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Prerelease:Freedom Planet

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Freedom Planet.


From redesigns to the simpler things.

Development Timeline

  • 2011
    • October, 3rd - First mentioning of Freedom Planet.
    • December, 22nd - Co-composer Woofle is announced to have joined the team.[1]
  • 2012
    • April, 25th - Auditions for the voices of Lilac, Carol, Milla, Serpentine, Spade, and Brevon have begun.[2][3]
    • May, 21st - The first round of auditions is over.[4] Auditions for the remaining characters have begun.[5]
    • June, 12th - The second round of auditions is over. [6]
    • August, 4th - First demo release.
  • 2013
    • January, 16th - The Kickstarter for Freedom Planet went alive. That same day, it reached its goal of $2.000.[7]
    • January, 16th - Freedom Planet has been submitted to Steam Greenlight. [8]
    • February, 15th - With a contribution of $25.472 total, the Kickstarter campaign ended successfully.[9]
    • April, 17th - The Closed Alpha phase started.[10]
    • August, 28th - Freedom Planet has ben greenlit for a release on Steam.[11]
  • 2014
    • February, 19th - GalaxyTrail announces the first release date: May. 30th.[12]
    • May, 5th - GalaxyTrail announces that the release date will be moved by one month, to Jun. 30th.[13]
    • May, 30th - First anticipated release date.
    • April, 12th - The Closed Beta phase started.[14]
    • June, 20th - GalaxyTrail announcing that they will delay the game once more by two and a half weeks, to Jul. 19th.[15]
    • July, 19th - Second anticipated release date. GalaxyTrail announcing their last delay to Jul. 22nd due to Steam not releasing any of their games during the weekend.[16]
    • July, 22nd - Freedom Planet is released worldwide for Windows on Steam.[17]
  • 2015
    • April, 3rd - Open Beta testing for Mac and Linux has started.[18]
    • April, 17th - Freedom Planet is now supported on Mac and Linux.[19]
    • October, 1st - The game is released in the USA on the Wii U eShop.[20]
    • October, 29th - The game is released in Europe on the Wii U eShop.[21][22]
    • December, 25th - The Open Beta for the Torque expansion has started, also allowing for Milla to be played in Adventure mode.[23]
  • 2016
    • February, 24th - The "Milla Adventure Mode" Update has been released.[24]
    • June, 6th - Strife announces the indefinite hiatus of the Torque and Spade expansions.[25]
  • 2017
    • March, 21st - The game is released in the USA on the Playstation Store.[26]
    • September, 11th - The game is released in Europe on the Playstation Store.[27]
  • 2018
    • August, 30th - The game is released in the USA and Europe on the Nintendo Switch eShop.[28]
    • August, 30th - The Language Update has been released on Steam, adding Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Korean translations.[29]
(Original TCRF research: Creepario)

Stage Order

Initial Concept

  • Dragon Valley
  • Relic Maze
  • Robot Playground
  • Battle Glacier
  • Thermal Base


  • Dragon Valley
  • Relic Maze
  • Fortune Night
  • Sky Battle (Sky Battalion)
  • Chaos Creek (Jade Creek)
  • Phoenix Road
  • Battle Glacier
  • Thermal Base


  • Horizon Starport
  • Dragon Valley
  • Relic Maze
  • Rage Ravine
  • Fortune Night
  • Sky Battalion
  • Aqua Tunnel
  • Jade Creek
  • Trap Hideout
  • Thermal Base
  • Pangu Lagoon
  • Battle Glacier
  • Final Dreadnought
  • Unnamed Stage (Scrapped)


  • Aqua Tunnel
  • Dragon Valley
  • Relic Maze
  • Fortune Night
  • Sky Battalion
  • Jade Creek
  • Trap Hideout
  • Thermal Base
  • Pangu Lagoon
  • Battle Glacier
  • Final Dreadnought

(Original TCRF research: Creepario)
(Additional information: Freedom Planet Wiki)


Dragon Valley 2 Beta

First arrangement of "Minor Boss"

On August 4th, 2020, Woofle uploaded 2011vs2020 [Freedom Planet/2], a comparison between her oldest work for Freedom Planet and a newer piece of music for its sequel. The first 32 seconds of the file consists of the oldest known version of "Minor Boss", which used to be a more straightforward arrangement of the original MIDI file.

Point Cedar (Rage Ravine Unused Stage)

Present on the game's soundtrack. As can be inferred by the name, the song was intended for a level cut from the game. Through a document stored on the OST, the developer had this to say:

This theme is also one of the unused themes that originated from Sky Battalion. Ultimately, it was going to end up being used in Rage Ravine (or one of the beta Aqua Tunnel themes was, either way!) but the level just wasn't going to be ready in time, unfortunately. 
This song was built off of one of Strife's MIDIs, and came out rather well! 


On July 15th, 2014, Woofle uploaded Thereisnopasswordscreen.mp3, the description of the track stating that it is unused BGM for Freedom Planet.

