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Proto:A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Beta/Unused Objects

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This is a sub-page of Proto:A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Beta.

As the Beta builds are the first builds to not always cook in all assets referenced in a class's default properties, most of the unused objects present in the Beta builds sadly cannot be seen or interacted with properly in said builds. Porting the coding to the final game, on the other hand, can usually give better insight on how these objects truly behaved in the Betas.


Beta Base Version - Beta Update 2


There are four unused Badges in Beta builds prior to Beta Update 3.

Electro Shock Badge

"Hat_Badge_Electroshock", "Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_Electro"
The Electro Shock Badge is no longer obtainable, but all of its data and assets are still present, and the Badge is fully functional.

Queen's Love Badge

"Hat_Badge_Queen", "Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_Queen"
Just as in the Alpha builds, the Queen's Love Badge doesn't do anything, and now isn't even obtainable in normal gameplay.

Quick Dodge Badge

"Hat_Badge_QuickDodge", "Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_QuickDodge"
The Snatcher's Laugh Badge, renamed since the Alpha builds, unobtainable but still fully functional. Was seemingly replaced by the Snatcher's Realm Badge in these builds.

Frozen Solid Badge

"Hat_Badge_StatueFall", "Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_StatueFall"
Essentially a Badge version of what would become the Ice Hat in the final game, this new Badge is fully functional, but not placed anywhere in the builds normally. Using it on any of the ice panels in Mafia Town causes them to open and allow the player to fall through the area they were blocking. The behavior for launching the player to a different location upon landing on one was not implemented at this point.



A new type of Pon added by the Beta builds, appearing red with nothing inside of it. This is due to its unique assets not being supplied in the build. The collectible is actually yellow with a crown inside, similar to a Rift Pon. Note that actual Rift Pons (Hat_Collectible_TreasureBit) and Purple Rifts were not even concepted by the time the Beta builds released.

AHatIntime Beta MoonPon.png
Three Pon types spawned in the Beta builds.

Moon Pon

A variant of the common Pon that was apparently made to be used on The Moon, according to its name. It behaves exactly like a normal Pon, is able to refill a bit of the Energy Meter, and otherwise appears the exact same as a normal Pon. It attempts to apply different materials to the capsule and diamond inside, but those materials weren't loaded into the build.


The unused star collectible from the Prototypes and Alphas, now without its orange ring. The star now has a bright yellow glow coming from it, but otherwise it's basically the same as it used to be. Collecting it causes the star to disappear, and nothing else happens. This was still leftover in the final game before being removed in an update.

AHatIntime Beta Star.png
The updated collectible star.

Pogo and Propeller Items

"Hat_Inventory_Pogo", "Hat_Inventory_Propellor"
The scrapped Pogo ability from the Prototypes and the Propeller ability from Alpha Update 5. Neither are obtainable or functional anymore.

Timed Collectible

Some kind of collectible that was added by the Beta builds, and according to its name, it was to be timed somehow. It has no coding to its name except for a float variable called 'duration'.

Interactive Objects

Physics Plug and Outlet

"Hat_CarryChain", "Hat_CarryChain_Plug", "Hat_PowerOutlet"
The physics-based plug carryable object seen in the Alpha builds, as well as the power outlet they would be plugged into. Neither are used in the Beta builds, and if the plug is spawned via console commands, its physics-based wire won't appear. It's unknown if it was disabled by this point or if it doesn't appear just due to the nature that with how it's spawned. Plugging it into a power outlet still works, allowing the plug to be used as a platform.

Carryable Barrel

The same unused carryable barrel object from previous builds. No known coding changes were made to it since the Alphas, but if thrown or dropped now, it will land and stop there, then rise up a little bit for some reason.

Breakable Crate

"Hat_BreakableCrate", "Hat_BreakableCrate_Base"
A wooden crate that can only be broken by enemies. If touched, it pops out of existence. There is commented-out coding for it to have a 1 in 10 chance of dropping a Health Pon upon being destroyed. This object existed in the final game for a bit before eventually being removed completely.

