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Prerelease:Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

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The success of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories was enough to meet the demands of another entry for the PlayStation Portable, which allowed Rockstar Leeds to expand their developmental horizons and take fuller advantage of the handheld's hardware.

Developmental Timeline


  • May 10 - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is officially revealed at E3 2006, with an "October 2006" release.
  • Oct. 31-Nov. 7 - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is released for the PlayStation Portable.


  • Mar. 6-9 - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is released for the PlayStation 2.




First Trailer

The game was revealed at E3 2006.

  • Vic's casual clothes were at one point yellow instead of blue, as seen in the first trailer for the game.
Early Final
VCS PrereleaseCasuals.png VCS Casuals.png
  • Vic's tattoo is also visible in some early screenshots. The texture still remains in the final game.
VCS Prerelease Tattoo.png
  • Louise went through some changes as well, appearing older and with black hair.

She would have also appeared in her aerobics outfit in the mission Shakedown, while in the final she only does so in Fear the Repo. This texture was left over in the final game.

Early Final
VCS Prerelease Shakedown.png VCS Shakedown.png
  • When held captive, Forbes is never seen without a bag over his head. This exact scene does not occur either.
Early Final
VCS Prerelease Forbes.png VCS Forbes.png



Second Trailer


Third Trailer


BradyGames Strategy Guide

The strategy guide by BradyGames that was released alongside the original PSP release shows a multitude of differences.

  • Soldier

After getting on the boat and being ambushed by the assassins, you would be tasked to defend yourself from them with an M16 and eventually forced to abandon the ship. This was replaced by a short cutscene in the final game, but leftover text and audio remain.

VCS Prerelease Soldier1.png

The women on the dealer's boat can be seen in the water as well, but are nowhere to be seen in the final version.

Early Final
VCS Prerelease Soldier2.png VCS Soldier2.png
  • Cleaning House

The cutscene when meeting Phil at the shooting range was slightly changed. The walls of the range also used a different texture.

Early Final
VCS Prerelease Cleaning1.png VCS Cleaning1.png

The cutscene of Phil explaining what a cholo is was changed to focus in on them. Additionally, three enemies were highlighted on the outside and there were four enemies inside, while the final has two.

Early Final
VCS Prerelease Cleaning2.png VCS Cleaning2.png
  • Conduct Unbecoming

The guide shows one of the unused lines.
VCS Prerelease Conduct.png

  • Boomshine Blowout

The guide describes and shows an additional cutscene at the end of the mission. After Phil drives off with his boomshine, Vic runs off on foot while firetrucks arrive at the burning warehouse. VCS Prerelease Boomshine.png

  • Takin' Out the White Trash

The guide states "..it's imperative that you avoid using a firearm. Not only do you run the risk of shooting [Louise], but also because the hillbillies return the gesture by whipping out their own boom-sticks if you use a gun." and that "...they target Louise first.", neither of which happen in the final mission. It's worth noting that according to an unused piece of text, at one point the mission would have failed if a gun was used at all.

  • D.I.V.O.R.C.E.

The guide notes that "Surprisingly, the [Pay n Spray] is complimentary in this mission!", which is not the case in the final game.

  • Jive Drive

According to the guide this mission would have rewarded $1000, while in the final game there is no reward at all. Screenshots show it was not a simple typo.

  • The Audition

The guide describes a cut failure state: "Forbes' car is scheduled to be destroyed at 6:15am. A worker with a chainsaw spawns at this time to chop the vehicle up. If he's successful, the mission is failed." The mission fails instantly if you fail to get in the impound yard on time and after you're in, the time doesn't matter at all.

  • Kill Phil: Part 2

The cop being gunned down when entering the stadium seems to have been a short cutscene instead of just walking in on it.

Early Final
VCS Prerelease KillPhilPart2.png VCS KillPhilPart2.png
  • In the Air Tonight

The marker where you drop Reni off at the airport was originally near one of the entrances, while in the final game it is in the same spot where Jive Drive begins. Additionally, the marker to enter the stadium was at a side entrance on the southeast side of the stadium, while in the final it was moved to the same spot where Caught as an Act begins.

