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Proto:A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Beta/Differences to the Final Game/Texture Differences

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This is a sub-page of Proto:A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Beta/Differences to the Final Game.


AHatIntime Item Act Complete(Beta).png
HUD Graphics
Sorta like the final game, but not really.
AHatIntime clock vault(Beta).png
Spaceship Hub Graphics
Red orbs are green orbs?!
AHatIntime sign questionmark(Beta).png
Mafia Town Graphics
All light bulbs begin life as pure confusion.
AHatIntime myprince(Beta).png
Subcon Forest Graphics
A few more cleanups before the final game.

Trainwreck of Science Graphics

Cafe Crate

Beta Final
AHatIntime cafe crate(Beta).png AHatIntime cafe crate(Final).png

The design of the wooden crates differs a little from the final game.

Coal Burner Door

Beta Final
AHatIntime coal burner door(Beta).png AHatIntime coal burner door(Final).png

Significantly more detail was added for the final game.

Trainwreck of Science Machine

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime machine 01(Alpha).png AHatIntime machine 01(Final).png

The final's version adds a lot of extra detail, although the design remains generally the same.

Trainwreck of Science Machine 2

Beta Final
AHatIntime machine 02 bulb(Beta).png AHatIntime machine 02 bulb(Final).png

Same as above.

Science Owl Crate

Beta Final
AHatIntime Science Room Crate Diffuse(Beta).png AHatIntime Science Room Crate Diffuse(Final).png

Due to the Chapter being completely changed in terms of theme and plot, and the Science Owls being scrapped from the final game, the cool-looking Science Owl crate was completely changed into a standard wood crate that contains coal.

Sand 'n Sails Skull Textures

Beta Final
AHatIntime skull(BetaTexture).png
AHatIntime skull normal(Beta).png
AHatIntime skull spec(Beta).png
AHatIntime skull(FinalTexture).png
AHatIntime skull normal(Final).png
AHatIntime skull spec(Final).png

The textures for the small skull decoration had their resolutions sliced in half for the final game.

General and Character Textures

Footstep Texture

Prerelease Final
AHatIntime footstep(Proto).png AHatIntime footstep(Final).png

The texture for a player's footprint was made brown for the final game.

Angle Gradient Texture

AHatIntime angle gradient(Beta).png
A unique gradient texture in a circular formation, exclusive to the Beta builds.

Badge Seller Design

Beta/Initial Console Final
AHatIntime Badge-Salesman-Color-Map(Beta).png AHatIntime Badge-Salesman-Color-Map(Final).png

The Badge Seller appears in the Beta builds by the fountain in the market area of Mafia Town after clearing the Chapter, but he does not speak or interact with you at all. His model is the same as the final game, but his texture is quite under-detailed compared to the final game's version of him.

Tourist Textures

Beta Final
AHatIntime Tourist color 2048px(Beta).png
AHatIntime Face color 2048px(Beta).png
AHatIntime Tourist color 2048px(Final).png
AHatIntime Face color 2048px(Final).png

The resolution for the Tourist's textures were drastically reduced for the final game.

Mad Crow Texture

Beta Final
AHatIntime madcrow d(Beta).png AHatIntime madcrow d(Final).png

The texture used for the Mad Crow enemy's body had its resolution cut in half.

Light Plant Head Design

Prerelease Final (Modding Tools)
AHatIntime light plant head(Proto).png AHatIntime light plant head.png

The scrapped Light Plant enemies seen in all prerelease builds (except the Speedrun builds) had a taller stem and had white heads instead of purple ones. The older head design also does not depict them with tongues.

Toilet of Doom Wood

Beta Final
AHatIntime toilet wood(Beta).png AHatIntime toilet wood(Final).png

The wood texture used on the older version of the Toilet of Doom once had completely differently-stylized texture for it, which is more reminiscent of the game's art style earlier in development. The final game's, which is used for other things besides the unused older Toilet of Doom, gained a completely new texture boasting far more detail and a lower resolution.

Mafia Body Texture

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime mafia body texture(Proto).png AHatIntime mafia body texture(Final).png

Each Mafia in builds prior to the Speedrun builds had a body texture that was 4K in resolution. This was reduced in the Speedrun builds and final game down to 1024x1024.

Mafia Apron Textures

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime mafia apron tex(Proto).png AHatIntime mafia apron tex(Final).png

The texture on one of the aprons on the Mafia before the final game was also 4K in resolution.

Mafia Bowler Hat

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime bowlerhat(Alpha).png AHatIntime bowlerhat(Final).png

One of the Mafia's hats that they sometimes wear had its texture resolution chopped in half twice for the final game.

Collectible Camera Texture

Beta Final
AHatIntime Camera 2048px(Beta).png AHatIntime Camera 2048px(Final).png

Another resolution drop, this time for the Camera's collectible model! Wanna guess by how much?

Pon Capsule Normal Map

Beta Final
AHatIntime capsule normal(BetaTexture).png AHatIntime capsule normal(FinalTexture).png

The normal map used on the capsules for each Pon was changed for the final game.

Time Piece Wood Texture

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime hourglass wood(Proto).png AHatIntime hourglass wood(Final).png

The texture for the wood on the Time Pieces was originally 4K prior to the final game.

Mustache Girl Textures

Prerelease Final
AHatIntime mustachegirl facial idle exp(Proto).png
AHatIntime mustachegirl facial idle white(Proto).png
AHatIntime mustachegirl facial idle lashes(Proto).png
AHatIntime mustachegirl facial idle exp(Final).png
AHatIntime mustachegirl facial idle white(Final).png
AHatIntime mustachegirl facial idle lashes(Final).png

Mustache Girl's idle face and eyes were redrawn slightly for the final game, and the masking texture was adjusted as well.

Umbrella Texture

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime Umbrella(Texture)(Proto).png AHatIntime Umbrella(Texture)(Final).png

An extremely minor change to the texture was made for the final game. The top-left part of the UV map had a slight adjustment. The textures are otherwise identical.

Witch Hat Texture

Alpha/Beta Final (Unused)
AHatIntime witch hat diffuse(Alpha).png AHatIntime witch hat diffuse.png
AHatIntime witch hat normal.png

The Witch hat gained a normal map after the Beta builds, and its texture was changed to allow for dye changes, something that wasn't implemented in builds prior to the Speedrun builds.

Hat Kid's Eyes

Beta Final
AHatIntime hatkid smarteyes(Beta).png AHatIntime hatkid smarteyes(Final).png

The details in Hat Kid's eyes were adjusted a fair amount for the final game, with the final's having more tints of blue and an inner blue ring inside the pupils.

Hat Kid Shadow Map

Beta Final
AHatIntime HatKid ShadowMap(Beta).png AHatIntime HatKid ShadowMap(Final).png

The shadow map texture used by Hat Kid was cut in half twice in resolution for the final game.