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Proto:A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Beta/Differences to the Final Game/Texture Differences

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This is a sub-page of Proto:A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Beta/Differences to the Final Game.


HUD Graphics

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Document stuff.

Pon HUD Counter Icon

Beta Final
AHatIntime EnergyBit(HUDIconBeta).png AHatIntime EnergyBit(HUDIconFinal).png

Although both icons are green, the final version adds an extraordinary amount of detail, with a diamond in the center, the orb being two colors instead of fully green, and a much higher resolution to boot.

Time Piece HUD Counter Icon

Beta Final
AHatIntime collectible timepiece(Beta).png AHatIntime collectible timepiece(Final).png

The HUD icon used to show how many Time Pieces the player has was given a completely new icon in the final game, with a much higher resolution to boot.

Act Select HUD

Beta Final
AHatIntime Item Act(Beta).png AHatIntime Item Act(Original).png
AHatIntime Item Act Complete(Beta).png AHatIntime Item Act Complete(Original).png
AHatIntime Item Boss(Beta).png AHatIntime Item Boss(Original).png
AHatIntime Item Boss Complete(Beta).png AHatIntime Item Boss Complete(Original).png
AHatIntime Item Bonus(Beta).png AHatIntime Item Bonus(Original).png
AHatIntime Item FreeRoam(Beta).png AHatIntime Item FreeRoam(Original).png

The Act Select HUD in the Beta builds is radically different to the final game, with completely different icons and a lack of any kind of unique graphics for a finale Act and completed Time Rifts.

Overview Polaroids

Beta Final
AHatIntime Overview polaroid hud(Beta).png AHatIntime overview polaroid hud(Final).png
AHatIntime Overview polaroid 1 1(Beta).png AHatIntime overview polaroid 1 1(Final).png
AHatIntime Overview polaroid 3 1(Beta).png AHatIntime overview polaroid 3 1(Final).png
AHatIntime Overview polaroid 2 1(Beta).png AHatIntime overview polaroid 2 1(Final).png

The level overview polaroids for the hub and the first three Chapters were updated for the final game to match their current appearances.


Texture Alpha Beta Final (Modding Tools)
Owl's Brew Badge HUD Icon AHatIntime powerpin chemical(Alpha).png
AHatIntime badge chemical 2(Alpha).png
AHatIntime itemicon badge chemical(Beta).png AHatInTime badge chemical.png
Owl's Brew Badge Model Texture AHatIntime badge chemical(Alpha).png AHatIntime badge chemical(Beta).png AHatIntime badge chemical(New).png
Queen's Love Badge HUD Icon - - AHatInTime badge timestop.png
Queen's Love Badge Model Texture AHatIntime badge queen(Alpha).png - AHatIntime badge queen(New).png
Snatcher's Realm Badge HUD Icon AHatInTime powerpin snatcher.png AHatInTime itemicon badge snatcher.png Both
Snatcher's Realm Badge Model Texture AHatIntime badge snatcher(Object).png
AHatIntime badge snatcher emessive(Object).png
Same Same

Three scrapped Badges, the Owl's Brew Badge, the Queen's Love Badge, and the Snatcher's Realm Badge all went through several different graphical incarnations across development.

Speech Bubbles

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatInTime speechbubble.png AHatIntime speech bubble regular(Final).png
AHatInTime speechbubble scream tex.png AHatIntime speech bubble scream(Final).png
AHatInTime speechbubble gloom.png AHatIntime speech bubble gloom(Final).png
AHatInTime speechbubble formal tex.png AHatIntime speech bubble ui(Final).png
AHatIntime smalltalk tex(Proto).png AHatIntime smalltalk regular(Final).png
AHatInTime smalltalk gloom.png AHatIntime smalltalk gloom(Final).png
AHatIntime smalltalk scream tex(Proto).png AHatIntime smalltalk scream(Final).png
AHatInTime question01.png AHatIntime speech bubble question(Final).png

Much like the previous builds, the UI speech bubbles use older designs that were replaced for the Speedrun builds and final game. The older designs can still be found in the final game's Modding Tools, although it should be noted that the small bubbles for normal talking and screaming are smaller resolution in the final game's Modding Tools compared to the versions found in the older builds.