Dweller Jump Pad

The same unused object that can be found in the final. It's a swirl of wind that bounces the player up if they touch it.

Flamethrower Balloon

This is technically used in Train Rush in these builds, in one of the outdoor sections. In the final, they were replaced by static mesh balloons that have TNT strapped to them. The flamethrower balloons never fire in the Beta because their fire intervals are set to 0.

AHatIntime Beta ActiveFireBalloons.png
The flamethrower balloons set to be activated.

Forest House Shutter

The small shutters that are location on the doors of some of the houses in Subcon Village. Much like the previous builds, Subcon Village isn't provided in the Betas, and so this object goes unused yet again.

Forest Enemy Spawner

An Actor that will randomly spawn an enemy from an array of enemies, which can be: Rough Patches, medium-sized Light Plants, Shrombs, and Venus Traps. This Actor was intended for Subcon Forest, as a sort of way to randomize some of the enemy layouts every time the player loads the level. This was leftover in the final game for a bit before being removed.

Forest Trap

"Hat_ForestTrap", "Hat_ForestTrap_Base"
Now has a base class, but is otherwise the same as it appeared in Alpha Update 5. Its model has been updated to the skeletal mesh spiky roots that its leftover counterpart and Snatcher Traps used in the final.

Game Data Book

Behaves exactly as it did in previous builds, but the way it checks for save file data was updated, for some reason.

Mafia Guard

"Hat_Bot_Guard", "Hat_Guard", "Hat_Guard_MafiaWaiter"
Behaves exactly as it did in previous builds.

Starcores and Starcore Objects

"Hat_StarCore", "Hat_StarCore_Base", "Hat_LightOrbStaticMesh", "Hat_LightOrbStaticMesh_Movable"
Starcores, glowing balls of light that were intended to be used in Sand 'n Sails's Twilight Dungeon. There are also objects that would only solidify and appear if a Starcore is near it, ignoring other Dweller components entirely, including the player's. This is because the Starcores operated on a different mode, which is basically a Dweller component ID number. This mode persisted into the final game, unused, and still exists in the current final game, but its native code for handling the visuals of Dweller objects operating on different modes was completely disabled/removed when DLC 2 released.

Penguin Cars

The Moon Cars already exist by the Beta builds, and behave very similarly to the final, with only minor differences. The cars are by default red, whereas they are blue by default in the final. The cars do not tilt when turning corners, and can also damage enemies, something that was disabled by a const in the final.

AHatIntime Beta MoonCarComparison.gif
(Click to play)
Beta is on the left, final on the right.

Airmobile Platform

A static version of Thor's Airmobile, fully assembled, and able to be stood on. Was also present in the final game, but was eventually removed.

Cloud Platform

"Hat_PlatformCloud", "Hat_PlatformCloud_Base"
Now has a base class, but otherwise behaves exactly as it did in Alpha Update 5.


The portal door from Limbo, exactly as it was in previous builds.

Subcon Painting

Prior to Beta Update 3, this was actually a decorational object, not something the player could pick up and carry around. Upon approaching one, a radial blur effect appears and the painting's shaking speed increases, as if the entity depicted trapped inside the painting is screaming for help.

Save him
(Click to play)

Forest Dwellers

"Hat_ForestDweller", "Hat_ForestDweller_Cat", "Hat_ForestDweller_Fox", "Hat_ForestDweller_Metal"
Forest Dwellers are not normally used in the Beta builds, the 'Grave' version is (which incidentally went unused in the final). The 'Bull' version of the Forest Dweller, the yellow one, is completely absent from the Beta's files. These Forest Dwellers can all be absorbed into a Cherry Bomb, and actually have different effects! The 'Grave' and Metal versions ignite the cherry like a bomb, as usual, but the Cat one causes it to turn blue, while the Fox one turns it green. These are leftovers from the scrapped 'Dweller Abilities' system, where different Dwellers would presumably give the cherry Hat Kid holds different powers. Green would give a jump-related power, while blue would give a speed power. These abilities are not known to have ever actually been implemented. While Hat Kid is holding a Cherry Bomb with one of these alternate powers in the bomb, throwing it is disabled, even though the control prompt for it still appears. These Cherry Bombs don't explode on the player, however. They just disappear.

