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Prerelease:The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.

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This trailer comes from Bestheda's Winter CES 1995 booth. It features a couple of cutscenes not seen in the final version. There's also a different art style seen in the fifteen seconds or so of gameplay.

A preview of Daggerfall, featuring the slightly older HUD seen in the pre-release demo versions and a slightly bigger compass in some sections.




The enemy sprites, notably the orc, are not rendered in 3D, but are hand-drawn 2D sprites.


Talking to the storeowner, but with a very different dialog box. The portrait is also not present in the final game.


An early shot of the town, with NPCs placed all over.


A very different sky, plus more detailed landscape.


Daggerfall shot24castellan.gif Daggerfall shot23cauldron.gif

Clean shots around the pre-rendered castles, which don't get much exposure in the final game. These renders were uploaded to the official Daggerfall site, however.


Screenshots from the above mentioned cutscenes, which are in fairly high resolution. King Cameron (left) was actually played by Julian Lefay, a developer.


A very old screenshot of the UI. There's no background for the character. The inventory is in a separate screen and the UI options are somewhat less organized. No encumbrance stat is shown.


The Argonian face is not seen in the final version, and there's also some fish in the water. The fish graphics can be seen in the October 1995 demo, but are completely removed from the final version. There's no compass in the HUD, which is drawn in a much less refined style.


The compass is twice as large as the one seen in the final version and there's some glitching with it.



Morgiah's portrait lacks the red eyes, but is otherwise the same as the final version. The layout of the talk screen is much closer to the final game, though it does have nuances like a big "AND" button and "Copy to Logbook" rather than "Copy to Notebook".


A select choice of music tracks from the game was released as a preview in 1995. However, several of these tracks were excised from the final game completely and not present in any of the demo versions.

Sound Name Sound Notes
Would have been used while on a boat.
Theme 3
Theme 4
Chase 2