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Proto:A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Prototype/Differences to the Final Game

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This is a sub-page of Proto:A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Prototype.


AHatIntime targetpointer(Proto).png
Texture Differences
For a build with so few assets there sure is a lot here.
AHatIntime mafia palm tree(PrototypeModel).png
Model Differences
The cake is not a lie.
AHatInTime HatKidGreg RunCycle.gif
Animation Differences
Hat Kid actually got worse at swimming in the final game. (Warning: page contains a lot of animated GIFs!)

Audio Differences

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Mafia Voice Lines

Prototype GoBoiano Prototype Cosmo/Final

The voice lines for the Mafia in the GoBoiano Prototype...sound quite different from the Cosmo Prototype's lines, to say the least. The lines used in the Cosmo Prototype (and the final game) were actually already imported into the game's files before the GoBoiano Prototype, yet it still used these early lines. Note that the first three lines, the laughter, are not used in the final game and can only be found in the final game's Modding Tools.

Grass Footstep Sounds

Pre-Speedrun Final

The sound effects for walking on grass were slightly adjusted for the final game.

Double Jump Sound Effect

Pre-Speedrun Final

One of the sound effects for double jumping was made slightly louder in the final game.

Menu Cursor Sound Effect

Pre-Speedrun Final

The sound effect for selecting an item on a menu was lowered in pitch to be more comfortable on the ears.

Firework Rocket Sounds

The scrapped firework rockets are much, much louder in the Prototype builds than they are in the Alpha builds and early Betas. They have sound effects for launching and exploding, all of which were completely deleted before the Alpha builds.




This is the looping firework noise, used while riding a rocket. It would stick around in the Alpha and Beta builds, but was completely deleted before the final game.

Minecart Screech Noise

Note that this sound effect below is very unpleasant to hear. Mind your ears.

This is a sound effect used for the minecarts when in motion. ...It's quite easy to understand why it was removed. Although the minecarts are still present in the Alpha builds, they are behind closed doors and are normally inaccessible. They are also completely silent by the Alphas.

Two more sound effects also used by the minecarts in the Prototypes that are completely gone in future builds. For some reason, the first one is always heard when starting Mafia Town in these builds.

Hat Kid Punching Sound

Prototype Alpha/Beta Final

The sound for punching something as an unarmed little kid is completely different to the versions used in later builds. Comparing the Alpha and Beta version to the final, the final's adds a dull, low moan noise in the background, and is also slightly shorter in length compared to the early version.

Water Splash Sound

Prototype Alpha/Beta Final

The Prototype version is a much lower sound, sounding like something much heavier fell into the water compared to the later versions. The Alpha and Beta version is played at a slightly lower pitch compared to the final.

Hit Sound Effect

Pre-Speedrun Final

Extremely minor differences. The early version is slightly louder than the final's.

Damage Sounds

Prototype Alpha/Beta Final

There are three different sounds for attacking with the umbrella in the Prototypes, all of which are much lower pitch than the later versions. This was shortened down to just one by the Alpha builds. The Alpha and Beta version is played at a slightly lower pitch in the final game, and is a bit quieter, too. As for the smack sounds, the Prototype one is a bit louder and longer than the later versions. The Alpha and Beta version of the slap sound is a bit louder and slightly lower pitch than the final's.

Hookshot Sounds

Prototype Alpha Beta Final

The 'clang' noise for the hookshot in the Prototypes completely different from the later versions. The Beta 'clang' sound is almost the same as the final. The chain looping sound in the Prototype is much quieter than the later versions, and much shorter, too. The looping chain sound in the Beta builds is much higher-pitched than in the final games. As a side-note, the Alpha builds had literally no sound effects for the hookshot ability.

Blocking Sound

Prototype Alpha/Beta/Final

The sound effect for a Mafia guarding an umbrella attack is much higher pitched in future builds.

Music Differences

Mafia Town Music

Track Prototype Final
Mafia Town Main Theme
Mafia Town Beach Theme
Mafia Town Underwater Theme
Mafia Town Lava Theme
Mafia Battle/Barrel Battle
Level Intro

As Eric Gleiser was still the composer at Gears For Breakfast at this point in development, not a single track made by Pascal is anywhere to be found. The melodies and general feel of the music for the level are radically different. It's not night and day, but the instruments and overall composition are almost nothing like each other. Eric's tracks focus a lot more on higher notes, while Pascal's hit more lower notes, generally. It should be noted that due to Mafia Town being the only major playable level in these builds, it's quite possible the level intro theme was meant as a general theme to be used across the entire game at this point in development, as opposed to each Chapter having their own intro theme, which was first implemented into the Beta builds. Developer footage of the Alpha version of Train Rush shows the level using the same level intro theme as Mafia Town in the Alpha, further concreting the idea of a plan to only use a general level intro theme earlier in development.

Mafia Town Cutscene Music

Upon starting Mafia Town, a brief cutscene plays that is absent from all builds after the Prototypes. Unique music, the first of these three tracks, is used for it. The remaining two tracks, only found in the Cosmo Prototype, were used for cutscenes involving Tim the Time Lord. These cutscenes are all absent from builds after the Prototype builds, as well.

New Ability Music

The music for receiving a new ability in the Prototype builds uses a unique track that doesn't really have a direct equivalent in future builds.

Title Screen Music

Prototype Alpha Beta Final

The Prototypes used a unique track for their "title screen", which was a level select menu. Once again, as it was composed by Eric, it saw no use in the final game, and was absent from the files of all builds after the Prototypes.

Time Piece Music

Prototype Final

The music for a Time Piece spawning and obtaining one are completely different between the Prototypes and the Alpha builds. The music made for these scenarios in the Alphas would go on to be used in all future builds, including the final game.

Puzzle Solved Jingle

Prototype Final

The little jingle used when solving puzzles in levels is a completely different composition, but the general feel of the track is mostly the same.

Localization Differences

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Gameplay Differences

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