AHatIntime Beta BlueCherry.png
Speed power.

AHatIntime Beta GreenCherry.png
Jump power.

Bouncy Castle

The unused 'bouncy castle' Actor that was also leftover in the final game. Uses a unique model, and thus doesn't appear in the Betas, but it still behaves just as it does in the final.

Propeller Volume

An unused Volume, being leftover from Alpha Update 5. This would be used with the scrapped Propeller item, and would allow the player to float upwards while inside of it while using the item.


Toilet of Doom

"Hat_Bot_BossToilet", "Hat_Enemy_Toilet", "Hat_Enemy_Toilet_Base",
"Hat_ProjectileGoop", "Hat_ProjectileGoop_Base", "Hat_Goop", "Hat_JumpingHurtEnemy"
"Hat_ToiletPlatform", "Hat_ToiletPlatform_Base"
"Hat_Hazard_SplashWave", "Hat_Hazard_SplashWave_Base"
The second known iteration of the Toilet of Doom boss, and it's radically different from the version found in the Alpha builds and the one featured in the final game. The fight is set up with 9 'Toilet Platform's, with the Toilet of Doom stationed in the center. It has three different attacks. The first one is spewing bad chocolate out all around the surrounding platforms, which turns into the goop Actor from the Alpha version when it lands on a platform, which then becomes a bouncing ball that disintegrates after a bit. The second attack involves it jumping from platform to platform, trying to predict where the player is and where they'll go. Each time it lands on a platform during this attack, the platform sinks, which in the context of its intended battle arena, would put the platform beneath harmful green goo water. The platform rises back up after a bit. With every stomp, the boss also generates a splash wave of green goo water that the player must avoid. The last attack involves it launching a bunch of bad chocolate from its top, which then target several platforms at once and sink them after a brief warning. To beat the boss, the player must use Cherry Bombs provided in the boss arena, and wait for a sunken platform to rise back up with a red color and a Dweller Mask icon on it. Due to the way the Cherry Bombs are programmed in the Beta builds, they are able to absorb a Dweller from the platform and ignite. The player then has to get the Toilet of Doom caught in its blast, which will allow the player to cut loose on the boss for a brief time. The boss fight usually takes 3 'cycles' of using the Cherry Bombs to defeat it, and the Toilet explodes into Pons just as it did in the Alpha builds. Playtesting footage by Habboi showing off the fight a few months before the Beta builds can be seen here.

As a footnote, the model used by this version of Toilet of Doom is actually a unique model that didn't exist in any previous build and isn't leftover in the final's Modding Tools. It uses a model that is very similar to the model used in the Alpha builds, but has unique animations, different sockets, and has a unique 'blister mesh' that was to appear on its inside. This blister mesh, sadly, was not included in the Beta builds and was deleted before the final game. It was a red orb with a white bandage on it.

Rough Patch

"Hat_Bot_BushCat", "Hat_Enemy_BushCat"
The distance that it starts hissing at the player was reduced almost by half: 1000 -> 512. It also now rotates to face the player much faster than before. A lot of its properties and features that were leftover for it in the final are now present, and its model has been finalized by this point.

Forest Dweller Enemy

"Hat_Bot_ForestDweller_Enemy", "Hat_Enemy_ForestDweller"
Behaves exactly as it did in previous builds.

Laser Turret

"Hat_Bot_LaserTurret", "Hat_Enemy_LaserTurret"
Gained its own Bot class now, indicating that it was still considered for an enemy/hazard even after the Alpha builds. Otherwise, it behaves exactly as it did in the Alphas, only now it actually has to 'see' the player before it begins firing its laser.

Mafia Ballerina

"Hat_Bot_MafiaBallerina", "Hat_Enemy_MafiaBallerina", "Hat_Enemy_MafiaBallerina_Base"
Now has a base class, indicating work on the 3D version of Mafia Boss's boss fight continued after Alpha Update 5, but its coding isn't that different in the Betas otherwise.


