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Proto:A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Prototype/Differences to the Final Game/Texture Differences

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This is a sub-page of Proto:A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Prototype/Differences to the Final Game.

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HUD Graphics

Pon HUD Counter Icon

Prototype/Alpha Beta Final
AHatIntime EnergyBit(HUDIconProto).png AHatIntime EnergyBit(HUDIconBeta).png AHatIntime EnergyBit(HUDIconFinal).png

In line with the Pons in both the Prototypes and Alpha builds being red instead of green, the HUD icon for them matches their design in these builds. By the Beta, they gained their familiar green appearance that looks much closer to the final game's.

Speech Bubbles

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatInTime speechbubble.png AHatIntime speech bubble regular(Final).png
AHatInTime speechbubble scream tex.png AHatIntime speech bubble scream(Final).png
AHatInTime speechbubble gloom.png AHatIntime speech bubble gloom(Final).png
AHatInTime speechbubble formal tex.png AHatIntime speech bubble ui(Final).png
AHatIntime smalltalk tex(Proto).png AHatIntime smalltalk regular(Final).png
AHatInTime smalltalk gloom.png AHatIntime smalltalk gloom(Final).png
AHatIntime smalltalk scream tex(Proto).png AHatIntime smalltalk scream(Final).png
AHatInTime question01.png AHatIntime speech bubble question(Final).png

The conversation bubbles the game uses at this point are a little different compared to the final game. They are shaded, while the graphics for the final are all flat colors.

Combat Tutorial Graphics

AHatIntime tutorial attack(Proto).pngAHatIntime tutorial jump(Proto).pngAHatIntime tutorial attack gamepad(ProtoCosmo).png
After chasing Tim the Time Lord around Mafia Town in order to retrieve your umbrella, Hat Kid gets into a fight with some Mafia who were bullying Mustache Girl. During the battle, Tim floats above the area and informs the player on how to attack and deal with the Mafia guarding against the player's attacks. The Cosmo Prototype added a variant of the first speech bubble for players using a controller instead of keyboard.

Combat Strafing Target Pointer

AHatIntime targetpointer(Proto).png
Unique to the Prototype builds is the ability for Hat Kid to lock onto enemies and strafe around them while keeping her eyes locked onto them. It's a mechanic similar to Z-Targeting in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. By the Alpha builds, this feature was removed, although the graphic still remained in the game's files. By the Beta builds, however, it was completely gone.

Pause Menu Graphics

AHatIntime pause continue(Proto).png
AHatIntime pause mainmenu(Proto).png
AHatIntime pause exitgame(Proto).png
Graphics for a pause menu unique to the Prototypes. No item inventory of any kind was programmed at this point. These graphics can also be found in the Alpha builds, unused.

Menu Hand Graphic

AHatIntime pointer hatkid hand(Proto).png
An early graphic for a hand, used for selecting HUD menu options and choices in certain conversations. Also used in the Alpha builds, but was replaced in the Beta builds by an animated white glove graphic.

Impact Circle Graphic

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime impact circle(Proto).png AHatIntime impact circle(Final).png

The resolution for a graphic used for an effect that plays when bonking into things or smacking something that cannot be broken was cut in half for the final game, as well as the red color being made more solid around the outer edges of the ring.

Health HUD

Prototype/Early Alphas Alpha Update 5 Beta/Final
AHatIntime health bg(Proto).png
AHatIntime health pointer(Proto).pngAHatInTime Health bar full.pngAHatInTime Health bar empty.png
AHatInTime playerhealth full.pngAHatInTime PlayerHealth 3.pngAHatInTime PlayerHealth 2.png
AHatInTime PlayerHealth 1.pngAHatInTime playerhealth empty.png
AHatInTime Playerhealth heart.pngAHatInTime Playerhealth arrow.png
AHatInTime playerhealth zaps.png
AHatInTime Playerhealth new 4.pngAHatInTime Playerhealth new 3.png
AHatInTime Playerhealth new 2.pngAHatInTime Playerhealth new 1.png
AHatIntime Playerhealth new 0(Final).pngAHatIntime text life(Final).png

The graphics for the Health HUD are very different to the final game's design, being a dark-brown hat surrounded by a thin yellow-orange ring. In the Prototype builds and early Alpha builds, Hat Kid had 7 health by default instead of only 4, and each hit Hat Kid could take would be represented by the round rectangle graphics, with the black version being used for empty health. Alpha Update 5 overhauled the look of the HUD completely, and reduced the max amount of HP for Hat Kid to 4. Both still use an arrow, although it should be the mentioned that the arrow graphic in the Prototypes and early Alphas is non-functional. A couple early screenshots of Harbor show that the arrow was meant to point to the player's current health, but by Calcite, that functionality no longer existed. The arrow graphic is simply programmed to render at a 45 degree angle at all times. The Beta builds introduced the final design for the player's Health HUD, which involved another total redesign to a more compass-like appearance that doesn't use an arrow.

