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Prerelease:Fight Club

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Fight Club.

This article is a work in progress.
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Fight Club was, during development, far better than the final game, sporting an actual plot, better cutscenes, better models, better textures, better sound effects, and overall having more content.

Early Build

Footage of a very early and unfinished version, dated May 12, 2004, with a ton of differences:

  • "Jack" actually looks like Edward Norton.
  • The game in general is way darker and grimmer.
  • There are barely any sound effects apart from some hit sounds and a dog barking, all of which are different then in the final game.
  • Angel Face's hair is glitched.
  • The stages all seem to differ somehow, each in their own way.

All in all, this version is much more unsettling without the silly Limp Bizkit songs to lighten the mood.

Later Build

Footage from a version dating to September 2004 and more closely resembling the final game (yay).

  • The Health bar and "FIGHT" text are different, being pink like the iconic Fight Club soap.
  • Not much else to see besides Lou and Irvin fighting with barely any sound.

Game Intro

The final game's intro is the same as the commercial and E3 trailer for the game, which uses footage an earlier build with a lot of content that was taken out of the game. Most notably:

  • The stage hazards are different and actually work.
  • Different animations.
  • Bob has a tuxedo.
  • The Hero's design and clothing are totally different.
  • Angel Face has a black outfit.
  • Textures and sound effects are different from the final.

It also appears to be using footage from two different builds, as some clips show "Jack" and Tyler Durden bearing a closer design to Edward Norton and Brad Pitt's characters respectively.