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Prerelease:Bucky O'Hare (NES)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Bucky O'Hare (NES).


An early version of the game was previewed in issue 27 (October 1991) of GamePro magazine. Screenshots of each character were included.

Early Final
BuckyOHare-GamePro27-Bucky.png BuckyOHare-GamePro27-Bucky-Final.png
  • Bucky's head sprite is different.
  • The Green Planet begins with the space background used later in the level, rather than the unique purple background that transitions during the tree segment.
  • A Storm Toad Trooper is placed here on the very first screen. It was removed from the final release. Alternatively, judging by the single bar of missing health, it could just be the Toad from the edge of the platform being lured to the left.
Early Final
BuckyOHare-GamePro27-Willy.png BuckyOHare-GamePro27-Willy-Final.png
  • Willy's standing sprite may have been edited.
  • The tree section of the Green Planet was completely redesigned. (See below)
  • The spider's explosion graphic also seems to have been redrawn.
Early Final
BuckyOHare-GamePro27-Jenny.png BuckyOHare-GamePro27-Jenny-Final.png
  • Jenny's hair is white instead of pink. This is actually more accurate to her appearance in the comics rather than the cartoon.
Early Final
BuckyOHare-GamePro27-DeadEye.png BuckyOHare-GamePro27-DeadEye-Final.png
(NOTE: Game Genie code used to achieve "final" screenshot.)
  • Dead-Eye is pictured here on the Red Planet, which is normally impossible since this is where you're supposed to save him. This, coupled with the article's text, seems to suggest all the characters were available from the start instead of needing to be individually rescued on each planet.
Early Final
BuckyOHare-GamePro27-Blinky.png BuckyOHare-GamePro27-Blinky-Final.png
  • Blinky's sprite is totally different. He was given a jetpack with a shoulder cannon for the final release.
  • This area of the Blue Planet seems to have been almost completely redesigned.

GamePro TV

This version of the game was also featured in a "Pro Review" segment of GamePro TV.

Early Final (Japan)
BuckyOHare-GameProTV-Title.png BuckyOHare-Title-JP.png
  • The copyright text on the title screen resembles the Japanese version, with some minor spacing differences.
Early Final
BuckyOHare-GameProTV-GreenPlanet.png BuckyOHare-GreenPlanet1.png
  • The player (presumably) starts out with eight fewer life points.
  • The HUD has a different, fatter font.
  • The game was going to have a timer, the number at the upper-right of the HUD.
  • Lives are denoted by a "P" instead of the rabbit icon.
  • There are different graphics for the 1-Up (a pointing finger and "UP").
  • The floor platforms at the beginning of the stage were rearranged and evened out.
Early Final
BuckyOHare-GameProTV-GreenPlanetTree.png BuckyOHare-GreenPlanet2.png
  • The platforms in the tree section of the Green Planet were also completely rearranged.
  • The spiders and wasp nests seem to use a purple/red palette.
Early Final
BuckyOHare-GameProTV-BluePlanet.png BuckyOHare-BluePlanet.png
  • A single ice block in the Blue Planet (pictured to the right in the screenshots) was moved down one tile. This is the block that holds a hidden Storm Toad Trooper enemy.
  • The player also briefly switches to Jenny during this segment, despite Jenny being the character you're supposed to rescue on this planet.

Electronic Gaming Monthly


The game was very briefly previewed in issue 25 (August 1991) of EGM under the "Nintendo Player" section. You can see Bucky's different head sprite in the two screenshots that were included.