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Prerelease:Mega Man 7

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Mega Man 7.

Thanks to "bad timing" on the developer's part, development started in late 1994 and ended in early 1995, lasting three months total.

External Developer Conundrum

It's mentioned by several developers that due to the short development span, Capcom ended up getting help from an external development studio; although never confirmed, it's generally believed to be Minakuchi Engineering, who developed the Rockman World series (minus II), The Wily Wars, and X3.

If true, it would make 7 one of the last games developed by Minakuchi (alongside X3). It's unknown what happened to the company afterwards.

Shoshinkai 1994 Build

The game was revealed at Shoshinkai 1994 in Japan, however the only known screenshot from this build comes from the January 1995 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, showcasing Slash Man's stage. Notably, it seems to predate the Sample version, which has Slash Man's stage normally playable.

Shoshinkai 1994 Sample
MegaMan7SlashMan EGMJanuary1995.png MegaMan7SlashMan Sample.png

Aside from different enemies, the early image shows off more complex plant designs and lacks the warning signs. A small part on the left was raised for the final.