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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Skout.

Though no beta builds of the game are known to exist on the internet (and can be presumed lost), images and trailers from Soft-Enterprise made their way online by way of German PC gaming magazines.

PC Joker (May 1995) Trailer

(Source: TeslaOldgamesGameplay)

Noteworthy in this video are early versions of E1M2 and E4M3. Also, the UI was limited to a stylized graphical bar placed at the upper-left of the screen. An early version of the chaingun can be seen, along with different animations for fist attacks and a jittery weapon bob.

Later Build

A later build of the game, the date of which is not yet determined (if ever), was close to the final version of the game, but with different graphics for the text and weapons, foregoing the game's green text for white text. Strangely, these screenshots came into being from the official Soft-Enterprises website after their website design overhaul around 2001-02. It's not known when these screenshots were actually made:

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