Settings Menu Option Boxes

AHatIntime GameSettings Box 1 Items(Beta).png
AHatIntime GameSettings Box 2 items(Beta).png
AHatIntime GameSettings Box 3 Items(Beta).png
AHatIntime GameSettings Box 4 Items(Beta).png
AHatIntime GameSettings Box 5 Items(Beta).png
AHatIntime GraphicsSettings Box 1 Items(Beta).png
AHatIntime GraphicsSettings Box 2 items(Beta).png
AHatIntime GraphicsSettings Box 3 Items(Beta).png
AHatIntime GraphicsSettings Box 4 Items(Beta).png
AHatIntime GraphicsSettings Box 5 Items(Beta).png
AHatIntime GraphicsSettings Box 6 Items(Beta).png
AHatIntime GraphicsSettings Box 7 Items(Beta).png
AHatIntime GraphicsSettings Box 9 Items(Beta).png
AHatIntime InputSettings Box 2 items(Beta).png
AHatIntime InputSettings Box 3 items(Beta).png
AHatIntime AudioSettings Box 5 Items(Beta).png
A whole bunch of differently-sized menu boxes for the options menus. In the final, the boxes dynamically stretch to the amount of options in a given section of the menus instead of using unique graphics for each section.

Impact Circle Graphic

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime impact circle(Proto).png AHatIntime impact circle(Final).png

The resolution for a graphic used for an effect that plays when bonking into things or smacking something that cannot be broken was cut in half for the final game, as well as the red color being made more solid around the outer edges of the ring.

Thank You Message

Beta Final (Unused)
AHatIntime thankyou alpha(Beta).png
AHatIntime thankyou alpha.png

A message that thanks the player is present in the builds, and a similar texture also exists in the final game, unused.

Beta Build Watermark Texture

AHatIntime alphabuild watermark(Beta).png

The watermark graphic used on the bottom of the screen 90% of the time during gameplay in the Beta builds.

Level Object Graphics

Spaceship Monitors And Power Panels

Beta Final
AHatIntime monitor intro hourglasses(Beta).png AHatIntime monitor intro hourglasses(Final).png
AHatIntime monitor fuel(Beta).png AHatIntime monitor fuel(Final).png
AHatIntime energybits total placeholder(Alpha).png AHatIntime energybits total placeholder(Final).png
AHatIntime ppanel locked count --(Beta).png AHatIntime ppanel locked count --(Final).png
AHatIntime ppanel locked count 01(Beta).png AHatIntime ppanel locked count 01(Final).png
AHatIntime ppanel locked count 04(Beta).png AHatIntime ppanel locked count 04(Final).png
AHatIntime ppanel locked nopowertxt(Beta).png AHatIntime ppanel locked nopowertxt(Final).png

Several of the textures used by monitors and power panels on the spaceship have minor differences between the Beta and final game. The total amount of Time Pieces shown in the Beta is 60, whereas in the final it's 40. Habboi confirmed in his developer playthrough of the game that the 60 count was placeholder. The monitor that keeps track of your Pon total is still using its design from the Alpha builds, which shows the Pons to be red whereas in the Beta builds they're now green. Oops.

AHatIntime ppanel locked background(Beta).png
AHatIntime ppanel unlocked background(Beta).png
Power panels in the Beta also used unique graphics when locked and unlocked, whereas in the final game all of the effects on power panels are accomplished through material effects.

AHatIntime ppanel locked count 06(Beta).png
AHatIntime ppanel locked count 30(Beta).pngAHatIntime ppanel locked count 50(Beta).png
There are also some unique power panel number graphics only seen in the Beta builds. The "6" graphic is used by Trainwreck of Science in these builds, while the "30" graphic is used by the door that would lead to Sand 'n Sails. The "50" graphic is used by the power panel that would allow access to the finale. No corresponding graphics for these exist in the final game, although there is an unused "30" graphic leftover in the final game's Modding Tools:
AHatIntime unlock screen numbers 30.png

Spaceship Kitchen Door

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime Hub Kitchen Door Diffuse(Alpha).png AHatIntime Hub Kitchen Door Diffuse(Final).png

The older version of the door has a much paler blue than the final game's.

Spaceship Blueprint

Beta Final
AHatIntime Blueprint 1(Beta).png AHatIntime Blueprint 1(Final).png

The blueprint that can be found in the Spaceship was completely changed for the final game. In the Beta, it appears to actually be concept art for the front of the Science Express, while in the final game it's a blueprint of the Spaceship itself.

Spaceship Machine Room Floor

Beta Final
AHatIntime machine carpet(Beta).png AHatIntime machine carpet(Final).png

The floor for Trainwreck of Science's room was re-imported for the final game, but differences are currently unknown.

