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Proto:A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Prototype/Differences to the Final Game/Animation Differences

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This is a sub-page of Proto:A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Prototype/Differences to the Final Game.

Hat Kid


Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatInTime HatKidGreg Idle.gif AHatIntime HatKid Idle.gif

The idle animation was adjusted quite a bit to look a bit more natural for the final game, and not have Hat Kid leaning forward constantly during it.


Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatInTime HatKidGreg RunCycle.gif AHatIntime HatKid RunCycle.gif

The early running animation has a distinct rhythm and motion to it, while the final's feels a bit more natural. Hat Kid leans back a bit in the early version, but forward in the final.

Forward Jump

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatInTime HatKidGreg FwdJump.gif AHatIntime HatKid Jump Forward.gif

Hat Kid sticks her right foot and arms out a bit more in the early version. The falling portion of it was changed for the final to match the updated falling cycle animation.

Still Jump

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatInTime HatKidGreg StillJump.gif AHatIntime HatKid Jump Still.gif

The pose Hat Kid does while jumping up is slightly different, and her arms are a bit further out in the early version. The falling part was updated, like the previous.

Double Jump

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatInTime HatKidGreg DoubleJump.gif AHatIntime HatKid Jump Double.gif

The animation is mostly the same, and was updated to match the looping falling animation, like the previous.

Swimming Idle

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatInTime HatKidGreg SwimIdle.gif AHatIntime HatKid swimidle.gif

The animation for idling in the water is basically like the early idle animation adjusted to be in water. The final animation is much more unique, with more movement on Hat Kid's arms and legs.


Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatInTime HatKidGreg SwimForward.gif AHatIntime HatKid SwimForward.gif

The early swimming animation is actually a demonstration of a higher level of swimming skill. In the final game, Hat Kid's skills have been reduced to doggy paddle levels. This might've been related to the fact that Hat Kid can no longer dive underwater in the final game and that she can drown, which wasn't a feature in any prerelease build prior to the Speedrun builds.

Ledge Grabbing

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatInTime HatKidGreg LedgeHang.gif AHatIntime HatKid LedgeHang.gif

Hat Kid's ledge grabbing animation is only barely animated in the early builds. For the final, a bit more motion was added in the form of Hat Kid looking around, and includes a little portion of the animation where Hat Kid pokes her head up for a second.

Item Obtain

Prototype Alpha/Beta Final
AHatInTime HatKidGreg ItemGetIntro.gif
AHatInTime HatKidGreg ItemGetIdle.gif
AHatIntime (Alpha) HatKid GetItem.gif AHatIntime HatKid GetItem.gif

The animation for getting an item changed a couple times across development. In the Prototypes, there's actually an intro animation for this, and the main animation is a looping animation where Hat Kid stands (floats?) under the item she got with her arms extended outwards. For the Alpha and Beta builds, she does a quick twirl and stops on a pose, completely motionless. The final game also does this, but with quite a bit more polish.


Prototype Cosmo (Unused) Alpha/Beta/Final
AHatInTime HatKidGreg DeathRough.gif AHatIntime HatKid Died.gif

A death animation is present in the Cosmo Prototype, and is unused normally. The animation is completely different from the final version, which was introduced in the Alpha builds.

Cutscene Animations

There were numerous cutscene animations for Hat Kid that were deleted before the final game, and cannot be found in its files or the Modding Tools. These can all be found in the data for each Prototype build, Alpha build, and Beta build.


AHatIntime MafiaGreg rap.gif
In the Prototype builds exclusively, there was a rapping Mafia with large stage and screens that occupied the space that would be taken by the black market in the Alpha builds. The microphone he held only exists in the data of the Prototype builds, but his animation and "YO!" particle texture persisted through the Alpha and Beta builds, until they were all deleted before the final game.

Mustache Girl

Prototype Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime (Prototype) MustacheGirl Idle.gif AHatInTime MuGirl IdleOld.gif AHatIntime MustacheGirl Idle.gif

Mustache Girl's idle animation changed twice during development. It started out as a unique, basic animation with her hands down by her sides and a stance that has her right foot forward a bit. She simply bobs up and down in her Prototype animation. Her Alpha and Beta version of the idle animation is a copy of Hat Kid's. The final version is longer than the previous two and is slightly edited from the previous version here and there to be a little more unique.