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Proto:A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Beta

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This is a sub-page of Proto:A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X).

The Beta builds were all compiled in March of 2015, a time when the game was starting to change drastically from its Alpha build incarnation and especially its appearance in the Prototype builds. However, the gameplay mechanics, plot, and overall feel of the game is still quite different from the final game. To put it simply: many things changed between the Beta builds and the final. There were four Beta builds distributed to Kickstarter backers, however, only three of the four have been archived; Beta Update 1 has not yet been recovered, and thus is assumed lost. As a result, any of its unique assets and coding cannot be documented here at this time.

Beta Base Version - Compiled on March 7 2015 at 2:44 PM.
Beta Update 1 - Released on March 10 2015.
Beta Update 2 - Compiled on March 11 2015 at 10:41 PM.
Beta Update 3 - Compiled on March 30 2015 at 11:29 PM.

Official Changelog by Gears For Breakfast:
(Released March 10 2015) Beta Update 1:

Settings: Graphical options now auto-apply instead of having to press confirm.
Save Data: Fixed a bug where the the player could get stuck if exiting the game after the game intro and before the first time piece.
Fixed Explorer’s Badge disappearing from the loadout.
Fixed a bug where reflective surfaces would be slightly incorrect.

(Released March 12 2015) Beta Update 2:

Fixed a crash when launching the game on some hardware.
Fixed a runtime assertion crash on some hardware.

Mac OSX:<br />
Fixed inconsistent audio volume for various sound effects.

(Released March 30 2015) Beta Update 3:

Reduced shadow acne.
Hat Kid can now double jump following using the hookshot while in the air.
Improved the speedrun timer.
Added additional support for LiveSplit.
Reduced the required hits on the Mafia Boss in Act 4.
Hat Kid now correctly turns to ice when grabbed by Vanessa.


AHatIntime collectible timepiece(Beta).png
Differences to the Final Game
Sorry, Hat Kid. You need 50 Time Pieces to access the finale.
Differences Between Builds
The Betas really turned up the heat later on...

Unused Textures

Frozen Solid Badge

Hatintime Badge ice statue.png

A HUD icon for the normally unobtainable Frozen Solid badge.

Timmy Loading Screen

Hatintime Loadingscreen timmy.png

Loading screen art for Timmy, who was originally intended to be the second playable character in co-op and New Game+. Neither mode was available in the Beta, and Timmy's role in the final game was replaced by Bow Kid.

Trainwreck of Science Location Banner

AHatInTime location banner train.png
A location banner graphic for Trainwreck of Science, which goes unused in the Beta builds as Train Rush doesn't display a location banner upon starting the level. The graphic still exists in the final game, unused.

Balloon Race Graphics

AHatInTime Announce lap2.png
AHatinTime Announce finallap.png
HUD graphics used by Balloon Race in the Alpha builds, which isn't normally available in the Beta builds.

Collectible Bird

A collectible birb. It can no longer be collected.

Time Of Day HUD Graphics

AHatInTime TimeOfDay.pngAHatInTime TimeOfDay Morning.png
AHatInTime TimeOfDay Afternoon.pngAHatInTime TimeOfDay Evening.png
These seem to be related to some kind of scrapped time-changing system, where a level would have a morning setting, afternoon, and night setting. The only level to really feature different times of day in the final game prominently is Mafia Town.

Camera HUD Graphics

AHatIntime cam overlay(Alpha).png

AHatIntime cam overlay rec(Alpha).png

The textures for the unused Camera HUD found in the Alpha builds are still present, still unused. These are the last builds these HUD graphics can be found in.

BG Item Get Graphics

AHatIntime itemobtained bg main(Alpha).png
AHatIntime itemobtained bg shadow(Beta).png
Textures that are leftover from the 'item obtained' background effect from the Alpha builds, with the second of the textures having been updated since those builds. Not present in any builds after the Beta builds.

Alpha Update 5 Health HUD Graphics

AHatInTime Playerhealth heart.pngAHatInTime Playerhealth arrow.png

AHatInTime playerhealth zaps.png

Leftover graphics for the Health HUD exclusive to the last update for the Alpha version of the game. These graphics were still in the final game at launch.

Water Flask Icon

A placeholder HUD icon for the Water Flask item, which is only present in the final update to the Beta. This icon could be found in the final game and the Modding Tools for a brief time before it was completely removed from both. Water Flasks cannot normally be obtained in Beta Update 3, but can still be spawned with console commands. Upon collecting one, it appears on Hat Kid's person, just above her right leg.

Cocoa Meter

Hatintime Cocoa meter 3.pngAHatInTime Cocoa meter 2.pngAHatInTime Cocoa meter 1.pngAHatInTime Cocoa meter 0.png

A meter that, going by its name, is meant to tell the player how much cocoa they have. Cocoa isn't a commodity that's possible to collect in the Beta, so this meter isn't ever seen, It was meant to be used in a cut mission for Mafia Town, and was used as a placeholder for the Water Flask HUD in Sand 'n Sails in Beta Update 3.

Moon Stars HUD

AHatInTime Moon hunt b.pngAHatInTime Moon hunt a.pngHatintime Moon hunt return.png
An unused HUD graphics for a level in Trainwreck of Science, called Moon Stars.


