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Prerelease:Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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Development Timeline

E3 2018 trailer




Japanese Translation English (Early) English (Final) Note
Adrastea Adrestian Empire
Alill Ailell
Amid Airmid Repositioned and changed geography—E3's river was removed and the label moved up to a new river that contains what was a lake in E3
Albine Albinea
Palmira Almyra
Alianrhod Arianrhod
Vergilius Bergliez
Blaidad Blaiddyd
Blamass Boramas
Brigit Brigid
Brionac Brionac Plateau Repositioned and rotated
Conan Conand
Deirdre Derdriu Repositioned
Eastern Seirios Eastern Church
Edmand Edmund
Fordiad Fhirdiad
Fodra Fódlan
Fodra Fódlan
Necklace of Fodra Fodlan's Throat
Fiurdarius Fraldarius
Garatea Galatea
Garg Mac Garreg Mach Monastery
Gauthier Gautier Rotated
Gwydion Gideon
Hefring Hevring
Fergus Holy Kingdom of Faerghus
Hresvelgr Hresvelg
Hrymr Hrym
Eha Itha
Clayman Kleiman
Leicester Leicester Alliance
Mattheus Mateus
Mercous Merceus
Morpheus Morfis
Morgan Morgaine Ravine
Mylddin Myrddin
Nouvelle Nuvelle
Ox Ochs Repositioned
Ogma Oghma
Lamir Remire
Regan Riegan Repositioned
Lobe Rowe Repositioned
St. Guinevere Sacred Gwenhwyvar
Threne Sreng
Taitean Tailtean Plains
Toutatis Teutates Changed geography—river feeding into it in E3 was split into two for final
Váli Varley
Western Seirios Western Church Rotated
Samhain Unused

Early map

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Link here. https://topics.nintendo.co.jp/article/645a7f6c-6981-11e8-b9c0-063b7ac45a6d

region-specific differences

  • EN uses different font from final throughout
  • EN is missing % sign on Forest's avoid boost
  • period after Lv in mouseover box (only in JP version of final) is missing
  • EN Edelgard voiced by Cristina Vee instead of Tara Platt
  • EN Edelgard's selection quote is "Go ahead, give me orders." (final: "I will prevail.") [todo: get transcription of JP Edelgard's quote to compare to final]
  • in EN, first mock-battle scene uses a more top-down camera view of battle compared to JP? (see e.g., 0:37)
  • EN Edelgard's class is called "Aristocrat" instead of Noble
  • in attacking weapon-selection menu, EN uses "End" instead of "Prt"
  • Mercedes deals 1 more damage per hit in EN than in JP
  • mid-battle info uses "Atk" instead of "Mt" in EN
  • mid-battle HP/Atk/Hit/Crit numbers in EN use a different font from either final
  • Dimitri vs. Kingdom Soldier: Dimitri has 3 less MHP and 2 more Crit in EN; Kingdom Soldier has 2 more Atk, 2 less Hit, and 1 more Crit in EN
  • Claude vs. Kingdom Soldier: Claude has 2 less MHP, 3 more Hit, and 4 more Crit in EN
  • in second mock-battle scene, Edelgard has 1 more MHP in JP
  • Byleth vs. Hilda: both weapons have 45 uses remaining in EN and 50 in JP; Byleth has 1 more Atk, 1 more Hit, and 2 more Crit in EN; Hilda has 1 less Atk and 1 less Crit in EN

gameplay differences:

