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Prerelease:The Krion Conquest

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for The Krion Conquest.

The Krion Conquest was originally slated to be released under the title Francesca's Wand in the US. Only two known screenshots of this early version exist, which show both the alternate title and an altered stage layout in the first round.

Title Screen

Scan US Title Screen
Francesca's Wand early title screen.jpg Krion Conquest title.png

The title screen was completely changed for the final version, becoming much more generic in the process. No remnants of the old title remain, aside from the portrait of Francesca found at the end of the CHR ROM in both the US and Japanese versions.

First Round

Scan Final Game
Magical Doropie (NES)-round 1-1 underground.png

The extra life was replaced with an enemy and the floor on the right was raised in the final version.