Hatintime Scream yo.png
A leftover from the 2013 prototype, used by a rapping Mafia member in the prototype version of Mafia Town. The rapper, his stage, and his audience were all removed in the Alpha version of Mafia Town onwards, leaving this texture unused. This is the last public version of the game this texture can be found in. The texture was completely removed at some point before the Speedrun builds.

Unused Objects

To do:
Document stuff.

Unused Text


teleport0 = What? Where am I?!
teleport1 = Hey, it's that girl!
teleport2 = What's going on?!

Unused text for Mafia getting teleported.



learn0 = The problem with all the enemies in this world is that they never learn! Never!
learn1 = There are thousands of Mafia, but they all do the exact same attack! Every single one of them!
learn2 = I, on the other hand, know everything about you! Everything you've gone through!
learn3 = No attack will come as a surprise, bring it on, I'm ready!!

intro0 = Aha!! Let me take care of this little thing for you!
intro1 = Oh what's that? You want it back? Hahahaha!!
intro2 = You're nothing without this thing! Give up!

An entirely unused localization file, with text that implicates Mustache Girl would attack the player at some point.


None = No Description
Ch1HarborRest = Enter the Harbor Resturant
Ch1MafiaTie5 = Collect 5 Mafia Ties

An unused, old localization file, detailing objectives for Calcite. The typo in "Restaurant" is part of the original text.


UnknownName = ??? Badge
UnknownDescFun0 = No description.
UnknownDescTech0 = This badge does not seem to have any purpose.

Default text for a Badge that would have no description or name. All of the Badges in the Beta do not meet this criteria, so this text goes unused.

ElectroName = Electro Badge
ElectroDescFun0 = Just holding it sends a tingling jolt through your body!
ElectroDescTech0 = Enemies who physically attack you also take shock damage themselves!

Text for the Electro Badge, which was already scrapped by this point in development and cannot be obtained in the Beta.

QueenName = Queen's Love Badge 
QueenDescFun0 = Full of love! So much love! Uhm... a bit too much love maybe.
QueenDescTech0 = Queen's Love

Text for the Queen's Love Badge, which is not obtainable in the Beta. Uses a placeholder description of the Badge's ability.

StatueFallName = Frozen Solid Badge
StatueFallFun0 = It's so cold!
StatueFallTech0 = Hold [button:jump] to do a ground pound!

Text for the Frozen Solid Badge, which isn't exactly unused but can never be seen normally. The Frozen Solid Badge doesn't show up anywhere in the Beta, but it can still be spawned with console commands.

RevivalName = Revival Candy
RevivalDesc0 = Restores 2 HP if you run out of health!

Text for an unused item in the Beta that was meant to revive you with two health if you died. The class file for this can be found in the Beta's coding, but has no code to its name.

WaterFlaskName = Water Flask
WaterFlaskDesc0 = You can now travel further in the desert!

This text can only be found in Beta Update 3. It's the item name and description of the normally unobtainable Water Flask item.

detectiveSet0 = You've found a [name]Magnifying Glass[/name]![br]Press [button:attack] to pick up clues!
detectiveSet1 = Press [button:ability] to look at evidence.

Text for picking up the magnifying glass weapon, which would've been used in Murder on the Science Express in Trainwreck of Science.

DetectiveHatName = Crime Solving Hat
DetectiveHatDesc0 = Time to solve crime! Watch out for this tiny detective!

Text for obtaining the detective outfit in Murder on the Science Express. This would later be used in the final game for the same purpose.

HolidayHatName = Holiday Hat
HolidayHatDesc0 = A seasoned touch!

Text for an unused hat cosmetic, which looks like Santa's hat. This hat would be repurposed as an Ice Hat flair in the final game.

TimmyHatName = Timmy's Hat
TimmyHatDesc0 = His pride and joy.

Timmy is not playable in the Beta, so this text never gets a chance to appear.

UnknownName = ??? Ability
UnknownDesc0 = No description.

Default text for abilities like the Hookshot in the Beta that have no name or description assigned. All abilities in the Beta do not meet this criteria, so this text goes unused.


Chapter1_Bonus_BalloonRace = Balloon Race

Text for the Balloon Race mission from the Alpha builds, meant to appear on the act select screen. This mission was already scrapped by the Beta builds.

Act_2_1 = Breaking the Ice
Act_2_3 = Toilet of Doom

Text for two Acts of Subcon Forest that are not playable in the Beta. Breaking the Ice was the early name for Contractual Obligations in the final game.

Location_SubconVillage = Subcon Village

Subcon Village is not in the Betas, so this location text goes unused.

Act_3_2 = Murder on the Science Express

The name for the second Act of Trainwreck of Science, which isn't playable in the Beta.

Location_ScienceExpress = The Science Express
Location_Moon = The Moon
Location_Club = The Club of 20 Grooves

Location text for areas in Trainwreck of Science. Although Hat Kid at least visits the Science Express during Train Rush, no location banner appears when entering the level.

Chapter4_Sand = Sand and Sails

Sand 'n Sails is not included in the Beta.

Chapter5_Finale = Time's End

This text was meant for the name of Chapter 5, the finale. It was used in the final game.

Location_Bookstore = Time's End

Although the bookstore the player can access at the end of the build is called Time's End Bookstore, no text in-game shows up to officially label it as such.