Spaceship Machine Wood

Beta Final
AHatIntime machine wood dull(Beta).png AHatIntime machine wood dull(Final).png

The resolution of the wood was cut in half.

Time Piece Vault Clock

Beta Final
AHatIntime clock vault(Beta).png AHatIntime clock vault(Final).png

Significantly more detail was added, appearing more stylized as well.

Early Wood Texture

AHatIntime wood tex(Proto).png
A very early design for wooden planks. Present up through the Beta builds, but was deleted before the final game.

Wood Panel Texture

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime wood panel(Alpha).png AHatIntime wood panel(Final).png

A wood panel texture received a major redesign for the final game, gaining a fair bit more detail.

Blue Pillow and Dark Blue Pillow

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime darkbluepillow tex(Proto).png
AHatIntime bluepillow tex(Proto).png
AHatIntime darkbluepillow tex(Final).png
AHatIntime bluepillow tex(Final).png

The resolution for two textures called for 'blue pillows' were cut in half twice as well.

Boat Wood

Beta Final
AHatIntime wood boat(Beta).png AHatInTime wood boat(Final).png

The resolution dropped.

Calk Plaster Normal Map

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime)calk plaster normal(Proto).png AHatIntime calk plaster normal(Final).png

Again, the resolution of a normal map for calk plaster was drastically reduced. The original texture was 2K.

Early Fish Texture

AHatIntime Mafia Fish Sea(Alpha).png
An early version of the fish that appear in the Beta and final game is in the files for the Alpha and Beta builds, with a rather rough but still similar appearance.


Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime palm tree base(Alpha).png AHatIntime palm tree base(SpeedrunBuilds).png
AHatIntime fern(Alpha).png AHatIntime fern(Final).png
AHatIntime bush(Beta).png AHatIntime bush(Final).png

Palm trees and bushes are still using their texture designs from the Alpha builds, unchanged.

Mafia Town Cannon Specular Map

Beta Final
AHatIntime Canon spec02 2048px(Beta).png AHatIntime Canon spec02 2048px(Final).png

The specular map for the cannons in Mafia Town was chopped in half in terms of resolution.

Horizon Island

Pre-Speedrun Final (Modding Tools)
AHatIntime)horizon mountain(Proto).png AHatIntime horizon mountain(Texture).png

The resolution for a texture for an island in the distance from Mafia Town was reduced after the Beta builds. This island, however, was scrapped for the final game, but its texture could be found in the Modding Tools. The model, however, is not in the Modding Tools.

Balloon Designs

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime balloon4(Alpha).png
AHatIntime balloon6(Alpha).png
AHatIntime balloon4(Final).png
AHatIntime balloon6(Final).png

Two balloon textures were simplified for the final game, relying on tiling in materials to replicate their appearance in the Alpha and Beta builds. This change also saves texture memory, as their resolutions were also dropped.

Floating Platform Texture

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime floating platform(Alpha).png AHatIntime floating platform(Final).png

The texture for the floating platforms near the lighthouse was slightly darkened for the final game.

Crab Bucket

Beta Final
AHatIntime Crab-Bucket-Color-Map-2048px(Beta).png AHatIntime Crab-Bucket-Color-Map-2048px(Final).png

The texture for the crab buckets was reduced for the final game, going from 2K to 1024x1024.

Mafia HQ Cutout Design

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime Mafia HQ Cutout Diffuse(Alpha).png AHatIntime Mafia HQ Cutout Diffuse(Final).png

The version used in the Alphas and Betas seems to be ripped from concept art. The final game polishes the texture up in several areas and adds soft shading to several parts of the design.

Mafia HQ Bathroom Signs

Beta Final
AHatIntime mafia toilet signs(Beta).png AHatIntime mafia toilet signs(Final).png

A bit more detail was added and the person figures were changed to resemble Mafia more.

Mafia HQ Wall Textures

Alpha/Beta Beta Final
AHatIntime red wall(Alpha).png - AHatIntime red wall(Final).png
AHatIntime blue wall(Alpha).png - AHatIntime blue wall(Final).png
- AHatIntime purple wall(Beta).png AHatIntime purple wall(Final).png

The designs for a couple walls in Mafia HQ changed completely for the final game, especially the blue wall. A ruined and dirty version of this design of the blue wall texture is still used in the final game in certain areas of Mafia Town.

