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Prerelease:Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Windows, Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Windows, Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X).

E3 2002 Footage

This is footage for the game from E3 2002. It shows off the Skurge Challenge level. It has many noticeable differences.

  • The challenge timer has a different design and text.
  • The health bar was different.
  • The challenge star icon was different when you picked up a challenge star.
  • The Bertie Bott's Beans icon was different when you picked up beans.
  • There is no subtitles showing Professor Flitzwick talk about Skurge before you first use the spell.
  • There is no save book after you collect your first challenge star.
  • A witch ghost appears in the air when you get to the second Skurge area.

(Source: Tekkenlord05)

Promotional "Screenshots"

Game Features


Those mockups and text hint at different gameplay. Gives a clue about sneaking against prefects, and controlling the flying car. Different animation. Doesn't mention the Rictusempra spell.

Skurge Challenge


This mockup shows an earlier version of Skurge Challenge's map. Snape is in charge of the challenge. This image includes the prototype health bar.


HpcosPeeves.png HPCoSPC PreRPeeves2.png

Those mockups show Peeves in different sections than the final version. The map from the first image only exists in the prototype, and the battle at Skurge Challenge happens outside the area as he does in the final version; latter also includes the prototype health bar.



Ron's wand never breaks in the game, although it does in the book and movie. This image appears on the Windows installer.



A newer version of this map has been released in the final game, although this screenshot was released years earlier, to promote Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.