of "federation" in Generalissimo Killt's text in Area 15.

Early Final
Bionic-commando-nes-early3.jpg Bionic-commando-nes-text-final3.png

Perhaps the most curious change. In the Japanese Hitler no Fukkatsu, the agent with Joe's machine gun is called シュワルツァネッガー (Shuwarutsaneggā) and the two fakes have really similar names spelled slightly differently, シュワルツネッガー (Shuwarutseneggā) and シュワネッガー (Shuwaretseneggā) to be precise. It seems the small puzzle was going to be presented in a similar fashion in English, but got dumbed down by having the three agents use numbered codenames instead.

Also, while the rest of the line can't be seen completely in the screenshot, it seems to have lacked the "A" in "need for a machine gun?".