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Prerelease:Hatris (NES)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Hatris (NES).

EGM April 1990

A small preview of the Famicom Hatris with a slated release date of October 1990. While the Japanese version was released that July, the US NES version ended up not being released until 1992.

Pre-release Final (Japan)
HatrisNES EGM-04-1990 Title.png Hatris-Title-JP.png
  • The logo appears to have a slight drop shadow.
  • The final Japanese title screen has text alternating between the words "Press Start Button!". The early screenshot shows just "Push Key!" with an empty space, so it's possible it also had a similar alternating pattern.
  • Alexey's face is different and the field is yellow.
Pre-release Japan US
HatrisNES EGM-04-1990 Gameplay.png HatrisNES Japan Gameplay.png HatrisNES US Gameplay.png
  • The playfield is completely different, but more closely resembles the Japanese version.
  • The crown and derby use different sprites.