"Hat_Bot_Shromb", "Hat_Enemy_Shromb"
Behaves basically the same way it does as the Alpha builds.

Venus Trap

"Hat_Bot_VenusTrap", "Hat_Enemy_VenusTrap"
Exactly the same as it was in the Alpha builds.

Big Mafia and Forest Mafia

Exactly the same as they were in previous builds.

Thunder Cloud

An unused "enemy" intended for Mafia Town. It cannot be damaged or defeated in any way, and periodically shoots a lighting bolt down beneath it, although the bolt is harmless. This was leftover in the final game as well for a while, with the exact same coding as it had in these builds.

Phantom Head

The strange flying pink "enemy", as was shown in Habboi's developer playthrough of the Twilight Dungeon in Sand 'n Sails. Was leftover in the final game, as well.

Drop Off Stage Sack

To do:
Get a video of it ported to the final.

Not an 'enemy' per se, but rather an unused hazard intended for the Beta's version of Mafia Boss. Originally, according to unused coding in his boss fight in these builds, the stage sacks that he drops during the fight spawned two of these when it hit the floor, flying off a little in an arc in opposite directions as a sort of debris. If the player touches one, they take damage. What exactly this hazard was supposed to be is unknown, as it just uses the normal stage sack model as placeholder, and was completely deleted and removed before the final game.

Mini-Missions and Systems

Murder on the Science Express

"Hat_HUDElementInvestigating", "Hat_HUDElementMurder", "Hat_HUDElementPresentEvidence"
"Hat_ConversationLinkEvidence", "Hat_ConversationNodeEvidence"
"Hat_Bot_MurderSuspect", "Hat_MurderSuspect, "Hat_MurderVictim", "Hat_MurderVictim_Base"
"Hat_DetectiveLinePoint", "Hat_MurderCamera", "Hat_MurderClue"
"Hat_Weapon_MagnifyingGlass", "Hat_Weapon_MagnifyingGlass_Base", "Hat_Weapon_MagnifyingSpray", "Hat_Weapon_MagnifyingSpray_Base"
Hidden within the data of the Beta builds is a complex system of class files for a much, much older and different version of Murder on the Owl Express. A mini-mission Kismet node, HUD Elements, characters and victims, and even two scrapped weapons are present.
There's a lot to go over here.

The Structure

The version of this Act included in the Beta builds is likely the 2nd iteration of it, as Jonas stated that the Act went through 4 different iterations, with the 4th version making into the final game. The version here is likely a rough test of the 2nd version, as it doesn't seem very deep or very polished. Nonetheless, numerous unique assets were made for it, alongside several class files. Murder on the Science Express is a very different Act compared to its final counterpart. The level was originally going to be much slower-paced, with a far greater focus on speaking with people and exploring a small area for details than any kind of worthwhile platforming. The idea seems to have been that you would talk to people who are onboard the train to gather information and evidence to solve the murder that would occur on the train. A striking difference between this version and the final is that there is a real murder that happens on the train. Potentially multiple, actually. The murderer, who is actually the Shapeshifter in disguise, would walk around and murder people at certain points, although what exactly would cause this to happen is unknown. There is a small amount of text for this version of the Act present in these builds, in particular for talking to the green Conductor, Greg.

The player could find clues and evidence around the level, and each clue could have its own name. This system heavily relied on the Beta's version of the inventory system, which was drastically changed in the final game. As such, porting this system to the final is a mostly fruitless endeavor. It's also unknown what kind of clues the player could find in the level, although leftover text for the mode in these builds could provide some hints.

Upon triggering the mini-mission Kismet node, with the scene set up properly, a 'round' of the murder case will begin. Unused graphics found leftover in the final game's Modding Tools will appear on screen, saying "A murderer is amongst you" and "Keep an eye out", before flying off screen. There were to be several NPCs wandering around the rooms of the train, and you could talk to each of them and try to get more information out of them either through careful questioning or presenting evidence that you've found in the level or obtained from other NPCs. When the murderer strikes, the NPC that he kills turns red, and everyone else in the room turns to look at what happened. NPCs very close to the murder turn blue. After a few seconds, the warning message graphics appear again and another round begins. This would presumably repeat until the player busted the Shapeshifter. There is coding in the common 'victim' class file for the character to switch to the Shapeshifter's appearance when a certain command is passed.

