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Prerelease:LSD: Dream Emulator

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for LSD: Dream Emulator.

1997 Demo Movie

This is the demo movie from compu-lsd.com.


  • A unique debug menu appears at several points.
  • Overall, there's more detail and polish than the final game.
  • Several objects are shown in Bright Moon Cottage that don't appear in the final. Items include a bathroom, a table with cups and chairs, detailed lights and rooms, window curtains, and 3D doors; some of these things are still in the game files.
  • The texture used on the TV physically appears in a room.
  • The sumo wrestler area in the Flesh Tunnels is different, and there is a trapdoor on the floor.
  • HAPPYTOWN's textures are different.
  • Violence District is less bright and has a red sky.


  • The Giant Baby appears to kiss the player instead of headbutting them.
  • A cut character shows up in HAPPYTOWN and Long Hallway. He's a male human wearing a white shirt, and his face is obscured by a helmet and mask. He's seen charging the player with a wobble, and in one instance killing them.
  • The Train in Happy Town has a different face.
  • The Tengu in Kyoto look more human.


The now-defunct website compu-lsd.com documented information about the game during development, including a work log, several movies, screenshots, and a "dreams" section. The website is mirrored on the Osamu Sato Archive, and on archive.org. The Osamu Sato Archive does not have Shockwave support intact.


To do:
Find a way to cleanly record a shockwave director movie.

The website had a page featuring five movies. Three are copies of the Demo Movie in varying quality, and two are Shockwave animations showcasing the games characters.


The website had a page featuring these 9 screenshots, which show a debug menu close to the games completion. The field-of-view appears to be wider and the roof in Bright Moon Cottage is untextured.
The filenames of these screenshots confirm a half-official English name for two levels that differ from the community translation, Violence Town (Violence District) and Meigetsu-So Apartment (Bright Moon Cottage).
Lsd website meigetsu1.gifLsd website TEMPLE1.gifLsd website meigetsu2.gif
Lsd website daibutsu.gifLsd website vt2.gifLsd website vt1.gif
Lsd website HAPPY1.gifLsd website gojyutou.gifLsd website HAPPY2.gif