Early Final
VCS Prerelease InTheAir1.png VCS InTheAir1.png
Early Final
VCS Prerelease InTheAir2.png VCS InTheAir2.png
  • Farewell to Arms

Gonzales is standing up in the cutscene, while he sits down in the final. The camera is also focused on Diaz during the particular line shown in the screenshot. VCS Prerelease FarewellToArms1.png
The roadblock originally had an enemy with a rocket launcher. The roadblock was further down the street as well.

Early Final
VCS Prerelease FarewellToArms2.png VCS FarewellToArms2.png
  • Over the Top

An early version of the mission is showcased. After meeting Phil at his depot, he would tell you that a rig is needed to get into the army base. You'd be instructed to drive to the airport parking lot (next to the Vice City Transport Police building), Phil tells you to meet him at the base while you'd grab the Linerunner from the lot. After arriving to the base with the rig, Phil creates a diversion while you drive the Linerunner next to the small utility house next to the wall of the base and you'd use the small platform there to jump on the Linerunner's hood, then the cabin and make your way over the wall. In the final version you drive Phil's truck straight to the base, where he creates a diversion and you jump over the wall using only the utility house which now has an additional structure to make this possible.

VCS Prerelease OverTheTop1.png
VCS Prerelease OverTheTop2.png
  • Last Stand

The guide claims that after landing on the roof, the rocket launcher found there contains 1000 rounds, while it contains only 2 in the final mission.
The cutscene showing Martinez arriving on the rooftop used a different camera angle.

Early Final
VCS Prerelease LastStand2.png VCS LastStand2.png

Screenshots of the final confrontation and cutscene show multiple bodies on the rooftop besides Mendez and Martinez, which the guide doesn't make a mention of. They appear to be using enemy models seen throughout the mission, so it is fair to assume that there was either regular enemies on the roof with the antagonists or that the bodies belong to the pilot and passenger of the helicopter shot down on your way to the roof.

Early Final
VCS Prerelease LastStandRoof.png VCS LastStandRoof.png
Side Missions
  • Many of the side missions didn't have proper names, using generic ones instead. Screenshots show some of these names in-game, confirming that they were not simply titled differently in the guide.
Early Final
Driver Swinger's Club
Hunter Target Skywolf
BMX Mall Mashin' Up the Mall
Hovercraft Race Haiti Hover Race
Hovercraft Race Harbor Hover Race
PCJ Playground Playground on the Town
PCJ Playground Playground on the Point
Air Race Crims on Wings
Multi Vehicle Race Land, Sea and Air Race
Fire Heli Fire Copter
Heli Tours Vice Sights
Shooting Range Phil's Shooting Range
  • According to the guide, Haiti Hover Race would be unlocked from the beginning instead of after From Zero to Hero. This was most likely changed as the hovercraft could be used to travel to the locked half of the map early.
  • According to the guide, the Sunshine Autos races would be open from the beginning, instead of after When Funday Comes.
  • According to the guide, Watersports would be unlocked after From Zero to Hero, instead of after Say Cheese.
  • In Phil's Shooting Range the target scores for the assault rifle and sniper rifle courses were changed from 2500 and 3000 to 2000 and 2500, respectively.
  • Besides using a different texture for the walls, Phil's Shooting Range had brighter lighting as well.
Early Final
VCS Prerelease ShootingRange.png VCS ShootingRange.png

A whopping 25 out of the 30 Rampages were changed. The earlier Rampages seem much more difficult in general, with the guide singling #16 out as one of the most difficult.