SleepWakeUp = Wake Up

Text leftover from the intro cutscene planned for the Alpha builds.


caught_struggle = Struggle

Used in the final game when the player gets caught in the net in Subcon Forest before making a deal with Snatcher. As that part of Subcon Forest isn't in the Beta builds, this text goes unused.


divejump0 = Look at this girl. Look at how small and incapable she is at platforming.
divejump1 = She doesn't look like she's with the mafia.
divejump2 = She probably doesn't even know she can crouch using [button]Right Trigger[/button] ([button]CTRL[/button]) in mid-air to do a dive move.
divejump3 = [scream]Hah![/scream][wait] She'll probably fall in the river.
river0 = Told you she'd fall in the river.
river1 = Looks like the little fool forgot she can do a dive in mid-air by pressing [button]Right Trigger[/button] ([button]CTRL[/button]).
river2 = Everyone saw it coming.

An unused localization file, leftover from the Prototype builds.


sketch2_generic = I see it in your eyes, you're a child up to no good in my book! If ye ain't, ya gotta prove it.
sketch3_generic = Gimme a sketch of how manly ye are! Show me ya an't no child!

Alternate text for the sketching segment of Train Rush, intended for when the player is playing as Timmy.

intro0=Ey! Ye bunch of peck necks! Show me them tickets or yer not getting on board!
intro1=Eck, alright get on board!
intro_pre0=Next station be coming up soon! If ye wanna get off then ye can get off then.

ringbell0 = Ey! It's yer again ye little troublemaker is it?
ringbell1 = We're about to stop at [name]Dead Bird's Station[/name], can ye go and ring the bell for me to let passengers know?
ringbell2 = Just ring it a few times so these maddy owls can't ignore it.
ringbell3 = Are ye deaf or something?
ringbell4 = We're about to stop at [name]Dead Bird's Station[/name], go ring the bell!

next_station0 = NEXT STOP, [name]DEAD BIRD'S STATION[/name]!

greg_intro0 = Oh it's you again. Whatcha want young lady?
greg_intro1 = Just keeping an eye out on this 'ere body.

greg_choice0 = Your name
greg_choice1 = Goodbye

greg_thread_name0 = Name's, err, Redd? Yeah, Redd. I look out for no-good punks here in the machine room.
greg_thread_name1 = Me siblings Greg and Walter are in the other wagons.

greg_thread_name_graffiti0 = EH?! What's that, some no-good punk wrote graffiti on MY train?
greg_thread_name_graffiti1 = Oh... this err, says I wrote it? Err... uhm... dang it Redd...
greg_thread_name_graffiti2 = I mean, could be anyone writing me name on that!

greg_thread_name_wrong0 = What's this? Alright it's fine yer showing me neat things but I ain't got no time!
greg_thread_name_cancel0 = Alright whatcha wanna talk about?

A large chunk of text made for Murder on the Science Express. The first bit of text here is for an unused cutscene of the Conductor talking to the Crow Agents before they board the train in the Act. The second bit of text is for the player when starting the level, presumably. The Conductor would ask the player to go ring the bell to make the train stop at Dead Bird's Station. The rest of the text is dedicated to an unused character called Greg, who was to be one of a few brothers that would appear in the Act. Greg was a conductor who wore green, and his siblings that he mentions, Walter and Redd, wore white and red clothes, respectively. The dialogue also refers to a piece of graffiti somewhere in the level, the graphic for which could be found in the earliest versions of the final game's Modding Tools before being removed.



An unused localization file for the Crow Agents, which contains no text at all aside from this category definition.


linecounter0=One Line!
linecounter1=One Line![br]Two lines!
option0=Option A
option1=Option B

mumbletest=Eekum I am a mafia blah blah bleh!

A test localization file, leftover from the Alpha builds.


jonas_outsidewall0=The outdoor wall posed an interesting dilemma as it would overlap the player at times. We fixed this by manually hiding it along with the window when the player would be in a certain position.
jonas_meet_queen0=Our biggest worry with the Queen encounter was that players would try to confront her. We quickly realised that no amount of effects would prevent the player from going head first.
jonas_meet_queen1=Instead we decided to punish Hat Kid by adding the scared animation. The player would then feel sorry for her, and try to rescue her.

An unused localization file for some kind of text-based developer commentary. This file made it into the final game, but with its contents wiped. Was present in the Alpha builds, as well.


sign0 = Left: Invisible mosquitoes[br]Right: Under accomplishment
sign1 = Left: Unappreciative Pets[br]Right: Always-Clogging Toilet
sign2 = Left: Loans and Dept[br]Right: Dead Marshmellows

rabbit = [shake]I used to be a rabbit.[br]At least... I think I did...[/shake]
toiletlock0 = [shake]We're spirits, we don't use the toilet. But the other forest creatures do, so we locked it up to prevent them from taking a chaotic visit to our town.[/shake]
toiletlock1 = [shake]Last time a Fire Spirit used the toilet, the whole town was set ablaze.[/shake]
captain0 = [shake]I came here on my ship, I'm a captain of the sea![/shake]
captain1 = [shake]Once my men return from town with supplies, we'll sail off again. It has taken them five thousand years to get back, but I'm sure they're just handling the supplies with extra care.[/shake]
villageintro0 = [shake]This is the Subcon Village. We're all lost souls, hiding in shame behind these masks.[/shake]
villageintro1 = [shake]Run away, Kid. I am planning an escape myself, as soon as-[/shake]
villageintro2 = [shake]I... really... like it... here...[/shake]
villageintro3 = [shake]Welcome to the greatest place in the world, The Subcon Village. It's great here...[/shake]

An unused localization file leftover from the Alpha and Prototype builds, meant for Subcon Village.


exit0 = Thank you!

freed_civ0 = You're free!
freed_civ1 = All clear!
freed_civ2 = Suckers!
decline_offer0 = You suck!
decline_offer1 = Bah!
decline_offer2 = Nu-uh!
hi_five0 = Yeah!!

