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Prerelease:News Channel

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This page details one or more prerelease versions of News Channel.

The News Channel, the most fun way ever made to get your news, even has some prerelease information.

Pre-Release Update Channel

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Get an image of the Channel banner and icon.

The News Channel and Forecast Channel appeared on Wii Menu 1.0 on launch day Wii systems, however the channel didn't have any actual data and only consisted of an icon and a banner on the Wii Menu, and the Start text was replaced with Update, and selecting that would take you directly to the Wii System Update tab in Wii Settings.

The Channel also features a sound which is only used in the Pre-Release Update Channel for both the News Channel, Forecast Channel and then never used again.

Speech Feature

The developers of the News Channel talked about if kids were using the channel and they saw a Mii of their Dad suddenly start reading the news out loud, they thought they would be amused by it. This feature wasn't in the final version, and probably no development was done on this feature (only discussed by the developers). The reason why this never happened was likely due to the fact that kids weren't the target audience since some news articles might not be appropriate for them to read.

(Source: Official News Channel Interview from Nintendo)

Demonstration Video

For a short period of time, there was a demonstration video for the channel shown at the Nintendo World Store (in New York City). Note that there's no music and sound effects from the Photo Channel were also present, since one of the developers of the channel used some stuff from that as a base.

(Source: Official News Channel Interview from Nintendo)


International Japanese
NewsChannel-EarlyIcon.png NewsChannel-EarlyJapaneseIcon.png

Some early icons for the channel. The small text below the channel name says "Around the world".