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Prerelease:Touhou Koumakyou: the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Touhou Koumakyou: the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

Promo Images

The official website for the game features a few promotional images at the bottom, some of which containing certain oddities.

Promo (th6_14.jpg) Final (th06_705_00.jpg)
Prerelease Touhou 6 Th6 14.jpg Prerelease Touhou 6 Th06 705 00.jpg
  • The score counters only display eight digits instead of nine.
  • The power counter does not display a number, only a bar. It still says "MAX" when maxed out, though. It's also slightly more transparent.
  • The background graphic is slightly different.
  • The stage here being played is stage 3, but the background is from stage 4.
Promo (th6_22.jpg) Final
Prerelease Touhou 6 Th6 22.jpg Touhou 6 menu final.png

The first promo screenshot in the website is also from the first ever released(?) trial version of the game, currently lost... In it, we can see that the menu looked drastically different back then.

  • While the base image is the same, the filters and effects applied to the background image with Reimu sitting at a shrine entrance are completely different.
  • The version text is positioned a bit higher, and also (obviously) says "trial version" above the version number. The overlay is also slightly different.
  • The selected menu item graphics are slightly different, with a bright red outline and shadow as opposed to the black in the final version.
  • The menu options are positioned differently, possibly due to the lack of the "Practice Start" option.

Here we see ZUN choosing between two spellcard name formats. The one Cirno uses is what he discarded. It's Cirno's final spell, "Diamond Blizzard", with an older format: Snow Ofuda "Diamond Blizzard". See below.

Unused Promo Images

It is quite easy to realize that many more images were uploaded to the website than are displayed, due to the weird filenames. There are two sets of images still available on the website but unused. The first one, from early versions of the game, always starts with "th6_XX.jpg" where XX is the image number (there are over twenty), while the second set starts with "th06_705_XX.jpg", with "705" possibly being a timestamp for July 5th.


Prerelease Touhou 6 Th06 705 01.jpg

An image of Flandre's "Kagome-Kagome" spellcard, with Rumia's spell background.


Th06 Prerelease Title.jpg

The earliest known image of the game. This is an image of the start menu.

  • The background is completely different. It features the inside of a wooden house, with a white window looking out into the scarlet imagery of a mansion and a bright full moon.
  • The default font seen as the FPS counter looks considerably worse and lacks the gradient it has on later versions. Still the same font, though.
  • The text at the bottom-left reads the following: "Graphics are a work in progress" (画面は開発中のものです).
  • Both the title graphics and the copyright notice are the exact same as in the final game. So much for "work in progress".


th6_01.jpg Final
Prerelease Touhou 6 Th06 01.jpg Touhou 6 Marisa Select Final.png

An early version of the character select screen.

  • Just like the previous image, there's text on the bottom-left that just reads "graphics are a work in progress."
  • Similarly to "th6_22.jpg", the base image for the background image is the same between both images, but with different filters and effects applied.
  • The selected rank graphic is positioned slightly differently.
  • The text at the top, which reads "Please select a player." in the final game, is a bit less polite and reads something more akin to "Select a player!"
  • The text at the top has slightly different effects applied to it, too: The stroke is a brighter red and the glow is much smaller.


Prerelease Touhou 6 Th6 02.jpg

Just as before, the default text and most of the icons look like crap, with a white edge around them. The forest background is also green instead of blue.


Prerelease Touhou 6 Th6 03.jpg

An image of Rumia midboss. Notice that the "Enemy" text in the top left does not display its lives.


Th06 Early Spell Card 1.jpg

An image of Rumia's "Demarcation" spell card. Early in development, the status quo of "XXX Sign" (〇符) for spellcards was "Ofuda of XXX" (〇の御札) instead, which is just a more verbose version of the former. The spellcard in the screenshot would therefore be Ofuda of Darkness "Demarcation". Any non-prerendered text is also smaller, in a different font, with a slightly different background and without any fancy effects. Also, Rumia's spell background is just a crimson cloud pattern. Fancy!


Th06 Early Spell Card 2.jpg

The text in the bottom-left has now moved around. The spellcard is from the Rumia midboss on Hard/Lunatic and is here named Ofuda of the Moon "Moonlight Ray".


Th06 Early Spell Card 3.jpg

The text in the bottom-left has moved again. Here we see Reimu's classic spellcard Ofuda of Spirits "Fantasy Seals".


Th06 Early Spell Card 4.jpg

The text in the bottom-left is back to where it was 2 images ago. Here we see Rumia's spellcard in action. The only noticeable difference here are slightly less bright laser graphics and the lasers being much closer together than in the final game.


Prerelease Touhou 6 Th6 08.jpg

The only difference here is the runtime text looking much simpler, as stated before.


Prerelease Touhou 6 Th6 09.jpg


Prerelease Touhou 6 Th6 12.jpg

More stage-3-with-stage-4-background action.


Prerelease Touhou 6 Th6 18.jpg

Meiling has a different spell background.


Prerelease Touhou 6 Th6 19.jpg


Prerelease Touhou 6 Th6 20.jpg

An earlier version of Meiling's "Rainbow Wind Chime", which uses different colors than the final version.