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Prerelease:James Bond 007: From Russia with Love

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for James Bond 007: From Russia with Love.

James Bond 007: From Russia with Love began development in April 2005. It was released in November 2005.

Promo Trailer

Dated April 29, 2005, and contains quite a few noticeable differences.

  • Some gun sound effects are different.
  • The reticle is always red. It uses green, yellow, red, and black in the final game.
  • There is no HUD.
  • There is no Bond Takedown HUD. The sound effect is different, too.
  • The Jetpack machine gun has a different sound effect.
(Source: Tekkenlord05)

E3 Trailer

Dated May 27, 2005.

  • There is no static effect when using the Q-Copter.
  • There is no HUD.
  • The jetpack landing area in the factory has a different-colored arrow.
  • Some guns have different sound effects.
  • There is no Bond Takedown HUD.
(Source: Tekkenlord05)

Multiplayer Trailer

Dated August 13, 2005.

  • Map description text is different.
  • Character select screen is different.
(Source: Tekkenlord05)