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Primal Rage (PlayStation)

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Title Screen

Primal Rage

Developer: Probe Entertainment
Publisher: Time Warner Interactive
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: December 13, 1996
Released in US: 1995
Released in EU: May 1996

BonusIcon.png This game has hidden bonus content.

To do:
Figure out what each flag settings do.

Cheat Menu

Primal Rage PS1 Cheats1.png Primal Rage PS1 Cheats2.png Primal Rage PS1 Cheats3.png

Pressing Right, Up, Up, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Down, Down, Right, Up while at the title screen (the screen which displays CREDIT:5 at the top of the screen) will enable a cheat menu in the main menu. A sound effect will play if done correctly. You cannot be in the "Demonstration" mode to activate this.

(Source: Punk7890)