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Prerelease:Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 Frights

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 Frights.

Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 Frights was in development by (then subsidiary of THQ) Heavy Iron Studios as early as February 2001, as indicated by the now hiring text on their web page. [1] It was released around a year later on PlayStation 2 and GameCube, then a year later on the original Xbox in the United States only. An American exclusive PS2 greatest hits disc was also released in 2003. [2]

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Development Facts

  • The game was developed using an edited version of game engine Renderware 3.4.
  • The game used Maya to create levels. [3]

Gameplay Trailer Footage

Dated from sometime in 2002 there's very significant differences between this and the retail release of the game:

General Differences

  • A health bar in the shape of a sub sandwich exists.
  • A life system also exists, the pick up to gain an extra life are in the shape of Scooby dog collars.
  • The snack icon and the number of snacks is the opposite way around.
  • The Gum power up doesn't seem to be implemented.
  • No mystery machine save points or warpgates.
  • Pick up items have a blue aura around them instead of a yellow one.
  • Fades don't exist in this version, therefore you can see death animations.
  • The key model isn't implemented yet, is replaced by the temp finger print model.

Individual Levels

Who's Yellar in the Cellar: Part 3

  • An unused ghost model can be seen.
  • The secret area entrance is untextured.
  • An unused clue model is seen.
  • The geometry of the level is completely different, the entrance in the retail release is nowhere to be seen and is instead replaced with a shelf.

Light House Fright House: Part 2

  • Caveman ice cubes have a different more cartoony texture to them.

Little Lab of Horrors: Part 1

  • The trolleys move in a faster more erratic pattern.
  • The electricity criss-crosses on the walls.
  • There's a third unused trolley at the other end of the room.
  • The middle area is more built up, with shelves of scientific equipment.
  • There's no lens platforms or top balcony
  • Each half is separated by an electric barrier

Clamor in the Manor!: Part 1

  • A creeper is chasing Velma. This Creeper is still in the final game but he can't be activated. Most likely something made for the trailer.
  • The painting next to the open door is a different one.
  • The alcove at the end of the level is lighted differently.

Clamor in the Manor!: Part 2

  • Landing on a breakaway platform seemed to activate a more impactful animation.

Who's Yellar in the Cellar: Part 4

  • No Spacekooks, only Creepers.
  • No button puzzle.
  • The top area is fenced off, likely needs the big ice cube to reach over.
  • The soap is in a different place.

Chills and Spills on Haunted Hill: Part 3

  • This was a snow/ice level.
  • You broke a box to enter Skull Cliff instead of pressing a button.

On Edge in The Hedge! Part 4

  • The floor has a temp texture on it.

Lighthouse Frighthouse: Part 1

  • The level has different lighting.

Coast For Some Ghosts: Part 1

  • The door is open at the end of the level.

Mystery Machine: Part 1

  • An open mystery machine, most likely a central save point
  • Fishing Spillage Sign
  • Neutral faced Scooby during opening cutscene

Promotion Images

These are from various gaming websites.

Individual Levels

Chills and Spills on Haunted Hill Part 3:

  • It's snowing in the level.
  • No warp gate to be seen.
  • The witch is where the warp gate should be.
  • There's extra geometry blocking what you can usually see in the retail version.

Who's Yella in the Cellar? Part 4:

  • You don't get chased by a creeper in the final game, the creeper chases Shaggy.
  • The soap isn't in the same place as the final game.

Clamor in the Manor! Part 3:

  • The fire place that breathes out fire isn't there.

Opening Cutscene

  • Scooby doesn't emote the same as the final version.
  • Fishing Spillage sign instead of Smuggler's Cove.

The Mystery Machine Part 1:

  • Different Mystic Manor sign.
  • No Monster Gallery sign.

It's A Mean Greenhouse Scoob! Part 1:

  • The extra texture on the boxes isn't in the game.

Little Lab of Horrors Part 3:

  • The drill looking item doesn't exist in the retail version.
  • The fog doesn't exist in the retail version either.

Coasts For Some Ghosts! Part 1

  • The logo on the boxes is red instead of white.
  • There's no door.

Concept Art

The game gives you access to concept art if you 100% it. It can be found in the Easter Egg room known as the "Monster Gallery".