  • different font for game logo
  • everyone except lords, Manuela, and Hanneman uses generic models
  • Forest terrain gives only +10 avoid instead of +30 avoid/+1 def
  • unit mouseover box has no affiliation banner, more cramped UI elements
  • the head portion of Edelgard's map sprite is different (blonde instead of white-haired, and with a front-facing pose as opposed to the angled view used for all other map sprites)
  • Edelgard is shown with max 2 range on grid overlay despite no ranged weapons (from magic?)
  • Edelgard has 5 mov as a Noble(/Aristocrat) instead of 4
  • command selection: Attack, "Magic"/"魔法", Combat Arts, "Formation"/"布陣", "Equip"/"装備", Items, Wait (Magic and Formation have the background used for turn-ending actions, Equip does not)
  • in attacking weapon-selection menu: "Weapon"/"武器" instead of "Attack"/"攻撃", no "Means of Attack"/"攻撃手段" label, stats are in a simple table labeled "Battle Data"/"戦闘データ" instead of tiered one in final
  • Iron Axe has 50 base uses instead of 45, Steel Axe has 40 base uses instead of 55, Iron Sword has 50 base uses instead of 40, Steel Sword has 40 base uses instead of 50, Iron Bow has 50 base uses instead of 40
  • battle preview popup: HP bars are smaller, font used for "HP" is thicker than JP final and larger than EN final, font for Atk/Hit/Crit numbers is bigger and more spaced-out
  • Mercedes is a brunette in her portrait instead of blonde
  • no Combat Arts switcher tab in battle preview when Edelgard attacks, but it's there when Byleth does???
  • Edelgard has a skill with Vantage's icon, and Byleth has a skill with Wrath's icon, but no other skills are shown
  • Mercedes has only 13 MHP and Hilda has only 15 MHP
  • Hilda's ponytails are angled differently in her portrait
  • Hilda can counterattack at 1 range w/bow despite no Close Counter
  • Ashe is on the same side of the mock battle as Hilda and Lorenz (and Hanneman)
  • dialogue w/Edelgard about training focus to prep for mock battle (choice between "Sword Skills" or "Axe Skills")
  • dialogue-advance cursor is larger and further to the right than in final
  • no blood on Sword of the Creator post-Nemesis kill in the Seiros cutscene
  • a scene where Dimitri's battalion lines up into a triangle formation and a triangular energy overlay appears—is this from the "Formation" mechanic?
  • enemy soldiers go flying when hit by gambits lmao
  • different angle used for critical cut-in

Nintendo Direct 2019 trailer



region-specific differences

  • EN uses a different font for monastery dialogue (slightly more spaced out than final)
  • EN Raphael's initial dialogue says "lookin'" instead of "looking" in final
  • in EN, area sublabel for pre-bandit fight scene says it's "Day" instead of "Daytime" in final; the label is missing entirely in JP
  • Kostas's Heal Tile+ is lit up in JP
  • Zanado's rubble placement and rock textures are slightly different from final map in JP
  • EN Zanado's base terrain is "Flatland", "Terrain with no special effects." (final: "Plain", "Neutral terrain.")
  • JP unit mouseover box uses huge font for LV/HP text that doesn't match 2018 or final (though missing the period again); EN LV/HP text is only slightly bigger than final
  • Byleth is lv 2 with 28 MHP in EN, lv 3 with 29 MHP in JP
  • Bernadetta is lv 2 with 25 MHP, 15 Atk, and 6 Crit in EN; lv 3 with 28 MHP, 14 Atk, and 7 crit in JP
  • in command selection, EN has "Atk" instead of Attack and "Arts" instead of Combat Arts
  • in attacking weapon-selection menu, EN has "Def" instead of "Prt"
  • inventory section of attacking weapon-selection menu in JP is much shorter than final
  • Bernadetta has a Vulnerary in JP only
  • in battle preview popup, "HP" text is spaced farther apart than final in JP
  • in JP, a red target-reticule icon appears between Bernadetta and the enemy during battle preview (in the final game, this icon is used on the unit mouseover box for characters who are going to be targeted by an enemy on the next enemy phase)
  • Petra vs. Thief: Petra has 1 more Mt and Thief has 1 less Hit in JP
  • on EN exp gain screen: "Until next level:" instead of "Level:", "Remaining:" instead of "To next:", "Until next Professor Level:" instead of "Skills:", "Until class is mastered:" instead of "Class mastery:", "Until Battalion levels up:" instead of "Battalion:"
  • JP Petra has 36 more exp, 72 more sword exp, 2 more authority exp, 1 more class exp, and 16 more battalion exp before adding end-of-battle gains than EN Petra
  • JP Petra gains 16 battalion exp, while EN Petra gains only 15
  • EN tournament menu has "Earned" isntead of "Prize Money"
  • on JP tournament menu, numbers use much smaller font and prize money is much higher (200/1600 G instead of 50/300)
  • on tournament menu, Ferdinand has 1 more Mt and 1 less MHP in EN; Sylvain has 1 more level, 1 more MHP, and 2 less Mt in EN
  • at start of tournament battle, both Ferdinand and Sylvain are at full HP in EN but have already taken two hits of damage each on JP
  • on EN main instruction menu: "Tutoring" instead of "Instruct", "Auto-Tutor" instead of "Auto-Instruct", "Group Task" instead of "Group Tasks", "Set Goals" instead of "Goals", "Start Class" instead of "Begin Lecture", "Select someone to train them and improve their skills." instead of "Select a unit to train them and improve their skills."
  • on JP main instruction menu, the text of グループ課題, 目標設定, and 授業開始 options is farther to the left than in final
  • during instruct on EN: no total instruction points bar, "You can train 1 more times." instead of "You have 1 session.", "Need" instead of "To next:", "Strengths" instead of "Strength", "EXP Gained" instead of "Exp Gained", "Growth Goals" instead of "Skill Goals", "Sword & Reason Focus" instead of "Sword & Reason", "Earned EXP x 1.5" instead of "Exp x1.5"
  • during instruct on JP: extra space to the left of あと3回指導できます text, "EXP" text is more spaced out, Great result is worth two arrows of support gain instead of one
  • EN Dorothea has 18 Reason exp and 5 Faith exp already earned, has E Authority, and uses her last instruction point on Reason; JP Dorothea has 45 Sword exp already earned, has E+ Authority, and uses her second instruction point on Sword
  • when setting goals on EN: upper-left banner has "Set Goals" instead of "Goals", "Goal List" instead of "Combat Studies", "Goal Name" instead of "Area of Focus", "Solo Study Skill" instead of "Skills", "Reason & Faith Focus" instead of "Reason & Faith", "Train Reason and Faith Skills." instead of "Focus on reason and faith skills.", "Need" instead of "To next:", "Select a goal." instead of "Equip this goal.", "Select skills to set for solo study." instead of "Select skills for custom focus.", "Set a skill for solo study." instead of "Skills", "Fighting" instead of "Brawl", "Lv" and "HP" texts are slightly bigger
  • when setting goals on JP: L/R prompts to switch characters are missing, "Lv" and "HP" texts are significantly bigger, period after "Lv" is missing
  • Linhardt is lv 6 with 26 MHP in EN, lv 4 with 25 MHP in JP
  • EN has "Iron Gauntlet" instead of "Iron Gauntlets"
  • Caspar vs. Western Church Soldier: Caspar has 3 less MHP in EN; Western Church Soldier has 2 more Mt and 1 less Hit in EN
  • exam menu on EN: "Knight" instead of "Armored Knight", "Exam Contents" instead of "Class Description", "Exam Skills" instead of "Exam Tests:", "Required Items" instead of "Required:", "Pass Rate" instead of "Odds of Passing", Brigand description is "Fights with an axe and is exceptionally hardy." instead of "Strong and hearty, the Brigand wields axes and makes an exceptional front-line combatant."
  • when taking exam on JP: ? emote is smaller, one tiny music note briefly floats above head instead of two large musical notes wiggling off to the left
  • meal with Ashe and Ingrid uses Beast Meat Teppanyaki model on EN, Pheasant Roast with Berry Sauce model on JP
  • using gambit boost on Black Beast: background enemies and Black Beast's barrier are present on EN but not on JP; Byleth, Ferdinand, and Hubert are in different outfits; order is Byleth/Hubert/Ferdinand/Edelgard on EN and Ferdinand/Hubert/Byleth/Edelgard on JP
  • Edelgard has 33 MHP on EN and 30 on JP

