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Prerelease:Mega Man (Game Boy)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Mega Man (Game Boy).

Capcom Official Screenshots

Four early screenshots of Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge (aka Rockman World) were released by Capcom in early 1991 and circulated around various gaming publications. Notably, two of these ended up on the back of the box!

All four screenshots were taken from Cut Man's level, and at this point the level design is very close to the final version. However, the level art is very different – it looks more like Metal Man's stage, with gears, pistons, and flashing lights in the background.

Pre-release Final
MMWRCutManBox1.jpg MMWRCutManActual1.png

The foreground blocks are more simply designed than in the final, especially noticeable with the floor comprised of simple horizontal lines. Note also the strange tiles to the left and right of the main HUD, which presumably acted as filler for the Boss and Weapon Energy meters.

Only one difference in object placement here: the Screw Driver enemy is closer to the wall in the pre-release version.

Pre-release Final
MMWRCutManBox2.jpg MMWRCutManActual2.png

A better look at the revised background in this screenshot. Besides that, the lettering of the special weapon names is different, with light gray letters and black shading. The gap in the ceiling is two blocks wide in the pre-release and one block wide in the final game.

The next two screenshots come from The Official Guide to Mega Man, which offered a preview of the game.

Pre-release Final
MMWRPrerelease1.jpg MMWRPrereleaseF1.png

The alternate lettering of the weapons is more clearly visible here. Other than the changed graphics, the layouts here are identical between versions.

Pre-release Final
MMWRPrerelease2.jpg MMWRPrereleaseF2.png

Nothing here that hasn't been talked about before, but it's here for completion's sake.

(Scans: The Reploid Research Lavatory)
(Source: Original TCRF research)

EGM Preview

Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 021 April 1991 page 054-mg08.jpg Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 021 April 1991 page 054-mg09.jpg

Another version of Cutman's level from Electronic Gaming Monthly #21.
This version appears to be in between the version shown in the screenshots above and the final version.