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Prerelease:Sonic Heroes

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Sonic Heroes.

After the ill-fated discontinuation of the Dreamcast, Sega had no choice but to move their IPs onto the other consoles. Sonic Heroes was made to be a big return for the self-titular character on multiple consoles, while also reintroducing older characters into the mix.

Reception for the game was overall mixed-to-positive, praising the gameplay elements but criticized the physics and glitches present in various ports. Retrospectively, it's seen as a divisive game, but it's also considered one of the last competent Sonic titles of that era before its unexpected decline in the next entry.

Development Timeline


  • April - Sonic Heroes enters development.


  • April 23 - Heroes is first announced in a Sega of Europe press release.[1]
  • May 9 - An E3 2003 prototype is created for all three consoles.
  • May 11 - The earliest known footage for Heroes with the Sega watermark embedded is created on this date at 12:59PM. This footage also likely begins to circulate online, under the names "e3-sonich511_qt" and "E3_SONIC".
  • May 14-16 - Sonic Heroes is formally announced and showcased at E3 2003.
  • Jul. 11 - Japanese voice recording sessions begin.[2] These sessions were conducted sometime after the English voices were recorded, as Knuckles' English grunts can be heard in the E3 2002 video.
  • Jul. 20 - Japanese recording sessions are completed.[3]
  • Sep. 26-27 - Sonic Heroes is showcased at Tokyo Game Show.
  • Sep. 28/Oct. 2 - A PlayStation 2 prototype is compiled. Although it has a disc-burn date of October 2, the files are dated September 28.
  • Oct. 8 - A GameCube prototype is built the week following the aforementioned PS2 build being made.
  • Oct. - A GameCube demo is built for the bonus disc as a reward for pre-ordering Mario Kart: Double Dash!! that contain demos and videos of various upcoming games, with Sonic Heroes as a playable demo being one of them.[4]
  • Oct. 30 - Two more GameCube prototypes are built for debugging purposes.
  • Nov. 18 - One last GameCube prototype is built likely for review purposes.
  • Dec. 18 - Original anticipated release date in Japan.
  • Dec. 30 - Sonic Heroes is released in Japan two weeks later than expected. A tester who worked on the game later confirmed that along with Sonic Team's struggles with multi-platform development, a "Show Stopper bug" that affected the door switches which prevented the player from progressing through the stages is what partly contributed to the game's delayed releases worldwide.[5]


  • Jan. 5 - Sonic Heroes is released on GameCube in North America.
  • Jan. 27 - Sonic Heroes is released on PlayStation 2 and Xbox in North America.
  • Feb. 6 - Sonic Heroes is released in Europe.
  • Nov. 17 - Sonic Heroes is released on Windows in Japan.
  • Nov. 26 - Sonic Heroes is released on Windows in North America.
  • Dec. 9 - Sonic Heroes is released on Windows in Europe.


Early Development

Concept Art
There was a scrapped pirate-themed level?
Early Ideas & Cinematics
A pre-9.28 prototype Omega voice clip?


A lot more completed than before, but still quite not there yet.