The Weapons

Hat Kid would be equipped with a magnifying glass and a spray can. The magnifying glass would allow the player to enter first-person mode and look around the room for clues. If a clue is on-screen, it'll render a basic solid-color box around it. The spray can was a little more versatile. The player could use it to color NPCs in the level one of two colors: pink or green. This could be used to mark specific NPCs for further investigation/questioning later. The spray can could also be used to tell all suspects to line up to the nearest DetectiveLinePoints, whereupon the player would presumably pick who the murderer is. Neither weapon is known to have had an icon made for it.

The HUD Menus

There are 3 HUD classes used by this version of Murder on the Science Express.

  • "Hat_HUDElementInvestigating" - this is what handles displaying control tips and rendering boxes around clues that the player can see when using the magnifying glass.
  • "Hat_HUDElementMurder" - this is the HUD that appears when a 'round' starts. It allows for several commands for when it opens: "text_newround" starts a new round, as you might've guessed. "button_spray" would allow for the player to begin spraying suspects, but disables being able to pick a murderer. "button_spray_disable" disables both the ability to spray suspects and pick a murderer. "button_select_murder" disables spraying, but allows picking a murderer. "close_all" does the same as "button_spray_disable".
  • "Hat_HUDElementPresentEvidence" - This HUD would appear when selecting evidence while talking to a NPC, or when manually checking the player's evidence. It has a couple commands. "questions" opens an alternate mode from normal, which allows for a third bookmark to appear on it. Presumably, this would be used for asking questions. "present" allows for the player to be able to present evidence. When opened without either of these commands, only two bookmarks are displayed and the player would apparently move the cursor around to select evidence. The name of the evidence would be displayed at the bottom middle of the notepad, and use the unique typewriter font that was leftover in the final game's Modding Tools before being removed. This class file still exists in the final game, but is deprecated and had its coding wiped.

AHatIntime Beta SelectingEvidence.gif
Browsing the evidence list.

AHatIntime BetaPresentEvidenceHUDQuestionsTab.png
Opened with the unique 'Questions' bookmark.

Conversation Interactions

There are two native conversation-related classes for this system, and are basically required to be able to play the Act as it was intended to be played. These are impossible to port to the final, although the node class does still exist, but it's basically useless due to the rest of the system not being very compatible with the final game. The conversation node's class file has references to 'health' of some kind, likely for the NPC.

Moon Stars

To do:
Get a video of it ported to the final.

"Hat_Bot_MoonKitten", "Hat_MoonKitten"
A scrapped Act for Trainwreck of Science/Battle of the Birds, this Act would've taken place on The Moon, and would have Hat Kid go around the area and retrieve large gold stars from the Lazy Paw Gang cats. In the Beta, this mini-mission system is functional, but not quite complete. Instead of collecting small moon egg characters, the cats actually carry gold stars. The Lazy Paw cats also do not use their cat model in these builds, instead opting for a Mafia model as placeholder. Aside from these details, the mode behaves exactly as it does in the initial release of the final game.

Cocoa Leftovers

To do:
Get a video of it restored in the final.

"Hat_Weapon_Cocoa", "Hat_Weapon_Cocoa_Base"
A scrapped mini-mission that was developed in-between the Alpha and Beta builds. Although it's unknown where the mini-mission would take place, the idea was that Hat Kid would use the unique cocoa kettle 'weapon' to pour cocoa for Mafia, and would achieve this by trying to use the kettle near a Mafia that wants cocoa. It's set up to spawn cameras around the player, presumably for zooming on the pouring action. The player would have to hold the attack button down to pour and not hold it down for too long or too short a time. The HUD would draw a meter showing how much cocoa the player had left and a meter at the bottom of the screen in the form of a bar that would show the player how long to hold the button down for. A feedback HUD graphic would appear based when the player let go of the button. Remnants of this system existed in the final game at launch, but have all been removed in updates.

