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Pro Mahjong Kiwame 3

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Title Screen

Pro Mahjong Kiwame 3

Developer: Athena
Publisher: Athena
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: June 30, 1995

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

Pro Mahjong Kiwame 3 features a very extensive debug menu and a surprisingly-well composed soundtrack, and was also given battery backup... maybe that was the selling point.

Unused Music

ROM 81EA82?? address will play the selected song at the file select screen.

Unused Song 1

ID 11

Unused Song 2

ID 12

Unused Song 3

ID 18

Unused Song 4


(Source: nensondubois)

Register Error

Game de BRK

Anytime the game encounters a BRK instruction, the game will throw up an error message giving detail about the crash. ROM address 808AE00A will cause a register error message to appear virtually anywhere after transitioning to the next screen. ROM Text for the Register Error can be found at 0x0335.

Stack Overflow

Stack Over Frow!

ROM address 808AE006 will cause a stack overflow message to appear virtually anywhere with the number indicating the error on the next screen. ROM Text for the Stack Overflow can be found at 0x0DCE.

Debug Menu

Welcome to Mahjong game.
Pressing B, A, X, Y, L, R at the Athena logo enables the debug flag at RAM address $1B5A, causing the debug menu to appear afterward.

Setting any of the four functions on the first screen to ENABLE is impossible though there is text for an ENABLE mode. Functions on the Test Programs screen appear to have been removed appearing as dots. ROM text for the debug menu can be found starting at 0x2F1C, 0x38B42.

Demo Start

Starts the opening demo and returns to the debug menu when finished.

Game Start

Starts a quick game of mahjong with user-defined settings from the debug menus.

Randomize Test

Pro Mahjong Kiwame 3 RANDOMIZE TEST.png

Setting the binary bits affects certain tile spawning. Likely used to test the Random Number Generator. ROM text for the Randomize Test can be found at 0x04913.

Kanji ROM Test

Pro Mahjong Kiwame 3 KANJI ROM TEST.png

Tests all of the fonts in the game. ROM Text for the Kanji ROM Test can be found at 0x49B4.

Tempai Reach Check

Pro Mahjong Kiwame 3 TEMPAI REACH CHECK.png

Tests point values for sets in decimal form. ROM text for the Tempai Reach Check can be found at 0x38E2.

Font Test

Pro Mahjong Kiwame 3 FONT TEST.png

Tests VRAM and displays all CHR in the game. ROM text for the Font Test can be found at 0x4BC5.

Yaku Check

Pro Mahjong Kiwame 3 YAKU CHECK.png

Tests individual character stats and the probability that each player will obtain a Yakuman set. ROM text for the Yaku Check can be found at 0x3EDD.

Bit Map Trans

Light Show Spectacular!

Unknown what purpose this is, may have been used to test the SNES Mouse drawing accuracy, or possibly AI or RAM init functions. Maybe the developers were bored. Pressing Start will return to the debug menu with glitched-out graphics.

Rule Set Up

Pro Mahjong Kiwame 3 RULE SET UP.png

Change values of various in-game rules. Pressing Start will return to the debug menu. ROM text for the Rule Set Up can be found at 0x34D2.



Tests SNES console controller ports. Only controllers and the SNES Mouse can be detected. ROM text for the Communication test can be found at 0x411C.

If a specific non-standard peripheral is detected, this screen will also enable a "communication mode" which allows using the peripheral to transfer data to/from the SNES while the game is running. This mode previously appeared (with a corresponding helpful message from the programmer) in Kaite Tsukutte Asoberu Dezaemon; see that article for more information.

Sound Test

Pro Mahjong Kiwame 3 SOUND TEST.png

Tests music, sounds and voices. B plays the currently selected item. Pressing Start will return to the debug menu. ROM text for the Sound Test can be found at 0x36D8.

Name Entry

Pro Mahjong Kiwame 3 NAME ENTRY.png

Tests the name entry.

V-Zoom Test

Pro Mahjong Kiwame 3 V-ZOOM TEST.png

Tests vertical screen attribute settings. Press A to show the full Athena logo and Start to return to the debug menu.

Main Menu

Sends you to the Game Select Menu.

Screen Test

Pro Mahjong Kiwame 3 SCREEN TEST.png

Tests all the screens in the game. Oddly unused song 3 will play on screen 07.

(Source: nensondubois)
(Source: devin (button code, communication mode info))