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Prerelease:Grand Theft Auto IV (PlayStation 3, Windows)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Grand Theft Auto IV (PlayStation 3, Windows).

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Developmental Timeline


Oct. Development of Grand Theft Auto IV begins after Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released.


May. 10 - The game is revealed at E3 2006, in the form of Peter Moore showing a tattoo with the game's early logo.



Apr. 29 - Grand Theft Auto IV is released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in North America and Europe. Oct. 30 - Grand Theft Auto IV is released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Japan. Dec. 3 - Grand Theft Auto IV is released for Windows.

GTA IV Website

There are images from GTA IV's official website that contain changes from the final.

(Source: GTA IV Screenshot Gallery)


Development Beginnings

After the development of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas had officially ended, Grand Theft Auto IV started development.



E3 2006


Grand Theft Auto IV was officially unveiled at E3 2006, where Peter Moore revealed a tattoo on his arm containing the game's logo. He said that the game would be for next-generation systems and would have downloadable DLC.





Bellic Enterprises/Broker Navy Yard

Pre-release Final
GTAIV-Prerelease-RomansTaxi-11.jpg GTAIV-RomansTaxi Final.png
  • Next to Roman's Cab Office, there was a hot dog stand and newspaper stands in the pre-release. In the final, the newspaper stands moved closer to the building, a couple of barrels were added, the hot dog stand was moved down the street, and the street light moved across the street.
  • The newspaper stand's name was changed from the Daily Globe to the Liberty Tree.
  • The bridge in the background was absent.
  • Roman's Taxi has some differences too.


  • The license plates didn't say "LIBERTY CITY" in some instances, implying that a randomized license plate number generator was planned for the cars but wasn't implemented until the sequel.


Pre-release Final
GTAIV-Prerelease-Annihilator-24.jpg GTAIV-Annihilator Final.png
  • The Yellow stripe was moved down.
  • "LC12345" was changed to "LC270881".
  • The number was moved onto the door.
  • The logo by the rotors was removed.
  • The logo was recreated.
  • The doors were made open.


Pre-release Final
GTAIV-Prerelease-Comet-21.jpg GTAIV-Comet Final.png
  • The logo was mirrored and added "PFISTER" in the final.
  • "Comet" was made smaller.


Pre-release Final
GTAIV-Prerelease-Marquis-29.jpg GTAIV-Marquis Final.png
  • There were two steering wheels in the pre-release.

Roman's Taxi

Pre-release Final
GTAIV-Prerelease-RomansTaxi-11.jpg GTAIV-RomansTaxi Final.png
  • The car's brand name and logo were added later.
  • A red light was also added on the grill.

In-game Television Programs

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Since they were recorded in early builds of the game, the watchable videos in-game have a good amount of changed content in them.

Higgins Helitour Commercial

Pre-release Final
GTAIV-Prerelease-Higgins Helitour-Broker-Dukes Tunnel.png GTAIV-Broker-Dukes Tunnel-final.png
  • The billboards weren't finished, so a low-quality placeholder with the Rockstar logo and "TEMP" written on the sides of it was used instead.
  • Channelizer cones were once present.

"I'm Rich" CNT Skit

Pre-release Final
GTAIV-Prerelease-CNT-WestdykeHospital.png GTAIV-WestdykeHospital Final.png
  • Leftwood was changed to Westdyke and the text was made bolder in the final.
  • Light posts were added to the ledges.
  • A railing was added.
  • More posters were added inside the interior.
  • The tree was removed.



Pre-release Final
GTAIV-Prerelease-CNT-lovemeetnet.png GTAIV-CNT-lovemeetnet Final.png
  • The picture for "HumpPleaseRupert" was changed completely.

CNT Banshee

Pre-release Final
GTAIV-Prerelease-CNT-Banshee.png GTAIV-CNT-Banshee Final.png
  • There is now one stripe instead of two.
  • The rearview mirror and the car's brand logo were added.

Super GT

Pre-release Final
GTAIV-Prerelease-CNT-SuperGT.png GTAIV-CNT-SuperGT Final.png
  • On the back, the car name and brand were completely removed and added a different logo instead.

Unknown Car


In the background, there is a car that looks different from the others. Judging by the body frame and tires, it may have been an early version of the Landstalker.

LCPD Recruitment

Pre-release Final
GTAIV-Prerelease-LCPD Recruitment-Soldiers Plaza.png GTAIV-Soldiers Plaza Final.png
  • Lights and benches weren't present.
  • The cobblestone walkway was originally a reddish-brown color. Additionally, at the end of the walkway, there was a runoff drain.
  • The pillars on the side were removed and taller pillars were added at each end of the walkway.

VIG Insurance Commercial

Pre-release Final
GTA IV VIG fire engine.png GTA IV-VIG-UDW-fire engine final.png
  • Parking garage was incomplete and missing interior walls and exterior pillars.
  • Retaining wall and fence along parking garage were not present.
  • Two over-hanging signs for southbound traffic, while only one is present in the final build.
  • Guardrails separating north/southbound traffic were not present.
  • Foreground stoplight model had a hanging street sign.
  • The second stoplight in the background was once present.
Pre-release Final
GTA IV VIG southbound algonquin.png Placeholder.png
  • The first floor of the first building on right has been completely reworked - scaffolding is now present, stoplight has been removed, two bushes have been remodeled, payphone has been removed.
  • Scaffolding has been added to the building on the right one block down.