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Prerelease:Mission: Impossible (NES)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Mission:_Impossible_(NES).

To do:
check Europe and France versions of boxes and manuals


Nes missionimpossible.jpg

Each section of the front cover depicts a different stage in the game, except for the middle top section. Indeed, there is no underwater section or enemies wielding harpoons in the final game.

Box Final Version
Mission Impossible box HUD.png Mission Impossible (France)-hud.png

The life-bar appears more rounded than in the final.

Box Final Version
Mission Impossible box stage1.png Mission Impossible (France)-stage1.png

The crates on the top left were modified for the final version to give room to maneveur. Furthermore, there is no floor pit at the bottom in the final version and it was replaced by an NPC giving details about doors.

Box Final Version
Mission Impossible box stage2.png Mission Impossible (France)-stage2.png

There is no enemy boat at that point in the final version.

Box Final Version
Mission Impossible box stage6.png Mission Impossible (France)-stage6.png

The valves were replaced in the final version. Those valves are still used in the final but only for leaky gas pipes.


Manual Final Version
Mission Impossible manual stage4.png Mission Impossible (USA) stage4.png

An extra enemy can be seen on the bottom right of this room.

Manual Final Version
Mission Impossible Manual Temple Armors.png Mission Impossible (USA) Temple Armors.png

Along the rows of armors, four holes can be seen in the manual, implying that four of the armored knights came alive. There are only three in the final version.

Printed Advert

Mission Impossible NES printed ad.png

Advert Final Version
Mission Impossible Temple Statues.png Mission Impossible (USA) Temple Statues.png

In the version shown on the advert, two of the statues are missing which would give more room for the player to maneuver. Also, the design of the statue on the right of the magnet differs.