Ghost Racing Leftovers

"Hat_NPC_Ghost", "Hat_GhostData"
The system is largely how it was leftover in the Alpha builds. The Ghost system is mostly intact, but all interacts with the Ghost NPC were commented out, as well as coding for starting the race.

Calcite Collectibles

Exactly as it was leftover in previous builds.

Partners Leftovers

"Hat_SeqAct_KillPartners", "Hat_SeqAct_TeleportPartners"
Fewer remnants of the partner system from pre-Prototype builds remain than what was found in the Alpha and Prototype builds. Only Kismet nodes for destroying all partners and teleporting partners remain.

Rhythm Game Leftovers

"Hat_SeqAct_RhythmSegment", "Hat_SeqAct_RhythmSegment_Slash", "Hat_SlashMeat"
The scrapped rhythm minigame intended for Mafia HQ, almost exactly the same as it was in Alpha Update 5. A bit of extra coding was added for detecting a player's click (attack), and the lighting type for the watermelons was changed.


To do:
Get a video of it ported to the final.

"Hat_SeqAct_Bidding", "Hat_HUDElementBidding"
The scrapped auction house mini-game that was also present in Alpha Update 5. It's seen only very minor coding changes that don't exactly change how the mini-game would've worked. The changes mostly amount to more concise coding, updates due to changes in parent class functions, and splitting the render function for the HUD into two: render and Tick.

Time Thief

"Hat_Escapist", "Hat_Escapist_Base", "Hat_Escapist_TimeThief"
The Escapist now has a base class, indicating that some work was done on these classes between the Alphas and Betas, although it's not known if this was still considered for the final game by this point. Some coding handling how the mini-mission is set up was adjusted. Otherwise, it's in the same broken state that it was in the Alpha builds.

Damage Types

  • "Hat_DamageType_BadgeElectroshock", used by the scrapped Electro Shock Badge. As that Badge cannot normally be obtained in the Beta builds, this Damage Type isn't used.
  • "Hat_DamageType_Goop", used by the Toilet of Doom's bad chocolate projectiles and balls. It's not fought in the Betas, so this goes unused.
  • "Hat_DamageType_PhantomHead", used by the Phantom Head 'enemies' in the Twilight Dungeon in Sand 'n Sails. Which isn't in the Betas.
  • "Hat_DamageType_Spicy", the still unused Damage Type that would inflict the also unused Spicy Status Effect.
  • "Hat_DamageType_ToiletSlap", used by the Toilet of Doom in these builds if it manages to land on top of the player while it's jumping around.
  • "Hat_DamageType_Zombies", used by the scrapped Zombie system, which was further deleted in these builds compared to the Alpha builds.

Expression Components

  • "Hat_ExpressionComponent_BushCat", for the unused Rough Patch enemy. Not known to have ever been implemented for it.
  • "Hat_ExpressionComponent_CrowAgent", for Crow Agents. Crow Agents don't appear in the Beta builds at all, so this goes unused.
  • "Hat_ExpressionComponent_HatKid_Old", as the name suggests, is an older Expression Component for Hat Kid, likely the one she used in the Alpha builds.
  • "Hat_ExpressionComponent_SunBurntA" and "Hat_ExpressionComponent_SunBurntB", which are for the NPCs in Sand 'n Sails. Take a guess as to why it's not used in these builds.
  • "Hat_ExpressionComponent_TimeLord", the Expression Component for Tim the Time Lord, who was likely scrapped by this point. He doesn't show up in the Beta builds at all.


Camera Screen HUD

Exactly the same as it was in the Alpha builds, but its render function was split into a render function and a Tick function. This unused HUD Element was deleted before the final game.

Debug HUDs

"Hat_HUDElementDebug", "Hat_HUDElementDebugMusic"
The two unused debugging HUDs. The first one is the same as it was in Alpha Update 5, only all of its coding for debugging the scrapped rhythm game was commented out. The music debugging HUD was updated to provide information on what music is currently playing and on what music layer (prerelease builds before the Speedrun builds used a different music system than the final's music tree system, using layers instead of branching checks).

