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Prerelease:Sega GT 2002

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Sega GT 2002.

Sega GT 2002 began development in mid-2001. It was released in September 2002.

Tokyo Game Show 2001 Footage

  • The text is all in lowercase.
  • There is position text visible.
  • A United States Speed Ring track is seen, which never appears in the final game. The map’s layout, can be found in Online’s files, confirming this is an early Falcon Wing Circuit.
  • The total time text doesn't appear under the finish text.
  • The "finish" text moves across the screen as opposed to fading out in the final game.
(Source: Tekkenlord05)

Tokyo Game Show 2001 Footage 2

This is more footage from the Tokyo Game Show but this video shows off a lot more intriguing differences than what's shown in the first video.

  • The title screen is completely different given that it's from early development.
  • The car select menu had a very different design.
  • The choose option texts were different.
  • There is a cutscene of the car driving on a road to the racetrack. You only see the car drive offscreen briefly in the final game.
  • The course select screen is different. The United States Speed Ring was originally known as the American Wing Circuit.
  • The car position screen isn't present.
  • The camera positions on the car before starting the race are completely different. They strongly resemble Gran Turismo's camera shots.
(Source: MSS)


  • The track seen in this trailer was cut from the final game although it is referenced in the game's files.
(Source: Tekkenlord05)