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Prerelease:Luigi's Mansion (GameCube)/Spaceworld 2000

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Luigi's Mansion is one of many games that appeared at Spaceworld 2000's sizzle reel. A compilation of games consisting of high-quality FMVs boasting how much of a powerhouse the GameCube was said to be.
There is also an extended FMV of Luigi entering the mansion, walking in the dark, looking at the fourth wall, and then looking back to see an undefined ghost appear right in front of him. The ghost shows off its set of teeth, which scares Luigi out of his mind. Two other ghosts had likely seen the antics and decide to join in on the fun. Then there are ghosts playing a game of Poker or some sort of illegal activity. The rest is pure speculation by this point. An FMV is floating out in internet limbo. Interestingly, the second screen is actually used as the pause menu image in the final game. (Some of the FMV was recycled in the E3 2001 trailer, hence the E3 marks on some of the images.)


The other portions of the FMV that exist in the public eye is Luigi being chased by the ghost. Luigi slides down the banister to evade the ghost, the chandelier falls, he screams, and then he is surrounded by a circle of weird-looking ghosts that all each sport a pompous nose.

From the same compilation, there are three ghosts sitting at a table playing some sort of card game.

GameCube Controller Demo

Also from Spaceworld 2000, a ghost from Luigi's Mansion was used in a GameCube controller demonstration. However, it is unknown if the behavior of the Ghost shown off in the game was once considered for the game. The ghost could skew vertically and horizontally, laugh maniacally, and burp with a projectile that would spread on the floor. The beginning of the clip also shows off the original Foyer at the beginning which was created for the FMV shown at the same event. This event was also only closed to the press.