Maifa HQ Theater Curtain

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime theater curtain d(Beta).png AHatIntime theater curtain d(Final).png

The color of the curtain changed from red to blue, and was given a higher resolution, more detail, and a Mafia Boss insignia in the center.

Maifa HQ Toilet

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime toilet(MafiaHQTexture)(Alpha).png AHatIntime Toilet(MafiaHQTexture)(Final).png

Several details for the toilets in Mafia HQ were actually lost in the final game. ...At least the water was made darker.

Slot Machine Textures

Alpha/Beta Beta Final
AHatIntime slot logo(Alpha).png AHatIntime slot logo2(Beta).png AHatIntime slot logo(Final).png
AHatIntime slot logo2(Final).png
AHatIntime slot scroll(Alpha).png AHatIntime slot scroll2(Beta).png AHatIntime slot scroll(Final).png
AHatIntime slot main(Alpha).png - AHatIntime slot main(Used).png

The textures for the slot machines differ from the ones in the final game by quite a lot. The logo for the slot machines says 'A Hat in Time' instead of 'Slot Machine', and features an overall simpler design. Note that the blue scroll texture found in the Beta builds is not present in the final game, but is present in the Modding Tools, unused.

Mafia Town Market Stall

Beta Final
AHatIntime Harbour Market Stall Diffuse(Beta).png AHatIntime Harbour Market Stall Diffuse(Final).png

The texture for the wood of the market stalls in Mafia Town was cut in half for the final game.

Mafia Stool Texture

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime mafia stool(Alpha).png AHatIntime mafia stool(Final).png

The resolution was dropped for the final game. ...What else is new?

Watermelon Texture

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime watermelon tex(Proto).png AHatIntime watermelon tex(Final).png

The resolution for the watermelon's texture was cut in half twice for the final game.

Ice Panel Flipper

Beta Final
AHatIntime flipper(Beta).png AHatIntime flipper(Final).png

The texture for the ice panel boards also had its resolution cut in half.

Stone Tablet Texture

Alpha Update 5/Beta Final
AHatIntime stone a(AlphaUpdate5).png AHatIntime stone a(Final).png

The stone tablet that is seen on 'Habboi Island' in Mafia Town has a few different designs across the builds. In the final game, however, all of the text was completely removed.

Cellar Props and Wine Stain

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime cellar props01(Proto).png
AHatIntime wine stain01(Proto).png
AHatIntime cellar props01(Final).png
AHatIntime wine stain01(Final).png

Both the textures for wooden barrels and a wine stain were both 4K in resolution before the final game.

Generic Wood Texture

Beta Final
AHatIntime wood generic(Beta).png AHatIntime wood generic(Final).png

Yet another resolution drop.

Mafia Town Graffiti

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime graffitti imserious(Alpha).png
AHatIntime graffitti sodoff(Alpha).png
AHatIntime graffitti imserious(Final).png
AHatIntime graffitti sodoff(Final).png

The text was redrawn for the final game, and the black backgrounds were removed.

Money Table Texture

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime money table2(Alpha).png AHatIntime money table2(Final).png

A minor detail texture for coins on a table or the floor was cut in half in terms of resolution.

Mafia Town Flags

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime mafiaflag01(Alpha).png
AHatIntime mafiaflag02(Alpha).png
AHatIntime mafiaflag03(Alpha).png
AHatIntime mafiaflag05(Alpha).png
AHatIntime mafiaflag01(Final).png
AHatIntime mafiaflag02(Final).png
AHatIntime mafiaflag03(Final).png
AHatIntime mafiaflag05(Final).png

The colors of the flags were changed and swapped around. The early flags all have a stripe motif going on in the background, which each flag in the final game has a unique appearance. The appearance of the Mafia and Mafia Boss on the early flags seem to be renders of their models, while the final's flags are hand-drawn and are more heavily stylized and polished.

Filth Decal

Beta Final (Unused)
AHatIntime Decal 5(Beta).png AHatIntime Decal 5.png

One particular filth decal texture used around Mafia Town was changed between the Beta builds and the final game. Its resolution was cut in half. Note that the texture wouldn't end up used in the final game, but can still be found in the Modding Tools.

Rope Texture

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime general rope tex(Proto).png AHatIntime general rope tex(Final).png

The resolution on the general rope texture was cut in half twice.

Bird Egg Texture

Beta Final
AHatIntime bird egg d(Beta).png AHatIntime bird egg d(Final).png

The egg's resolution was, you guessed it, cut in half for the final game.