GTA-VCS BradyGames Rampages2.png
GTA-VCS BradyGames Rampages1.png
# Target (Early) Target (Final) Weapon (Early) Weapon (Final)
1. Trash 15 Vehicles Trash 10 Vehicles Rocket Launcher Molotovs
2. Terminate 45 Bikers Terminate 25 Bikers Minigun AK-47
4. Take out 25 Bikers Take Out 20 Bikers M259 Silenced MG
5. Kill 20 Cholos Kill 25 Cholos Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle
6. Execute 50 Cholos Execute 20 Cholos Minigun Pistol
7. Exterminate 25 Bikers Exterminate 25 Bikers Laser Sniper Rifle AK-47
9. Eliminate 40 Cholos Gun Down 25 Cholos MP5 Scorpion
10. Erase 45 Cholos Erase 25 Cholos Spas 12 Shotgun Micro SMG
11. Mow down 20 Bikers Drive-by and Eliminate 20 Bikers Vehicle Micro SMG
13. Neutralize 30 Cholos Hack and Slash 25 Cholos Stubby Shotgun Katana
14. Kill 40 Bikers Kill 25 Bikers Rocket Launcher Shotgun
15. Take out 30 Bikers Take Out 25 Bikers Laser Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle
16. Decimate 30 Bikers Decimate 25 Bikers Remote Grenades Grenades
17. Decimate 45 Sharks Decimate 25 Sharks M249 M16
18. Terminate 25 Sharks Terminate 25 Sharks Shotgun M16
19. Destroy 12 Cars Destroy 10 Vehicles Minigun Minigun
22. Squash 10 Sharks Kill 10 Sharks Vehicle Golf Club
23. Explode 20 Vehicles Explode 15 Vehicles Rocket Launcher Grenades
24. Destroy 20 Vehicles Terminate 30 Sharks Minigun Minigun
25. Kill 25 Sharks Extirpate 25 Sharks Shotgun Laser Sniper Rifle
26. Blast 20 Vehicles Kill 25 Sharks Rocket Launcher Equalizer
27. (Drive-by and) Obliterate 15 Bikers Obliterate 25 Bikers Micro SMG Equalizer
28. Eradicate 30 Sharks Eradicate 30 Sharks M16 SMG
29. Level 12 Vehicles Level 12 Vehicles Rocket Launcher M259
30. Eliminate 25 Sharks Eliminate 30 Sharks Stubby Shotgun Rocket Launcher

Two Rampage locations were also changed. #4 was behind a building just west of the final location while #13 was slightly shifted around.

Early Final
VCS Prerelease Rampage4.pngVCS Rampage4 Map.png GTA-VCS MacRampageUS.pngGTA-VCS MacRampageUS Map.png
Early Final
VCS Prerelease Rampage13.png VCS Rampage13.png
99 Red Balloons

Seven balloons had their location changed, these screenshots also show some changes made to the map. Interestingly, the old billboard locations in the last three screenshots are identical to those found in the original Vice City.

  • #20

Besides the balloon being ever so slightly moved, the building it was stuck on got a makeover. The Logger neon sign on the roof was repositioned so it faces the northeast corner of the building, though in this shot it appears to be facing the front of the building. Looking at the HUD map, it also seems like either the bridge that was added to make travel to Fort Baxter easier was not yet added or was just missing from the map.

Early Final
VCS Prerelease Balloon20.png VCS Balloon20.png
  • #47

Originally located under the dish, it was moved in a palm tree just behind the building the dish is on.

Early Final
VCS Prerelease Balloon47.png VCS Balloon47.png
  • #82

The telephone pole was removed for some reason, leaving the balloon just floating there in the final.

Early Final
VCS Prerelease Balloon82.png VCS Balloon82.png
  • #86

The balloon was moved half a block, into the overhang of the building with the vertical blue stripes.

Early Final
VCS Prerelease Balloon86.png VCS Balloon86.png
  • #91

This billboard would have been on the grass next to Lance's house. The balloon was moved under the low balcony of the small house at the end of the road.

Early Final
VCS Prerelease Balloon91.png VCS Balloon91.png
  • #96

This billboard was removed and the balloon was moved under the overhang of the building on the left.

Early Final
VCS Prerelease Balloon96.png VCS Balloon96.png
  • #99

The (then blank) billboard was moved to the other side of the road. There seems to be another billboard in the background (on the right) as well that doesn't exist in the final.