An unused localization file meant for Hat Kid. Hat Kid never speaks in text in-game.


wakeup0 = Oh hello missus. You are up quite early aren't you?
wakeup1 = Would you like some tea?
tea0 = (stomach rumble)
tea1 = Oh my, hungry are we?
tea2 = If I had known you'd be awake I would've made the missus something to eat!
tea3 = You can probably find something in the fridge though.

An unused localization file leftover from the Alpha builds. The robot character that would speak this text was already scrapped by the Beta builds.


guard0 = Hey! Children not allowed on this ship!
guard1 = What you think you are doing? Get out!
guard2 = Ho ho! Little child in trouble.

Unused text for a scrapped scenario of Hat Kid getting caught on the cargo ship and getting booted off of it. An unused target point next to the cargo ship on the docks is where Hat Kid would be placed after getting caught.

scream0 = Eat dirt!
scream1 = Bow to Mafia!
scream2 = Ha ha!
scream3 = Take this! And this!
scream4 = Take this! And that!
scream5 = Feel the pain? Good!
scream6 = Mafia just help you build character!

Text for the Mafia bullies in Mafia Town. Although they do indeed speak all of these lines, none of is displayed in text in-game.

MuTower0 = Hey! Little girl! You suck!
MuTower1 = Come down here! We can throw you into river again! [wave]Ha ha ha[/wave]!
run_by0 = Hey! Watch where you going.

An unused section of the localization file, which has Mafia taunting Mustache Girl.

guard0 = Halt! Children not allowed in black market.
guard1 = Black market is Mafia exclusive!

tutorial0 = Welcome to the [name]Black Market[/name]! This is opportunity to get rare, exclusive items sto- I mean, brought here by Mafia!
tutorial1 = Rules are simple: The person with the most tickets win.[br]Mafia will yell ticket price, and one person can purchase tickets at that price.
tutorial2 = Try to get many tickets at low price! Item is sold when I feel it is time end. You lose all tickets when done.
tutorial3 = Good luck!

newprice_1 = Price is 1!
newprice_2 = Price is 2!
newprice_5 = Price is 5!
newprice_10 = Price is 10!
newprice_20 = Price is 20!
newprice_30 = Price is 30!
newprice_50 = Price is 50!
newprice_100 = Price is 100!
newprice_200 = Price is 200!
newprice_300 = Price is 300!
newprice_400 = Price is 400!
sold1 = And sold!

An unused section of the localization file leftover from Alpha Update 5. The text is for the unused auction house bidding minigame, the coding for which can still be found in the Beta builds, slightly updated from its appearance in Alpha Update 5!

hammer_beginleft = Begin with left!
hammer_beginright = Begin with right!

hammer_leftonly0 = Now left only!
hammer_leftonly1 = And left only!
hammer_leftonly2 = Okay left only!

hammer_rightonly0 = Now right only!
hammer_rightonly1 = And right only!
hammer_rightonly2 = Okay right only!

hammer_normal = Both Mafia hit!

fasthammer_left = Left super hit!!
fasthammer_right = Right super hit!!
fasthammer_both = Me super hit!!

fasthammer_hit0 = Yeah!
fasthammer_hit1 = Yes!
fasthammer_hit2 = Take that!
fasthammer_hit3 = Umpf!
fasthammer_hit4 = Blam!
fasthammer_hit5 = Slam!

Text for some unused/scrapped hammer minigame.

thanks_peace0 = Thank you, child. Without hot cocoa, Mafia would be cold.
thanks_peace1 = It is nice, yes? Nice that we no fight at night. We take moment to take care of eachother.
thanks_peace2 = I remember this, I no punch you and your family tomorrow.

not_always_mafia0 = Tonight is quiet night. Reminds Mafia of home.
not_always_mafia1 = Mafia not always mafia, you know. I once was normal man with normal job. But things happen, and Mafia down on his luck.
not_always_mafia2 = Mafia used to have hair, be shorter, wear hawaiian shirts. But now, Mafia look like everyone else.

headache0 = Thank you. Without cocoa, Mafia would freeze. It warms Mafia heart.
headache1 = Mafia have headache every morning, is why all Mafia angry. At night, headache go away.
headache2 = Mmmm, cocoa feels good, make Mafia head hurt less. When Mafia head hurt, Mafia get angry, attack people.

