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Proto:A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Beta/Differences to the Final Game

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This is a sub-page of Proto:A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Beta.


AHatIntime Science Room Crate Diffuse(Beta).png
Texture Differences
Owl you need is science!
AHatIntime harbour thors house(BetaModel).png
Model Differences
Windows, walls, and wood. Oh, and the entire planet, too.

Gameplay Differences

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Animation Differences

Hat Kid

All of Hat Kid's animations from Alpha Update 5 are still present here with no changes except for the hover animation, which was mostly placeholder in Alpha 5 and looks much more like the final's in the first Beta build. By Beta Update 3, however, it would match the final's in every way except animation speed. There were also several animations added in-between the Alpha and Beta builds, and a small handful are a bit different from what players eventually saw in the Speedrun builds over two years later.


Beta Final
AHatIntime (Beta) HatKid Walk.gif AHatIntime HatKid Walk.gif

Hat Kid got a bit prouder when walking in the final game, with her entire body movement being much more pronounced than the Beta's, especially with her arms.


Beta Final
AHatIntime (Beta) HatKid sprint.gif AHatIntime HatKid sprint.gif

A lot more vertical movement was added to the sprinting animation for the final version, Hat Kid leans a bit more forward, and the motion of her arms is slightly different. Curiously, even though this animation was clearly changed, it still remains in the exact same spot it was in for the internal animation list in the Beta builds. Usually, when an animation is changed and re-imported, it's moved to the end of the animation list, but not this time. This is the second of two known animations that somehow had this happen, the other being the intro cutscene animation from the Prototype builds.

Landing Recoil

Beta Final
AHatIntime (Beta) HatKid LandRecoil.gif AHatIntime HatKid LandRecoil.gif

The landing recoil animation from a still jump is just a static pose animation in the Beta builds that is blended with other animations in-game. The final gives it a lot more life and fluidity.

Level Intro (Backwards)

Beta Final
AHatIntime (Beta) HatKid Level Intro Back.gif AHatIntime HatKid Level Intro Back.gif

(Click each to play) The backwards level intro animation was actually changed slightly for the final game, although it's very difficult to notice in-game. Hat Kid leans further back as she falls in the Beta version, and is more upright in the final. Why this needed to be changed is anyone's guess.

Mustache Girl

All of Mustache Girl's animations from the Alpha builds are the exact same in the Beta builds. She also gained a few new animations, as well.

Idle Taunts

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatInTime MuGirl IdleOld.gif AHatIntime MustacheGirl Victory.gif

Mustache Girl actually has two idle taunts that she can do starting in the Beta builds... But the animations for them are identical to her normal idle animation, so while they may be seen in-game, it's impossible to notice them in-game. The final would give Mustache Girl one unique idle taunt, and another that is identical to one of Hat Kid's, being the jumping fist pump.

Science Owls

Laser Fire Animation

Beta Final (Modding Tools)
AHatIntime (Beta) ScienceOwl LaserFire.gif AHatInTime Owls LaserFire(Broken).gif

The Science Owl enemies that were scrapped in the final game have the ability to fire lasers at the player in Train Rush in these builds, in which they use a unique animation while doing so that is absent from the final game's files. It could be found in the Modding Tools early on in a very broken state before being removed, however.

Audio Differences


Beta Final

The Beta's versions sound more space-y than the final's. The second jingle got a fairly large overhaul, but is still overall the same jingle. Note that in the first comparison, the final's version is unused.

Grass Footstep Sounds

Pre-Speedrun Final

The sound effects for walking on grass were slightly adjusted for the final game.

Double Jump Sound Effect

Pre-Speedrun Final

One of the sound effects for double jumping was made slightly louder in the final game.

Enemy Explosion Sound Effect

Alpha/Beta Final

Very minor, almost unnoticeable tweaks were made to the sound that plays when an enemy is defeated in the final game.

Menu Cursor Sound Effect

Pre-Speedrun Final

The sound effect for selecting an item on a menu was lowered in pitch to be more comfortable on the ears.

Vault Unlock Sound

Beta Final

The noise for unlocking a vault in Mafia Town was amplified a bit for the final game.

Rocket Vehicle Fuse

The looping firework noise, used while riding a rocket. It was completely deleted before the final game. Note that rockets can only be ridden in the Beta builds prior to Beta Update 3, and that rockets are not normally used in the Beta builds.

Springboard Sounds

Beta Final

The wood springboards seen in some levels of the game once had their own unique bounce sound effects, as other springs in the game used different sounds. In the final game, they now share their sounds with a few other spring Actors and no longer have the unique sound design that fits their model's design.

Hookshot Sounds

Beta Final

The 'clang' sound when hooking onto a hook point sound almost the same, but the chain looping sound is much higher-pitched in the Beta builds.

Hat Kid Punching Sound

Alpha/Beta Final

The sound effect used when punching something as Hat Kid is very slightly different between prerelease builds and the final game. The final's adds a dull, low moan noise in the background, and is also slightly shorter in length compared to the early version.

Hit Sound Effect

Pre-Speedrun Final

Extremely minor differences. The early version is slightly louder than the final's.

Damage Sounds

Alpha/Beta Final
Alpha/Beta Final

The first sound is played at a slightly lower pitch in the final game, and is a bit quieter, too. The slap sound is louder and slightly lower pitch than the final's.

Jump-dive Tech Sound

Beta Final

The final version of the sound effect used when doing a perfect dive jump on the ground is a bit higher-pitched in the final, as well as having an additional effect at the end of the sound.

Press Start Sound

Beta Final

The Beta's version is lower and echoes for much longer than the final's.

Umbrella Cutscene Landing Sound

Beta Final

The sound effect used when the umbrella lands in the Mafia Town Act 1 intro cinematic was changed in the final to add a bit more detail noises to the actual landing part of the sound.

Mafia Boss Pre-Battle Lines

Beta Final

Mafia Boss's lines right before the boss fight with him starts were completely re-written and re-voiced for the final game. The lines are generally the same, but the Beta's have Mafia Boss implying that he's already familiar with Time Pieces, and that he hasn't seen them "in over 100 years". The final's lines omit this lore entirely. These lines were not replaced in time for the initial releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Music Differences

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Mafia Town Music

Track Alpha Update 5/Beta Final
Mafia Town Main Theme
Mafia Town Beach Theme
Mafia Town Underwater Theme

The music for Mafia Town is slightly different compared to the final game. To an untrained ear, comparing the audio in a music program can easily display the differences, which are mostly in percussion and reverb.

Queen Vanessa's Manor Music

Track Alpha/Beta Final
Manor Cellar
Manor Quiet
Manor Attic

The Alpha and Beta builds use early versions of a few music tracks for Vanessa's manor, although the differences are only extremely minor percussion, reverb, and volume adjustments.

Train Rush Music

Beta Final

There are minor percussion and reverb differences between the main music of Train Rush, but the Beta's version also lasts for much, much longer than the final's version, for some reason. The Beta version lasts for almost 8 minutes, while the final's lasts for just under 3 minutes.

New Adventure Music

Beta Final

The two tracks are identical in composition until the end, where some slight differences are noticeable. The final's also goes on for a bit longer.

Post-Barrel Battle Cutscene Music

Beta Final

Slight changes in percussion and reverb.

Mafia HQ Main Theme

Beta Final

Same as above, really. Just some slight changes in percussion and reverb.

Title Screen Music

Beta Final

The title screen theme is completely different. The Beta theme can still be found leftover in the final game's Modding Tools.

Localization Differences

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