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Prerelease:Deus Ex: The Conspiracy

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Deus Ex: The Conspiracy.

Deus Ex: The Conspiracy: The PlayStation 2 port of Deus Ex released on March 26th, 2002.

HUD Designs

Multiple designs of the HUD were seen during development screenshots.

Design 1 Design 2 Design 3 Design 4
DeusExTheConspiracy-HUDDesign1.jpg DeusExTheConspiracy-HUDDesign2.jpg DeusExTheConspiracy-HUDDesign3.jpg DeusExTheConspiracy-HUDDesign4.jpg
A basic design with an old pistol model with
no magazine.
Likely second design with "Health" replaced
with "Life".
Closer to the final design with compass
moved to the middle of the screen
and a circuit board design background.
The final design.

Chinese Military Bot Skin

Pre-release screenshots show the military bot with a different Chinese skin, matching the PC version.

PC Pre-release Final
DeusEx-MilitaryBot-Chinese.jpg DeusExTheConspiracy-MilitaryBot-Prerelease.png DeusExTheConspiracy-MilitaryBot-Chinese.png
The PC version. Pre-release version, matching PC. The final, brown design.