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Prerelease:Nintendo DS

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Nintendo DS.

FCC Manual Screenshots

FCC.io has an early version of the Nintendo DS Instruction Booklet that was last modified on November 7th, 2004, and submitted to the FCC on November 25th, 2004. Do keep in mind that the BIOS with the date and time shown here is inaccurate, as the BIOS was already finalized when this version of the manual was last modified.

Main Menu & Top Screen

FCC Manual Final
DS-BIOS-MainMenu-2.png DS-BIOS-MainMenu-1.png
  • "Game Card" was changed to "DS Card".
  • PictoChat and DS Download Play have unique, orange icons with the application's title displayed underneath.
    • The Download Play icons were also on the top right.
  • The Game Pak button lacks the words "GBA" in its cartridge.
  • The Settings button is far wider and has a different icon.
  • The top bar and battery icon lack any kind of gradient.
  • The clock looks completely different, lacking any numbers or transparency.
  • The calendar day text is black instead of white.
  • Sunday is red instead of pink.
  • A dot is separating the month and year instead of a backslash.


FCC Manual Final
DS-Pictochat-MainMenu-2.png DS-Pictochat-MainMenu-1.png
  • There's no PictoChat banner.
  • There's a wireless symbol before you've entered any rooms. It's likely the console's green light would've started flashing at this point as well.
  • All ABCD rooms use a square symbol.
  • There's no line to the left of the top screen.
  • There's no chat room text or prompts to enter or leave the application. There's just a placeholder X instead.
FCC Manual Final
DS-Pictochat-Chat-2.png DS-Pictochat-Chat-1.png
  • The entering text is far more generic, with an arrow pointing towards the user that joined.


FCC Manual Final
DS-BIOSSettings-MainMenu-2.png DS-BIOSSettings-MainMenu-1.png
  • The DS icon at the top is completely different in design, and has a nice reflection.
  • All setting icons have a less saturated look, with the wrench icon being more purple than pink.
  • There's no select prompt. This placeholder X is something that's common in this part of the BIOS.
FCC Manual Final
DS-BIOSSettings-Options-2.pngDS-BIOSSettings-User-2.png DS-BIOSSettings-Options-1.pngDS-BIOSSettings-User-1.png
  • All icons for the submenus have a colortoned gradient.
    • Additionally, the GBA Mode icon is raised up a bit, and the Set Birthday icon has a different design for the cake.
  • All confirmation prompts have an X as a placeholder.
FCC Manual Final
DS-BIOSSettings-Startup-2.png DS-BIOSSettings-Startup-1.png
  • The Auto Mode text was changed to add "Game" to "DS Game Card".
FCC Manual Final
DS-BIOSSettings-Alarm-2.png DS-BIOSSettings-Alarm-1.png
  • The "Set Alarm" text was changed to "Turn Alarm On".
FCC Manual Final
DS-BIOSSettings-Nickname-2.pngDS-BIOSSettings-Message-2.png DS-BIOSSettings-Nickname-1.pngDS-BIOSSettings-Message-1.png
  • The side of the keyboard in the nickname and personal message options are anti-aliased and have some gradients.
  • The squares that let you input text are separated with a gray outline.
  • The keyboard buttons are gray instead of black.
  • On the personal message screen, "Go Back" was changed to "Erase", and there's no "Input" text.
  • On the nickname screen, there's a bug where the A button symbol was applied to both buttons.
FCC Manual Final
DS-BIOSSettings-Color-2.png DS-BIOSSettings-Color-1.png
  • The selectable colors were changed around:
    • Pink was moved from the top right to the bottom right.
    • Gray was darkened.
    • A lot of the blue color variations aren't present yet.
FCC Manual Final
DS-BIOSSettings-TouchScreen-2.png DS-BIOSSettings-TouchScreen-1.png
  • The calibration target had a slightly different design. This also applies to its text symbol.