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Prerelease:Yoshi's Safari

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Yoshi's Safari.

Internal Material

Part of the July 24, 2020 Nintendo leak features early sprites from Yoshi's Safari, present in other.7z\NEWS\テープリストア\NEWS_11\NEWS_11\hino\z-road_hunting.


Leak Final
YoshiSafari T-YOSY3.CGX BloodyYoshi1.pngYoshiSafari T-YOSY3.CGX BloodyYoshi2.pngYoshiSafari y3 new.CGX YoshiHurt.png YoshiSafari YoshiOuch.png

Yoshi's damage sprite early on had his nose bleeding. This uncharacteristic bit of graphic violence was removed from the final sprite.


Leak Final
YoshiSafari T-YOSY4.CGX YoshiUp.png YoshiSafari YoshiUp Final.png

An early version of Yoshi's upward-facing sprite.


YoshiSafari T-YOSY6.CGX RightYoshi.png

An unused sprite of Yoshi facing right.

Leak Final
YoshiSafari T-YOSY6.CGX YoshiBack.png YoshiSafari YoshiBack Final.png

Yoshi's forward sprite with different shading.

Leak Final
YoshiSafari T-YOSY6.CGX YoshiSide.png YoshiSafari YoshiSide Final.png

Yoshi's left-facing sprite with a goofier smile.

YoshiSafari T-YOSY6.CGX ZapYoshi.png

What appears to be a half-finished sprite of Yoshi getting zapped.


Leak Final
YoshiSafari yoshi scr.png Yoshissafari ustitle.png

A near-final version of the title screen, the only difference being that Mario's hat and mustache are a bit thinner.