Text for the unused cocoa mission.

intro0 = Weren't us, bub. We ain't done nothin'.
intro1 = All we did was dump stuff into the water, boss orders. Said it cooled down the mountain.
intro2 = But now that we aren't allowed in there no mo', we can't dump our stuff.
beach1 = I tell you what, it's kinda nice here with the heat.
beach2 = It's too bad about the beach being covered in boiling lava though...
sign0 = Now that we no longer work for boss, we got new job now.
sign1 = We weather forecast. Today's weather: bad. Too warm. End of world? More at 11.
sign2 = People want news in one word. People no time for small talk.
sign3 = My bro running faulty business, he use two words. Too much.
kickbad0 = Kicking us outta business was a bad move child. This town needs a bully or everyone is too nice!
kickbad1 = Ya know what a nice town wouldda be? Boring. No spice in the pasta.
magic0 = This only water in town, and my magic illusion make it untouchable! What have I done!
magic2 = Who knew that my weakness would be my own abilities!
magic1 = [scream]NOOOOoooooo....[/scream]
chef0 = Volcano lava good source for cooking!

Text leftover from the Prototype version of Heating Up Mafia Town.


propellor_unlock0 = You got [name]the propellor upgrade[/name]![br]Press [button:attack] to spin to new heights!

Text leftover from Alpha Update 5. The propellor upgrade was already scrapped by this point and was most likely turned into the Hover Badge.

cutout0 = Hello, I am your handsome lover. What a pleasant surprise to run into you this fine evening.

Strange text for talking to a Mafia cutout...?


Item_Cost = Cost
Action_BuyItem = Buy Item
Action_LeaveShop = Leave Shop

This text can only be found in Beta Update 3. It's text for shops, which aren't present in the Betas. This would be used for shops in the final game.


MurderPlaceholder0 = You have just found out that someone on this train was murdered... and the murderer is in this room!
MurderPlaceholder1 = Time to scoop him out! Use your magnifying glass to color suspects.

MurdererSelect = Are you sure this is the murderer?
MurdererSelect_yes = Yes! Lock him up!
MurdererSelect_no = No...

An unused localization file, meant for Murder on the Science Express.


whatusee0 = Ask me, my child, what do my eyes gaze upon?
whatusee_opt0 = A girl in red?
whatusee_opt1 = A village of the dead?
whatusee_opt2 = A prize in a shed?
whatusee_opt3 = Nevermind!

An unused localization file leftover from previous builds. This text could be seen in Prototype footage.


float0 = Hey ehh, check this out. It's amazing, you're gonna love it.
float1 = And now I'm all da way over here.

jerk0 = Ey! Watch where you're steppin' lady!
jerk1 = This suit's worth a fortune! Tourists, I tell ya, all jerks.

dry0 = I can't enter the club with no wet suit. I've gotta get this mess cleaned up.

trip0 = The heck?!
trip1 = Hey! What's the big idea!
trip2 = You... you're after my suit?! The hell you're not, it's my cousin's!

win0 = Haha! I win!
failure0 = Where'd my suit go!

club_deny0 = You can't come in here! You're a tourist, and you ain't got no suit!
club_deny1 = Take your little dress somewhere else, cuz you ain't coming in here.
club_deny2 = I said get lost! No suit, no entry!

intro0 = Hey, kid! You gotta help a poor fellow out!
intro1 = I've been robbed! In broad moonlight! I can't believe it!
intro2 = You're an upstanding citizen, are you not? Then it's your job to help me!
intro3 = The Lazy Paw Gang stole my earnings, and I want them back! If you can get me all my earnings back, I'll give you a suit for free.

A bunch of unused text that gives insight into how the Moon worked at this point in development. All of the text except the Moon Stars dialogue had voice clips leftover in early versions of the final game's Modding Tools. The localization for Moon Stars proves that the original idea for the Act was that you had to retrieve all of the gold stars the Lazy Paw Gang were holding and return them to the generic penguin in exchange for his suit. This is how Hat Kid would've entered the Club of 20 Grooves originally.


murder_knife0 = The knife used in the stabbing. The angle indicates that it went straight in the back, without the victim suspecting a thing.
murder_knife1 = It looks like it could originate from the cafeteria, but it could also not be from this train at all. Better ask someone who knows.

reddgraffiti0 = Someone wrote that Redd was in this room.
reddgraffiti1 = Was it Redd himself? Likely, but difficult to prove.

security_camera_machineroom0 = A security camera is mounted on the wall, looking directly at the scene.
security_camera_machineroom1 = It should be possible to retrieve the footage of what happened during the murder.

furnace0 = The furnace is burning right besides the body.
furnace1 = A bold move of the killer to leave the knife in clear sight. He could have easily thrown it in the furnace.

suspect0 = !!!
suspect1 = You get a cold sensation that something is not right with what you just heard. Maybe it's time to look at the clues and talk with this person again.

Another unused localization file meant for Murder on the Science Express.

mustachegirl.int(sequences version)

rewrite0 = Have you ever tried using these to rewrite history?
rewrite1 = Have you ever tried using the pieces to rewrite history?
rewrite2 = You could use these to get rid of bad guys by rewriting history!
rewrite3 = Smash them into the ground... and rewrite history!

Text for what is most likely an early version of the cutscene that takes place after defeating Mafia Boss. In the Beta builds, this cutscene is omitted entirely.

discover0 = Mystery solved, she survived the fall.

Text presumably meant to be said by Mustache Girl while she's peaking around the corner to look at you at the start of Mafia Town.

tower_wrong0 = No no no, you're going about it all wrong!
tower_wrong_button = Press the button, then jump on the platform to get up here.
tower_wrong_jump = Your standard jump isn't going to cut it, you'll need to figure out a way to jump higher!