Rocket Vehicle HUD

Exactly the same as it was in previous builds.

Snatcher Teleports "HUD"

The "HUD" that draws the pink lines between Snatcher Teleporters. As none of those are placed in the Beta builds, this goes unused. (The Snatcher Teleporters the player can spawn with the Snatcher's Realm Badge don't used this HUD)

Time of Day HUD

A new HUD that would've been used for a time-changing mechanic of some kind, likely for Mafia Town. This HUD also existed in the final game for a bit before being completely removed from not only the game, but the Modding Tools as well.


Crow Agent

As mentioned before, Crow Agents aren't used anywhere in the Beta builds despite making an appearance in the Spaceship Hub in the Alpha builds.

Sam the Detective

Sam the Detective, as unused here as he was in the previous builds.

Subcon Drunkard

A unique NPC character whose data was only found in the Beta builds. Given the unused localization in these builds that references this NPC, they were likely meant to look like Forest Dwellers in some way, but currently just uses a plain, untouched Mafia model, possibly as placeholder.

Fire Spirit

The Fire Spirit, the same as it was in the Alpha builds. By Beta Update 3, it would actually be updated to use its 3D model instead of its old 2D texture.

Forest Dwellers

"Hat_NPC_ForestDweller", "Hat_NPC_ForestDweller_Fox"
Forest Dwellers do not appear anywhere in the Beta builds, so these aren't used.


The Moonjumper. Just as unused as he was in all previous builds.

Following Mustache Girl

Leftover from the previous builds, and hasn't changed at all.

Science Owl

While Science Owls do appear as enemies in Train Rush in these builds, they never appear as standard NPCs.


"Hat_NPC_Snatcher", "Hat_NPC_SnatcherHidden"
NPC class files for Snatcher, using his 3D model (the same leftover one in the Modding Tools instead of the one used in the final game). Snatcher only appears in his 2D form in the Beta builds, just like the Alphas.


"Hat_NPC_SunBurnt", "Hat_NPC_SunBurntA", "Hat_NPC_SunBurntB"
Sand 'n Sails isn't supplied in the Betas, so the NPCs for that Chapter go unused.

Tim the Time Lord

Tim doesn't make any appearances in the Betas, so his NPC class goes unused as well.

Status Effects

  • "Hat_StatusEffect_Electrified", which would be inflicted by the unobtainable Electro Shock Badge.
  • "Hat_StatusEffect_Grow", the same as it was in previous builds. Nothing in the game inflicts this Status Effect.
  • "Hat_StatusEffect_QuickDodge", used by the Quick Dodge (Snatcher's Laugh) Badge from the Alphas. That Badge is unobtainable normally in the Beta builds, so this Status Effect goes unused.
  • "Hat_StatusEffect_SpeedBoost_Mini", the strange 'mini' speed boost Status Effect is still present, and still unused.
  • "Hat_StatusEffect_StatueFall", the Status Effect for Hat Kid turning into an Ice Statue. As the Frozen Solid Badge isn't normally obtainable in the Beta builds, this isn't used.
  • "Hat_StatusEffect_Torpedo", a strange new Status Effect added since the Alpha builds that propels Hat Kid forward. Stills exists in the final game.

Kismet Nodes

  • "Hat_SeqAct_FakeTimeObjectCount", the fake Time Piece increase Kismet Node, leftover from previous builds.
  • "Hat_SeqAct_TimeStop", the Kismet Node that would activate the black and white effect from Calcite, but doesn't work, like in previous builds.
  • "Hat_SeqCond_IsCoop", a Kismet Node that checks if Coop mode is currently active. Although currently unknown if it's actually set up in any of the levels in the builds, it always normally returns false due to Coop mode not being normally available in these builds.
  • "Hat_SeqCond_IsNewGamePlus", New Game Plus isn't available in these builds, so even if this Kismet Node is used, it'll never return true.
  • "Hat_SeqCond_LimitedBuildAccess", a leftover Kismet Node from the Alpha builds.


