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Prerelease:Mega Man Battle Network

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Mega Man Battle Network.

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Development on Mega Man Battle Network initially started as, strangely enough, a horror game, before transitioning to an RPG.

"Test Build"

The earliest known build of Mega Man Battle Network has been dubbed a 'test build' by the developers; according to Masahiro Yasuma, the player would've started at school and talked to every person before they fought WoodMan, after which the game would end. Screenshots from this build can be found in various magazines. MMBNTestBuild Battle.png
A virus battle; the HUD was completely different, having health bars and battle chips at the edge of the screen instead of on-top of the player/enemies.

MMBNTestBuild ChaudPortrait.png
Apparently Chaud was going to be Lan's classmate at this point; his portrait here is slightly different, as is the PET icon.

Tokyo Toy Show

Significantly closer to the final game, but still having plenty of differences:

  • An early PET display on the top left of the screen.
  • There is a lamppost in central area of ACDC Town.
  • The third mail received has a different title, having a new "Part" (like the Mega Man X series) instead of a "Program".
  • The cyber world from the school had different backgrounds, the map area having a black background and the battles having a green background, both with texts appearing.

Other Things to Add


WoodMan originally was MegaMan's classmate, among other changes.



Early versions of the Spreader Battle Chip (both the chip's art and icon) and Yuichiro's mugshot.