Text for an unused jump tutorial. Voiced lines for these can be found in the final game's Modding Tools.

thrown0 = Argh!
thrown1 = No don't throw meeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....!

Unused text that implicates the Mafia holding Mustache Girl during Barrel Battle would've chucked her away at some point. These lines would end up being voiced in 2017, but still ended up unused in the final game.

hifive0 = Yeah!!

A line for Mustache Girl when giving the player a high-five after Barrel Battle. A voice clip for it was found in the final game's Modding Tools.


Hookshot0 = You got the [name]HOOKSHOT UPGRADE[/name]![br]Press [button]Right Mouse Button[/button] near a hook point to swing!
pogo0 = You got the [name]POGO UPGRADE[/name]![br]Press [button]Right Mouse Button[/button] in the air to ground pound!
pogo1= Keep holding [button]Right Mouse Button[/button] to bounce around and avoid harmful stuff on the floor!

An unused localization file, leftover from the Prototypes.


intruder2=We have no other choice! We gotta stop her before it's too late!!

ringbell0 = W[wait]-will you p[wait]-please keep that noise d[wait]-down!! We're d[wait]-doing science in here!!

murdertest0 = This is the intro sentence
murdertest1 = This is a follow-up sentence.
murdertest2 = This is a question?

An unused localization file meant for the Science Owls in Trainwreck of Science. Although Hat Kid encounters some in Train Rush, none of them say anything. There's some placeholder text meant for Murder on the Science Express, as well.


reveal0 = OH. MY. GOD. I'm totally busted! How EMBARRASING!
reveal1 = Wanna hear a story? When I was in kindergarten, I knew a girl who looked just like you...
reveal2 = And whenever I would talk to her, she would yell...
reveal3 = [big][scream]THE MURDERER'S IN HERE!![/scream][/big]

An unused localization file for a creature that was meant to be the true murderer of Murder on the Science Express. This file found its way into the final game for a while before being removed.


intro0 = [shake]Oh look! A pig in a blanket, all trapped and ready to be eaten![br][wave]Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha![/wave][/shake]
intro1 = [shake]Tell you what, you want one of these?[/shake]
intro2 = [shake]We've got a bit of a, uh, game going on in the forest. You see, my friends and I are playing capture the flag, and I need some help capturing some flags![/shake]
intro_q = [shake]There's a small village not far from here, and if you manage to capture the outhouse near it, I'll let you keep the [name]Time Piece[/name]! How about it, sport?[/shake]
intro_yes = Deal! 
intro_no = No deal! 
intro_yes0 = [shake][scream]That's the spirit![/scream] And if you had said no, you wouldn't have had any spirit at all! [wave]HA HA HA![/wave][/shake]
intro_no0 = [shake][wave]HA HA HA![/wave] I like your spirit, and you're lucky I'm letting you go with yours untouched.[/shake]
intro_no1 = [shake]But hey! If you randomly stumble upon a small village, you have my permission to give it your all to get rid of its outhouse. Toilets are yucky![/shake]
intro_final0 = [shake]Good luck trooper. Oh, and if you see any paintings around here, bring them to me, deep in the forest. I'll take "care" of them![/shake]

An unused section of the localization file, likely intended for getting caught in one of Snatcher's spiky traps in the forest. He also mentions bringing paintings to him, something that was relegated to the Fire Spirits in the final game.


intro0 = Ey there, kid!
intro1 = Ha ha, Berry, yer gonna ask a kid to pick up yer tab?
intro2 = Lookie here kid, we're miserable old farts, just havin' a good time. Nuthin much going on when yer a [name]Forest Dweller[/name], yer know?
intro3 = We drink lot, sure, butis nothin' bad when compared to other dwellers. Dere miserable, but we're just havin' a good time.
intro4 = After aboot 100 years, our keg is boot to run dry. Can yer look 'round forest and turn on the valves that fill our keg? I coulda use another drink, is all I'm asking for.
intro5 = Go on then, have a look, we'll make it worth yer time, right boys?
intro6 = [scream]Aye![/scream]

ask0 = Ey kid! Bring us a drink, will yer?
ask1 = Just turn the valves aboot the forest, it'll fill the keg!

fill_A_1 = She did it! 'Nother round, boys!
fill_A_2 = Tell yer what Larry, what's goin' on with the wife 'n kids 'n that?
fill_A_3 = They miss me, Berry, they miss me good. But I'll be headin' back home once me belly is full!
fill_A_4 = Haha! Larry you son of a gun, yer know we don't even have bellies!
fill_A_5 = Say Larry, aren't yer family dwellers as well?
fill_A_6 = Aye, just as miserable as I!

fill_B_1 = 'Nother drink!
fill_B_2 = [scream]Cheers![/scream]
fill_B_3 = Berry! Did yer see? What happened to Terry?
fill_B_4 = He must've finally gotten drunk after 100 years!
fill_B_5 = Hah! That's Terry alright. But now that ol' Terry's gone, who's gonna take care of his dog?
fill_B_6 = Don't be silly Larry, his dog has been fine on its own for over 100 years.
fill_B_7 = C'mon then, bottoms up! Yer know I have to go when me belly is full!