Observatory Star Texture

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime observatory plain(Alpha).png AHatIntime observatory plain(Final).png

The light detail around each little star is slightly different in the final game.

Wanted Posters

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime poster hatkidwanted(Alpha).png
AHatIntime poster muwanted(Alpha).png
AHatIntime poster hatkidwanted(Final).png
AHatIntime poster muwanted(Final).png

The early wanted posters for Hat Kid and Mustache Girl are more flat and less-detailed compared to their final counterparts. The final versions lose the unique colors the early versions had, but add significantly more detail to the drawings, which in the early versions are very simplistic. The text below the drawings is the same between versions, but uses a completely different font.

Mafia Town Posters

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime poster casino fit(Alpha).png
AHatIntime poster codwetrust(Alpha).png
AHatIntime poster dance(Alpha).png
AHatIntime poster dressblue(Alpha).png
AHatIntime poster plentyfish(Alpha).png
AHatIntime poster readbook(Alpha).png
AHatIntime poster work(Alpha).png
AHatIntime poster casino fit(Final).png
AHatIntime poster codwetrust(Final).png
AHatIntime poster dance(Final).png
AHatIntime poster dressblue(Final).png
AHatIntime poster plentyfish(Final).png
AHatIntime poster readbook(Final).png
AHatIntime poster work(Final).png

Several adjustments were made to the generic posters around Mafia Town in the final game.

Lava Rock Mask Texture

Pre-Speedrun Final (Unused)
AHatIntime rock top alpha(Proto).png AHatInTime Rock top alpha.png

A masking texture for lava rocks that went unused in the final game had its resolution cut in half after the Beta builds.

Sign Texture

Beta Final
AHatIntime sign questionmark(Beta).png AHatIntime sign questionmark(Final).png

A reso-, nope. Actually, the texture for a sign was completely changed between the Betas and the final game, going from a question mark to a lightbulb.

Subcon Tree Branch Design

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime Branch(Texture)(Alpha).png AHatIntime Branch(Texture)(Final).png

All trees in Subcon Forest used to be brown, instead of just the smiling trees in the swamp area in the final game. The trees were changed to purple with significantly more detail fairly late in development.

Subcon Tree Stump

Beta Final
AHatIntime tree stump clean(Beta).png AHatIntime tree stump clean(Final).png

The early design for tree stumps in Subcon Forest is present in all builds that predate the Speedrun builds. In the final game, its design was overhauled to be purple and far more detailed.

Mushroom Stem

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime mushroom stem(Proto).png AHatIntime mushroom stem(Final).png

A significant amount of extra detail was added, including dark shading at the top of the texture.

Vanessa Manor Bookshelf

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime Bookshelf(Alpha).png AHatIntime Bookshelf(Final).png

Minor details were adjusted here and there, and the three black rectangles on each shelf were filled in with a wood design.

Vanessa Manor Cabinets

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime cabinet hallway(Alpha).png AHatIntime cabinet hallway(Final).png

The color was changed slightly and general polish was applied to the design.

Vanessa Manor Brown Kitchen Cabinets

Beta Final
AHatIntime manor kitchen cabinets brown(Beta).png AHatIntime manor kitchen cabinets brown(Final).png

Additional detail was added and the top-right area was changed from brown to white.

Vanessa Manor Reflection Graphics

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime ceiling reflect(Alpha).png
AHatIntime floor reflect(Alpha).png
AHatIntime ceiling reflect(Final).png
AHatIntime floor reflect(Final).png

The textures used in the cellar and the first floor hallway that allow the player to 'see' between the rooms were updated for the final game to match changes in design, especially for the Pons.

Vanessa Manor Bed Design

Beta Final
AHatIntime manor bed(Beta).png AHatIntime manor bed(Final).png

The final's design of the bed changes the color of the bed from purple to red and adds a significant amount of detail at the cost of a resolution drop.

Vanessa Manor Game Room Couch Design

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime manor couch game room(Alpha).png AHatIntime manor couch game room(Final).png

The couch was updated with a lot more detail in the final game, as well as bringing the couch's art style in line with the rest of the game.

Vanessa Manor Desk Design

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime manor desk d(Alpha).png AHatIntime manor desk d(Final).png

The color was changed slightly, the resolution was increased, and the design was generally cleaned up.