Early Final
VCS Prerelease Balloon99.png VCS Balloon99.png
Weapons and Vehicles
  • Two vehicles are referred to by earlier names. The Violator is still named Scarab internally.
Early Final
Scarab Violator
Pitts Biplane
  • Two weapons also had their name changed. The Equalizer is referred to by two different names throughout.
Early Final
.357/Python Equalizer
Venom 9mm Scorpion
  • A boat called the Ambassador is listed in the vehicles section, but with the same screenshot used for the Speeder later in the same section.
  • The FBI Rancher and VCN Maverick are included in the vehicles section and the slide door VCPD Maverick is shown in a screenshot.

Three weapon pickups were changed.

  • The pistol pickup in Vic's barracks at the start of the game was originally an M16.
Early Final
VCS Prerelease Barracks.png VCS Barracks.png
  • A camera was available outside of the mission Mugshot Longshot in Ocean Beach, by a pool behind the building across the street from the Pole Position club (same as Rampage #17 in the map above). The pickup was replaced with an Equalizer in the final game.
  • A second pair of brass knuckles was placed in Ocean Beach, just across the street from the empire site near the Ammu-Nation. This was replaced with a Spas 12 and moved behind the southernmost building along the same street (hedge fence with a red balloon in the opening).

Weapon prices were also adjusted at Stonewall J's. The Downtown Ammu-Nation also sells the Scorpion and grenades $10 cheaper at $350, though this may just be a typo as grenades are listed at the correct price for Vice Point Mall's Ammu-Nation.

Weapon Price (Early) Price (Final)
Butterfly Knife $10 $7
Machete $100 $75
Pistol $240 $180
Scorpion $350 $270
Stubby Shotgun $1,200 $900
  • Lance is seen in the red shirt and jeans outfit throughout the guide, even after Brawn of the Dead when he would change into the pastel suit seen during the rest of the game. He can be seen in the pastel suit in a few screenshots, notably on the page for Blitzkrieg, which has two side-by-side screenshots of him in both outfits. It's likely that all the cutscenes were simply not yet finalized by this point.

VCS Prerelease Lance.png

  • Louise appears with an earlier design in every screenshot she is in.
Early Final
VCS Prerelease Funday.png VCS Funday.png
  • The subtitles use a different font.
  • All markers (mission triggers, checkpoints, coronas and interior entrances), their map blips and the "Mission Passed" text were all yellow instead of pink or blue.
  • The empire development menu is still in an earlier state and uses older icons for the business types. Mpirian Real Estate had not yet been changed to Ionic Real Estate either.
Early Final
VCS Prerelease EmpireGuide1.png VCS EmpireGuide1.png
Early Final
VCS Prerelease EmpireGuide2.png VCS EmpireGuide2.png
  • While only the gate on the eastern side of the island is closed until From Zero To Hero, the guide states that Starfish Island would not be open for "a very long time" after the mission Conduct Unbecoming.
  • The Downtown Dirt Track isn't present on the map, as was the case in the original Vice City.
Early Final
VCS Prerelease DirtTrack.png VCS DirtTrack.png
  • One of the screens showcasing Red Balloon locations has a green "211" on it, which is actually a part of the debug menu. The number shows up when spawning a vehicle and 211 corresponds to a Sentinel.

VCS Prerelease Debug.png

  • The pink flamingo and the small graffiti on the wall of 101 Bayshore Avenue were missing.
Early Final
VCS Prerelease Bayshore.png VCS Bayshore.png
  • The section showcasing the unlockable outfits shows some early names.
Early Final
Casual Clothes Casuals
Pimp Outfit Leisure
Cuban Cuban Style
Win Winner


  • Early screenshots of the final cutscene show a third body on the rooftop beside Diego Mendez and Jerry Martinez. He appears to use the model of one of Diaz's goons, seen in the cutscene for the mission Steal the Deal.
Early Final
VCS Prerelease Finale.png VCS Finale.png


  • An unknown bike was featured in early preview screenshots. Whether this was an earlier version of the PCJ or Streetfighter bikes or an entirely new bike is unknown.
VCS Prerelease Bike (1).png

VCS Prerelease Bike (2).png


  • Ionic Real Estate was originally Mpirian Real Estate.
Early Final
VCS Prerelease Empire (1).png VCS Empire (1).png
  • The empire purchase menu was different as well.
Early Final
VCS Prerelease Empire (2).png VCS Empire (2).png