Woofle's Commentary

Included with the Soundtrack release of Freedom Planet, there's a document that includes

  • She originally intended for the "Main Theme" to be more emotional, which didn't work out.
  • "Dragon Valley 1", "Dragon Valley 2", and "MEANIE Boss!" were redone late in development as Woofle weren't happy with them.
  • "Lilac's Treehouse" was created accidentally while trying to redo Dragon Valley.
  • For "Relic Maze 1", she went for a slower rhythm and added more layers to it to compensate for the slower pace.
  • "Relic Maze 2" was the first song she was allowed to solo compose. She ended up taking the melody of "Relic Maze 1" and turned it into a different track altogether. As proposed by Strife, the track went with a "spy movie"-like vibe.
  • For "Fortune Night 1", she used one of the tracks she composed during middle school, one she originally intended for a desert highway level. She ended up incorporating the melody Strife originally composed for the stage after the first run of the chorus.
  • The Cutscene tracks "To The Rescue", "Here Comes Trouble!", and were all composed by her alone.
  • "Major Boss Battle" originally stemmed from the same project file as "MEANIE Boss!", the melody being different at certain parts. She also included a heavier beat to make it feel more dire and frantic.
  • For "Shang Tu Royal Palace", Strife proposed something that sounds regal, refined, and noble.
  • "Meet The Team" may be one of Woofle's favorite tracks.

Prototype Tracks

From 2014 to 2017, Strife occasionally posted some of the base tracks that eventually made it into the final game.

(Original TCRF research: Creepario)


December 14th Footage

New beta video of Dragon Valley. This is a full playthrough with both acts. The only thing that's left to do, really, is replace the Robotnik signpost.[30]

— Sabrina DiDuro (Strife), December 14th, 2011, on soahcity.com/forums

The earliest gameplay footage currently found is an eight and a half minute YouTube video. It had originally been uploaded on Dec 14, 2011.
At some point, Strife removed the video from her channel, but it eventually found its way in form of a re-upload. This re-upload was quickly made private but before that, another person had the chance to record the video and made another re-upload[7].

As Strife eventually confirmed, the build of the game seen in the video has never been made public and has since been overwritten.

Each zone is composed of 3 frames. The middle frame contains both the end of Act 1 and the beginning of Act 2, such that when the boss is defeated, the gameplay picks up right after the fight ala Sonic 3. The downside is that I have to copy and paste code to more frames than normal, but I think it's a fair trade in order to keep the game running smoothly.[31]

— Sabrina DiDuro (Strife), December 15th, 2011, on soahcity.com/forums
  • Only the mechanical enemies explode after colliding with foreground tiles.
  • The Star Flounder shoots its projectiles in six directions instead of two.
  • Lilac, while boosting, gets bounced back after hitting one of the Hunter Snake's parts.
  • The springs look vastly different to the ones seen in the August 4th prototype.
  • Most sound effects used are still taken from Sonic games, many of which were replaced before the release of the August 4th prototype.
  • Voice clips from Mischief Makers are used as placeholders for Lilac.

The music in the footage is different from any of the prototypes and the final game.

  • The mid-boss, invincibility, and stage clear themes are all in an earlier state and sound more like synthesized midi tracks.
  • Both acts of Dragon Valley use placeholder tracks from the game Dragon Seeds, Battle on the Holy Plane[8], and Dragon Fire[9] to be exact.
  • Prologue Part 2[10] from LaTale is played during the major boss fight.


To do:
Make notes of the differences.

April 2nd Footage

This shows about half of Relic Maze Act 1, along with some of the changes that have taken place since the last video.[32]

— Sabrina DiDuro (Strife), April 3rd, 2012, on soahcity.com/forums
  • Relic Maze's music lacks the background vocals of the final version.

Voice Acting Demo Reel

Time Stamp Transcript
00:00 Milla: barks
00:01 Lilac: Don't be scared, I promise I'll keep you safe.
00:05 Milla: Really? Can... Can I touch your hair?
00:11 Carol: Earth to Lilac. Earth to Lilac. Is anyone in there? Hehe.
00:15 Lilac: Carol, this isn't funny!
00:16 Torque: Sooner or later there's gonna be a war.
00:19 Carol: What do you mean, there's no way that would happen!
00:22 Torque: Those oversized tin cans ain't gonna care we're ready or not!
00:26 Spade: Hmpf. Am I supposed to be afraid of you?
00:28 Zao: We have been totally honest with you, Doc! Our supplies are dwindling! We barely have enough crystal energy to get through the month!
00:34 Brevon: Those crystals are mine. And my property will be returned to me, one way or another. It would be most... unfortunate, if you chose not to return them, willingly.
00:49 Serpentine: There is only one way to deal with troublemakers like you!
00:52 Magister: We are aware of the invader's true intentions, but we are also aware of the terrible power he possesses.
00:59 Neera: We don't have time for your questions. If I were you, I would back away. Very slowly.
01:01 Lilac: Don't think I'm going to give up because of this, I'll never let you win!
01:09 Spade: sigh You just don't know when to fold up, do you!?
01:14 Brevon: laughs
(Source: Original TCRF research)

July 19th Gameplay Footage

This one shows many of the changes and adjustments that have been made since the sorely outdated beta video of Dragon Valley. It also shows Carol's gameplay in the second half.[33]

— Sabrina DiDuro (Strife), July 12th, 2012, on forums.tigsource.com

  • Dragon Valley is still split into 2 acts, marked with a spinning flag as opposed to a sign. This was changed before the first demo.
  • Music and sound effects have been changed. The death noise from Sonic games is still in the game and remained in the first demo.


To do:
Add more screenshots and be more descriptive.
(Original TCRF research: Creepario)
(Screenshots: Sonic SCANF[11])


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