Vanessa Manor Envelope and Feather

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime manor desk envelope(Alpha).pngAHatIntime manor desk feather(Alpha).png AHatIntime manor desk envelope(Final).pngAHatIntime manor desk feather(Final).png

The feather's texture increased in resolution, and both it and the envelope were re-drawn with far more detail.

Vanessa Manor Grandfather Clock

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime manor grandfather clock diffuse(Alpha).png AHatIntime manor grandfather clock diffuse(Final).png

The grandfather clocks in the manor were originally 4K in resolution. The final game cuts this in half twice, and changes the art style of the clock to better match the rest of the game.

Vanessa Manor Hallway Table

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime manor hallway table(Alpha).png AHatIntime manor hallway table(Final).png

The resolution was cut in half for the final game.

Vanessa Manor Red Hallway Table

Beta Final
AHatIntime manor hallway table red(Beta).png AHatIntime manor hallway table red(Final).png

Same as above.

Vanessa Manor Kitchen Cabinets

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime manor kitchen cabinets d(Alpha).png AHatIntime manor kitchen cabinets d(Final).png

General polish and additional detail were added.

Vanessa Manor Kitchen Sink

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime manor kitchen sink d(Alpha).png AHatIntime manor kitchen sink d(Final).png

The texture was cleaned up and its resolution increased.

Vanessa Manor Makeup Table

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime manor makeup table d(Alpha).png
AHatIntime manor makeuptable glass(Alpha).png
AHatIntime manor makeup table d(Final).png
AHatIntime manor makeuptable glass(Final).png

The light lines were removed in favor of a solid pink design. Similarly, the grey dots across the glass, as well as the dark grey part at the bottom, were removed for the final game.

Vanessa Manor Hallway Mirror

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime Mirror Hallway(Alpha).png AHatIntime Mirror Hallway(Final).png

Extra detail was added to the design, alongside a change in art style.

Vanessa Manor Toy Train Table Cloth

AHatIntime manor toytrain tablecloth d(Alpha).png
Exclusive to the Alpha builds is a unique texture for the table cloth for the toy train table in the nursery room. In later builds, a different, more detailed texture is used for the cloth instead.

Vanessa Manor Semi-Circle Cabinet

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime semicircle cabinet(Alpha).png AHatIntime semicircle cabinet(Final).png

The resolution was cut in half, and the texture was polished up and brought in line with the rest of the game's art style.

Vanessa Manor Chair

Beta Final
AHatIntime mafia dining seat d(Beta).png AHatIntime mafia dining seat d(Final).png

The color was changed from blue to green.

Vanessa Manor Small Cabinets

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime small cabinet a(Alpha).png
AHatIntime small cabinet b(Alpha).png
AHatIntime small cabinet a(Final).png
AHatIntime small cabinet b(Final).png

Same as above. General polish and clean up.

Vanessa Manor Vase

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime vase(Texture)(Alpha).png AHatIntime vase(Texture)(Final).png

The vase's resolution was reduced for the final game. Twice.

Bathroom Lipstick

Beta Final
AHatIntime myprince(Beta).png AHatIntime myprince(Final).png

Several choice edits were made to seemingly improve clarity of the words, especially for 'prince'.

Cafe Crate

Beta Final
AHatIntime cafe crate(Beta).png AHatIntime cafe crate(Final).png

The design of the wooden crates differs a little from the final game.

Coal Burner Door

Beta Final
AHatIntime coal burner door(Beta).png AHatIntime coal burner door(Final).png

Significantly more detail was added for the final game.

Trainwreck of Science Machine

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime machine 01(Alpha).png AHatIntime machine 01(Final).png

The final's version adds a lot of extra detail, although the design remains generally the same.

Trainwreck of Science Machine 2

Beta Final
AHatIntime machine 02 bulb(Beta).png AHatIntime machine 02 bulb(Final).png

Same as above.

Science Owl Crate

Beta Final
AHatIntime Science Room Crate Diffuse(Beta).png AHatIntime Science Room Crate Diffuse(Final).png

Due to the Chapter being completely changed in terms of theme and plot, and the Science Owls being scrapped from the final game, the cool-looking Science Owl crate was completely changed into a standard wood crate that contains coal.

Light Plant Head Design

Prerelease Final (Modding Tools)
AHatIntime light plant head(Proto).png AHatIntime light plant head.png

The scrapped Light Plant enemies seen in all prerelease builds (except the Speedrun builds) had a taller stem and had white heads instead of purple ones. The older head design also does not depict them with tongues.