Debug Umbrella

The overpowered umbrella weapon, same as it always is.



Leftover coding related to the partner system was commented out, and a stricter draw distance was imposed on it, but otherwise it's the exact same as it was in the Alpha builds.


Leftover coding related to the partner system was commented out, but otherwise it's the exact same as it was in the Alpha builds.

Rollercoaster Vehicle

To do:
Get a video of it ported to the final.

"Hat_RollercoasterVehicle", "Hat_RollercoasterVehicle_ThorMachine"
A scrapped vehicle added sometime between the Alpha and Beta builds, as a test for a method of accessing Mafia HQ. Habboi talked about this concept in his 2018 developer playthrough. The vehicle uses the static mesh version of Thor's Airmobile, and moves from point to point, jumping when a point is set to make the vehicle jump. The movement is quite basic and unpolished.


An unused vehicle that could only be found in the Beta builds prior to Beta Update 3. Essentially a full-on flying vehicle that the player can navigate on their own. It can fly for an infinite amount of time as long as the player keeps pressing the jump button. The vehicle has no movement capabilities while grounded.


The Sandmobile, the primary method of travel in Sand 'n Sails. At this point, the coding for it is riddled with debug messages and it only has basic coding. Uses the static mesh version of the Airmobile as placeholder.

Beta Update 3

Item Vacuum Badge

"Hat_Badge_SuckInOrbs", "Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_SuckInOrbs"
An early version of the Item Magnet Badge. It has a slightly larger range of effect compared to the final.

Shop HUD Menu

An early version of the shop menu system seen in the final game. The version in Beta Update 3 is almost exactly like the final, except its default properties have it selling a Water Flask for 1000 Pons, indicating that it was firstly made for Sand 'n Sails and not necessarily Badge Seller.

Beehives and Bees

"Hat_Beehive", "Hat_Beehive_Hard", "Hat_Beehive_VeryHard", "Hat_Bees"
The scrapped Bee/Beehive system that was leftover in the final game. Behaves exactly the same as the leftovers, except that Beehives cannot be thrown into a Bonfire yet to instantly destroy it.

Bonfires and Colored Paintings

To do:
Get a video of it ported to the final.

"Hat_Bonfire_Base", "Hat_Bonfire_Blue", "Hat_Bonfire_Green", "Hat_Bonfire_Purple", "Hat_Bonfire_Yellow"
"Hat_SubconPainting_Blue", "Hat_SubconPainting_Green", "Hat_SubconPainting_Purple", "Hat_SubconPainting_Yellow"
The Fire Spirit Bonfire system seen in the final game, although slightly different at this point. The gameplay is the same: retrieve paintings matching the Bonfire's color, and upon throwing all of them in, the Bonfire 'deactivates'. However, upon completion of a Bonfire in Beta Update 3, the Bonfire will emit numerous Pons as a prize, and can even be set to spawn more substantial prizes, like important collecibles or Badges. This feature was completely removed in the final.

Water Flask System

"Hat_Collectible_WaterFlask", "Hat_HUDElementWaterFlasks", "Hat_DeadlyHeatSafeVolume", "Hat_DamageType_Thirst"
An early version of the scrapped thirst mechanic that was leftover in the final game. The HUD for Water Flasks at this point did not yet have its unique graphics, and used the cocoa meter HUD graphics as placeholder. The coding for the system is considerably more basic than the final's at this point, but is still technically functional, and still follows the same rules. Hat Kid loses water while outside of a Deadly Heat Safe Volume/water, and if she goes too long without water, she starts taking damage. Entering water refills her water supply completely.

Sunburnt Citizen

A moving version of the Sand 'n Sails NPCs that was leftover in the final game for a while before being removed. Behaves exactly the same as the leftover final version.

Scorpion Vehicle

Behaves exactly the same as the Sandmobile in this build, but is oddly set up to use an Unreal Tournament vehicle, the Scorpion. Removed before the final game.

Test Vehicle

A class file with no unique coding to its name, and extends a core vehicle class. Deleted before the final game.