Gameplay Differences

  • selected-tile-marker gem is a darker yellow than final
  • Edelgard's starting position and one of the generic starting positions are one tile NE of the final
  • initial group of 3 enemies' starting positions are two tiles S of the final
  • unit mouseover box is missing the affiliation banner again
  • in attacking weapon-selection menu: "Weapon"/"武器" instead of "Attack"/"攻撃", "Items"/"所持アイテム" instead of "Means of Attack"/"攻撃手段"
  • Iron Bow has 50 base uses instead of 40, Iron Axe has 50 base uses instead of 45
  • weapon prowess skills have "Lv1" label on their icon instead of circled 1 in final
  • Petra has 100 crit (probably staged for the sake of the trailer)
  • level number on exp gain screen is smaller
  • on tournament menu: Ferdinand and Sylvain don't have their personal skills, "Restore 25 HP" option is missing
  • on main instruction menu, Tutoring and Auto-Tutor show the amount of points used
  • during instruct: no "Instruct" banner in top-left, Byleth has a professor expertise bonus on Axe instead of Brawl
  • when setting goals: upper-left banner has slightly different leaf arrangement, unit icon is farther to the left, "Change Goal?"/"目標を変更しますか?" yes/no popup to confirm custom goal
  • exam menu: "Certifications" banner, upper-left "Current Class" display, and base stat comparison are all missing, no Lord or Pegasus Knight available on Intermediate level for Edelgard, a shorter-haired version of Edelgard's

E3 2019 Treehouse Gameplay video

  • Ferdinand reclassing from a Cavalier to a Brigand at 10:58 removes his battalion due to conflicting movement types (in the final game, this only ever happens when switching from a non-flying class with a non-flying battalion equipped to a flying class)

Fire Emblem Castle Conversations