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Project Gotham Racing 2

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Title Screen

Project Gotham Racing 2

Developer: Bizarre Creations
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Platform: Xbox
Released in US: November 18, 2003
Released in EU: November 28, 2003

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Navigation demo build (Trial version).Date back 2003.09.14 which is one month before final build

Project Gotham Racing 2 , released in 2003, is a simcade racing game for the Xbox and is the sequel to Project Gotham Racing. This game had a much longer development cycle compared to the first game, as it was not a spruced up port of Metropolis Street Racer, and was much more larger in scope. In taking on a more involved development cycle, car modelling in this game was outsourced to less talented companies (sometimes to disastrous results, with some of the cars such as the W12 Nardo and SVT Cobra lack detail compared to high end Ferrari models in this game), the soundtrack listing was tripled in size and exotic car manufacturers like Pagani, Koenigsegg, Ascari, and Bentley made their debut to the series amongst others.


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Prerelease Info

Debug Options

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There seems to be a debug menu in there too? Look around at 0014D9DD in the .XBE (all regions)

Controller Information

PGR2-FIN ControllerTest.png

Lets you see what controllers are connected, which buttons are currently pressed, how strongly they're being pressed, and their representation in hexadecimal. This display is only shown on the main menu.

002F59E8 01
(Source: Edness)

Free-Roam Tracks

In this game, all tracks are listed internally as their corresponding city name followed by a number, for example "Florence 11", "Washington DC 3", "Barcelona 5", etc. Each of these cities also has a route marked 0, which (with the exception of Stockholm and Edinburgh) loads a free-roam version of the city with most barriers removed. An easy way to access these tracks is to edit PGR2\Frontend\Cars.ini, as every car has a route assigned as its Time Trial track. As these open cities were presumably used for testing and not intended for actual free roam use, there are many spots outside of the intended drivable areas where there is no collision and the car will fall through the map.

Unused Cars

Maserati 4200 GT

The game contains a fully functional Maserati 4200 GT, with completed model and physics data present. The model is named "4300gt.pak_hrd" and is located in PGR2\Cache\Cars, while its physics data is present in "4300GT.ini" in PGR2\CarDynamics. The car lacks its own audio and frontend entries but can be used by either swapping over an existing car, or editing the frontend files to add it to one of the existing car classes.

BMW M Coupe

The game also contains the model for a BMW M Coupé, named "M Coupe.pak_hrd" in PGR2\Cache\Cars. Unlike the 4200 GT, the M Coupe does not contain its own physics data, but this can be borrowed from a similar car such as the M3 Coupe or made from scratch. As with the 4200 GT, this car lacks its own audio and frontend entries, but can be added back to the game or swapped over an existing car.

Unused Car Manufacturer Body Color Names

The file containing all possible car body colors is called "Cars.ini", and is located in PGR2\Frontend. In it, there exists unused car body color names that are given by car manufacturers. In the actual game, there is no name attached to the body colors when selecting them. Instead, the body colors are represented by a thumbnail of that color. For example, when choosing the body color for the Pagani Zonda C12S, you are given the choice of body colors represented by thumbnails (Silver, Black, Blue or Yellow). By contrast, this code indicates that you would have rather been presented with the Pagani manufacturer given body color names (New Zonda Silver, GTO Solano Black Pearl, C12 Pagani Blue, C12 Pagani Yellow). It is possible that since some car body color names reference licensed track names such as "Le Mans", "Suzuka" and "Silverstone" among others, the concept of including the names of car manufacturer body colors was removed to avoid legal action.

Unused Text

Removed Car Manufacturers

A list of all car manufacturers that appear in this game is contained in a file entitled "Manufacturers.ini", and is located in PGR2\Frontend. It contains strings for car manufacturers that never appear in the game.

Car Manafacturer String

Name = "Ben"
Badge = Ben

Unknown car manufacturer.

Name = "Marcos"
Badge = Marcos

Marcos is a real-life brand that exists as a company until 2007, however there are no cars from this manufacturer in the game.

Name = "Maserati"
Badge = Maserati

The only unused manufacturer with a playable, unused car, as described above.

Name = "Pete"
Badge = Pete

Unknown car manufacturer.


Present in the same folder is a file named Demo.ini. It was used for configuring demos like the E3 build and the trial version present on the disc included with issue 26 of the Official Xbox Magazine or Forza Motorsport Demo disc.


DemoVersion = 1
DemoName = "TrialVersion"
;DemoName = "E3"
DemoVerDemoMenu = 1

Build Date

At 0x281378 in default.xbe is a build date.

Version: 2003.10.14 (16:08) RELEASE MASTER