fill_C_1 = Look at that, 'nother drink for the two of us!
fill_C_2 = [scream]Bottoms up![/scream]
fill_C_3 = Terry! Guess it's just old me left.
fill_C_4 = Ha ha... it feels weird not havin' the boys aboot. Silly people may think I have a problem, just drinkin' 'ere by meself!
fill_C_5 = Ah well, [scream]bottom up boys![/scream]
fill_C_6 = Oh. Right.
fill_C_7 = I 'ave to get goin' when me belly is full anyways.

fill_D_1 = Dere comes 'nother drink.
fill_D_2 = ...
fill_D_3 = Just need 'nother drink. Me belly isn't full yet. I'm not like the boys, I can handle a drink!
fill_D_4 = [scream]Cheers, yer old fart![/scream]

An unused localization file for what seems to be a scrapped/unused Act for Subcon Forest! It appears that in one mission for the level, Hat Kid was going to go around the forest and find valves to turn to give the drunkard spirits beer to drink. Nothing like this is in the final game at all.


intro0 = Oh no, this is terrible! The volcano this city is built on has suddenly erupted!
intro1 = I bet it has something to do with the Mafia of Cooks' headquarter applying pressure to the water stream for so many years.
intro2 = It sounds more likely that all the dumping has caused this mess.
intro3 = Hat Kid, do you see the cracks that have spawned around the city?
intro4 = If we [hint]close them up[/hint], we could probably apply enough pressure to reverse the effect and get water flowing again!
boiling1 = Watch out for the water, it's boiling hot!

rainbow0_thor = ... I guess you can use them, but I haven't tested them in a while. it, err, might be dangerous.
rainbow1_mu = Sweet! Don't worry Thor, we're tough as nails, right [name]Hat Kid[/name]?
rainbow2_thor = In that case, I'll open them up all over Mafia Town. You can use them for transportation.
rainbow3_mu = One of them leads up to the Mafia HQ, right?
rainbow4_thor = That's right! The one over here will launch you directly up there.
rainbow5_thor = But be careful, the Mafia aren't too fond of guests. They'll probably try to attack you once you get inside.
rainbow6_mu = Not a problem, let's go!

Unused text leftover from the Prototype version of Heating Up Mafia Town, along with seems to be text for the scrapped rainbow roads idea for reaching Mafia HQ! It seems, though, that none of the text references the rainbow roads anymore, and is more than likely referring to the cannons around Mafia Town.


capture0 = Ha ha ha! Oh my what's this I've found? An umbrella?
capture1 = This thing is so weird! How does it work I wonder?
capture2 = And look how far up we are! Everything is so tiny up here! It's so funny!
capture3 = [wave]Hahahahaha!![/wave]
capture4 = .[waitlong].[waitlong].
capture5 = Oh... I feel like I've dropped something...
capture6 = [scream]Hah![/scream][wait] Got it!
capture7 = Hey, kid with the hat! Let's play a game!
capture8 = [hint]Catch me[/hint] and I'll give back your umbrella!

An unused localization file leftover from the Cosmo Prototype, containing the dialogue spoken by Tim the Time Lord.


race0 = Wanna race me? My record is [x] by [y]!
race1 = No current record set!
race_yes = Yes
race_no = No
race_record = [Record]
race_record_cosmo = [Record Cosmo]

An unused localization file leftover from the ghost racing feature in the Cosmo Prototype.

tutorial.int(sequence version)

welcome0 = Welcome to [hint]A Hat in Time prototype[/hint]! This game is a collect-a-thon platformer, which means we've left [hint]goodies[/hint] all over the level!
welcome1 = ... so basically we made a game for Becky. Yay!
welcome2 = [hint]Explore[/hint] a little! [hint]Talk[/hint] to people! ...Or breeze through it if you're impatient!

An unused localization file leftover from the Prototypes.


This localization file can only be found in Beta Update 3.

intro0 = Well, hello there small formal child. You seemed to have stumbled upon a very [scream][shake]SPECIAL EVENT[/shake][/scream]. Such an event very few see... and even fewer speak about.
intro1 = But you are not like the others. You hold a very... special quality. It is very clear to us that you are the one to assist us in our mission.
intro2 = A short time ago, [scream][shake]FILTHY CRIMINALS[/shake][/scream] invaded our placid woods.[br]They were [scream][shake]UNCLEAN[/shake][/scream] and we wished to absolve them through [scream][shake]PURIFICATION BY FIRE[/shake][/scream].
intro3 = But the forest did not welcome these [scream][shake]DISGUSTING CREATURES[/shake][/scream] and cursed them. They were imprisoned within portraits throughout the area. Someone of such great powers of observation such as yourself would surely have no problem [scream][shake]HUNTING DOWN[/shake][/scream] these portraits for us.
intro4 = Of course rewards would be in order for your hard work. And we know [scream][shake]JUST WHAT YOU DESIRE[/shake][/scream].
intro5 = Bring us the [scream][shake]UNCLEAN MORTALS[/shake][/scream] within the portraits and you shall be rewarded. Now please hurry. The fire waits.

tiny0 =  Oh, hello. You are the formal child I saw speaking to the other spirits at the great bonfire, right? They have asked you to bring them those cursed portraits, haven't they? *sigh*
tiny1 =  Don't you know? The more you corrupt the bonfire with those poor souls, the more corrupted my siblings become and therefore... the more souls they crave.
tiny2 =  I've fled their company and started my own flame here. It may not be the brightest, nor the warmest, but it is free of sacrifices.
tiny3 = Please come visit me again sometime, I think my bonfire can do good to the world. Oh, and please don't tell my siblings where I am. I worry their wrath might be the end of me.