Hat Kid's Eyes

Beta Final
AHatIntime hatkid smarteyes(Beta).png AHatIntime hatkid smarteyes(Final).png

The details in Hat Kid's eyes were adjusted a fair amount for the final game, with the final's having more tints of blue and an inner blue ring inside the pupils.

Witch Hat Texture

Alpha/Beta Final (Unused)
AHatIntime witch hat diffuse(Alpha).png AHatIntime witch hat diffuse.png
AHatIntime witch hat normal.png

The Witch hat gained a normal map after the Beta builds, and its texture was changed to allow for dye changes, something that wasn't implemented in builds prior to the Speedrun builds.

Badge Seller Design

Beta/Initial Console Final
AHatIntime Badge-Salesman-Color-Map(Beta).png AHatIntime Badge-Salesman-Color-Map(Final).png

The Badge Seller appears in the Beta builds by the fountain in the market area of Mafia Town after clearing the Chapter, but he does not speak or interact with you at all. His model is the same as the final game, but his texture is quite under-detailed compared to the final game's version of him.

Angle Gradient Texture

AHatIntime angle gradient(Beta).png
A unique gradient texture in a circular formation, exclusive to the Beta builds.

Tourist Textures

Beta Final
AHatIntime Tourist color 2048px(Beta).png
AHatIntime Face color 2048px(Beta).png
AHatIntime Tourist color 2048px(Final).png
AHatIntime Face color 2048px(Final).png

The resolution for the Tourist's textures were drastically reduced for the final game.

Mad Crow Texture

Beta Final
AHatIntime madcrow d(Beta).png AHatIntime madcrow d(Final).png

The texture used for the Mad Crow enemy's body had its resolution cut in half.

Toilet of Doom Wood

Beta Final
AHatIntime toilet wood(Beta).png AHatIntime toilet wood(Final).png

The wood texture used on the older version of the Toilet of Doom once had completely differently-stylized texture for it, which is more reminiscent of the game's art style earlier in development. The final game's, which is used for other things besides the unused older Toilet of Doom, gained a completely new texture boasting far more detail and a lower resolution.

Mafia Body Texture

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime mafia body texture(Proto).png AHatIntime mafia body texture(Final).png

Each Mafia in builds prior to the Speedrun builds had a body texture that was 4K in resolution. This was reduced in the Speedrun builds and final game down to 1024x1024.

Mafia Apron Textures

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime mafia apron tex(Proto).png AHatIntime mafia apron tex(Final).png

The texture on one of the aprons on the Mafia before the final game was also 4K in resolution.

Mafia Bowler Hat

Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime bowlerhat(Alpha).png AHatIntime bowlerhat(Final).png

One of the Mafia's hats that they sometimes wear had its texture resolution chopped in half twice for the final game.

Collectible Camera Texture

Beta Final
AHatIntime Camera 2048px(Beta).png AHatIntime Camera 2048px(Final).png

Another resolution drop, this time for the Camera's collectible model! Wanna guess by how much?

Time Piece Wood Texture

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime hourglass wood(Proto).png AHatIntime hourglass wood(Final).png

The texture for the wood on the Time Pieces was originally 4K prior to the final game.

Footstep Texture

Prerelease Final
AHatIntime footstep(Proto).png AHatIntime footstep(Final).png

The texture for a player's footprint was made brown for the final game.

Mustache Girl Textures

Prerelease Final
AHatIntime mustachegirl facial idle exp(Proto).png
AHatIntime mustachegirl facial idle white(Proto).png
AHatIntime mustachegirl facial idle lashes(Proto).png
AHatIntime mustachegirl facial idle exp(Final).png
AHatIntime mustachegirl facial idle white(Final).png
AHatIntime mustachegirl facial idle lashes(Final).png

Mustache Girl's idle face and eyes were redrawn slightly for the final game, and the masking texture was adjusted as well.

Umbrella Texture

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime Umbrella(Texture)(Proto).png AHatIntime Umbrella(Texture)(Final).png

An extremely minor change to the texture was made for the final game. The top-left part of the UV map had a slight adjustment. The textures are otherwise identical.

Hat Kid Shadow Map

Beta Final
AHatIntime HatKid ShadowMap(Beta).png AHatIntime HatKid ShadowMap(Final).png

The shadow map texture used by Hat Kid was cut in half twice in resolution for the final game.