An unused localization file for the Fire Spirits, who do not appear in Subcon Caves and Vanessa's Manor in the Beta. Compared to their personality and way of speaking in the final game, it's borderline night and day. They appear to have been more formal and would exaggerate certain words in their dialogue. They're far more serious here compared to the final game. The dialogue for the supposed small Fire Spirit was apparently meant to have been inside a metal pipe structure according to concept art. That pipe structure is still in the level in the final game, but has been filled with purple swamp water.


This localization file can only be found in Beta Update 3.

Intro0 = Hello there! If you're looking to travel across the desert, then this is the right place.
Intro1 = We sell water flasks, one per customer! With it, you will be able to reach some of the nearby islands.

NoSell0 = Seems like you've already got a flask, we can't sell you any more!
NoSell1 = Sorry! Them's the rules. Water flasks are sparse and we have to limit sales to one per customer.
NoSell2 = If you're looking to travel, try asking some of the other villagers, I'm sure they'll teach you the ropes!

An unused localization file for the inhabitants of the Great Desert in Sand 'n Sails, the Sunburnt. Compared to their leftover text in the final game, they don't end each of their conversations with "Tell your friends!", implying that the tourism plot of the characters hadn't been thought of yet.

Unused Animations

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Unused Cinematics

Several unused cinematics can be found using the console. There are four unused cinematics in Mafia Town (both normal and rain variants), named cine1, cine2, cine3, and cine4. There is also one unused cinematic in Mafia HQ titled rs. The description for this is "Rhythm Segment" implying there would have been a rhythm game battle against one of the Mafia chefs. The cinematic doesn't do much though, and never ends.

Inaccessible Areas

Spaceship Hub

While much more complete than its Alpha counterpart, the Beta Spaceship Hub is still unfinished; all areas that can't be accessed normally through gameplay are very clearly a work in progress.

  • The domed slide room has seen virtually no changes since the Alpha, besides getting a different set of placeholder textures.
  • Behind the 30 timepiece door is a pod machine floating in an empty void, complete with steering wheel and colorful buttons. Also visible in this area is what appears to be an elevator mechanism beneath the Mafia Town hub room's oven. This is leftover from one of the ideas Gears For Breakfast had for selecting a level to play. One idea was that after selecting a level, Hat Kid would jump into a tube or pod like this one, and go rocketing to the planet.

Mafia Town

Mafia HQ

  • Mafia HQ has a secret underground poker room that's inaccessible in normal gameplay. In this same area is a second room with an inoperable door. This room would later be accessible in the final game.

Secret Island

  • Hidden on the same island as in the Alpha build is a tent with a blackboard inside of it, complete with the writing of a slightly miffed level designer. Within this same tent is a chest that contains a single measly Pon.

AHatIntime leave(Beta).png

  • An absurdly large Pon, floating on top of a coconut tree. It emits the same sparkling noise hourglasses make, and when collected adds one orb to your counter.
  • On the opposite side of the island is what appears to be a cinderblock...that on closer inspection, is a gravestone that uses a basic alphabet cipher to obfuscate the text. When translated, the headstone reads:



Mafia Town

  • A strange flying object found in the skybox of Mafia Town. The object is titled "flyinghouse" in its filename. The player is instantly killed upon approaching it due to it being outside the world boundaries.
  • The object shows up on the Day, Night, and both Modular versions of the Mafia Town map.

UE Viewer

  • The strange object in a model viewer. It appears to be vaguely similar to Glitzville from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Inaccessible Time Piece

A Time Piece, called "beachrace" or "Balloon Race in Mafia Town", is leftover from the Alpha builds.

Early Water Flask System

In the final update to the Beta builds, an early version of the Water Flask HUD for Sand 'n Sails was implemented! This is the only known public build of the game to feature this iteration of the Water Flask system. By using a hex editor and a memory editor, one can trick the game into thinking that the current level being played should be using Water Flasks, which will bring up a meter HUD that uses the unused cocoa textures as placeholder. For each Water Flask Hat Kid has, it displays an additional part of the meter. Since there are no Deadly Heat Safe Volumes placed in the level, the meter will slowly drain unless Hat Kid is in a body of water. If it drains all the way, Hat Kid will begin taking damage. Entering water refills the meter. All of these mechanics can be found leftover in the earliest versions of the final game and the Modding Tools, although the water does not drain nearly as fast as it does here in Beta Update 3.

A short GIF Jonas posted on his Tumblr account a couple weeks after Beta Update 3 released shows this same HUD with the cocoa textures in use, but they pulsate when Hat Kid is outside a safe zone; something that wasn't implemented yet in Beta Update 3.

Revisional Differences

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On the Beta's release, Act 5 of Mafia Town was titled "The Impossible Race?". After Gears for Breakfast repeatedly received inquiries asking whether or not the various ways of cheating the race were intentional, the act's title was changed to "Cheating the Race".

In Beta Update 3, the Mad Crow enemies do not jump anymore.

In the original Beta release, Hat Kid could climb ladders while holding an item. This was fixed by Beta Update 2.