Prototype/Early Alphas Alpha Update 5
AHatIntime AlphaBaseHUD.png AHatIntime AlphaUpdate5HUD.gif

Time Piece HUD Icon

Prototype/Alpha Beta Final
AHatInTime TimeObject.png AHatIntime collectible timepiece(Beta).png AHatIntime collectible timepiece(Final).png

The HUD icon for the player's total collected Time Pieces in the Prototypes and Alpha builds is a somewhat crudely-drawn brown hourglass with teal sand flowing in it. By the Beta builds, the icon was completely redone with a more stylized appearance alongside being given a blue color, and the final game overhauled the design once again with a much higher resolution and far more detail.

Confirm HUD Graphics

AHatIntime button next keyboard tex(Proto).pngAHatIntime button next console a(Proto).png
The Prototype and Alpha builds use completely different graphics for proceeding conversations and confirming menu options than the Beta builds and final game do. By the Betas, the graphics used for these contexts are simple bubble graphics that can change colors and dynamically modify the text that shows what key or button needs to be pressed, depending on whether the player is playing on keyboard or a controller.

Interact Button HUD Graphics

Prototype Alpha/Beta/Final
AHatIntime target interact keyboard(Proto).pngAHatIntime target interact console(Proto).png
AHatIntime target interact empty(Proto).png
AHatIntime target interact keyboard(Final).pngAHatIntime target interact console(Final).png
AHatIntime target interact empty(Final).png

The context-sensitive HUD buttons that show up when the player can interact with something differ between the Prototype builds and all other builds of the game. The differences are minor, with the arrows under the button graphics being removed and the single arrow being reduced in resolution.

Prototype Watermark Texture

AHatIntime prototype watermark(ProtoCosmo).png

The watermark graphic seen in 90% of gameplay footage in the Cosmo Prototype. This texture is absent in the GoBoiano Prototype, as it hadn't been made yet. The GoBoiano Prototype lacks any kind of watermark texture in its files.

Object Graphics

Brick Road Texture

Prototype Alpha Beta/Final
AHatIntime road rock tex(ProtoGoBiano).png
AHatIntime road rock normal(Proto).png

AHatIntime road rock tex(ProtoCosmo).png
AHatIntime road rock tex(Alpha).png
AHatIntime road rock occlusion(Alpha).png
AHatIntime road rock tex(Final).png
AHatIntime road rock normal(Final).png

The common brick road texture for Mafia Town changed a few times during development, and gained its final appearance starting in the Beta builds. The Alpha builds are the only builds to use an occlusion map. The designs in the Prototypes and Alpha builds somewhat resembles the pattern of giraffes, which a bit of joke text exclusive to the Cosmo Prototype actually calls it.

Early Wood Textures

AHatIntime wood tex(Proto).png
AHatIntime wood normal(Proto).png
A very early design for wooden planks. The normal map is exclusive to the Prototype builds, while the other texture was present up through the Beta builds, but was deleted before the final game.

Brick Textures

Prototype/Alpha Beta/Final
AHatIntime bricks tex(Proto).pngAHatIntime bricks normal(Proto).png
AHatIntime factory bricks(Proto).png
AHatIntime bricks tex(Final).png
AHatIntime factory bricks(Final).png

The standard brick textures around Mafia Town in the Prototypes and the Alpha builds actually use a normal map, something the Beta builds and final game don't do. Additional detail was added to the brick textures in the Beta to remove the need for a normal map.

Skybox Clouds

AHatIntime horizontalclouds(Proto).png
Clouds that appear only in the Prototype builds.

Skybox Texture

AHatIntime skybox daylight2(Proto).png
A unique skybox texture that, much like the clouds above, only appears in the Prototype builds.

Grass Floor

Prototype Alpha Beta/Final
AHatIntime Grass(ProtoGoBiano).png

AHatIntime Grass(ProtoCosmo).png
AHatIntime Grass(Alpha).png AHatIntime Grass(Final).png

The appearance of the grass floor texture in the Prototypes and Alpha builds differs from Beta builds and final game. Aside from being lower resolution, the appearance of the older grass texture is much more crusty with angular patterns, while the Beta's and final game's version uses an almost water color-like design.

Beach Sand

Prototype Alpha Beta/Final
AHatIntime sand seafloor tex(Proto).png
AHatIntime sand seafloor normal(Proto).png
AHatIntime sand seafloor tex(Alpha).png AHatIntime sand seafloor tex(Final).png

The texture for the beach sand once had a completely different look in builds prior to the Beta builds. The design is far more simplistic and stylized compared to the final game's. The version in the Prototypes compared to the one in the Alpha builds is slightly more pale, and also contains a normal map, which is exclusive to the Prototype builds.

Cafe Floor Tile Normal Map

Prototype Final (Modding Tools)
AHatIntime floortile normal(Proto).png AHatIntime floortile normal.png

The floor in the Seaside Spaghetti cafe uses a normal map, which is only used in the Prototype builds. A later version of the texture can be found in the final game's Modding Tools.

Blue Wood Fence Normal Map

AHatIntime wood blue fence normal(Proto).png
Another texture exclusive to the Prototypes is a normal map texture for the blue wood design seen on the bridges in Mafia Town.

Calk Plaster Floor Normal Map

AHatIntime calk plaster floor normal(Proto).png
A normal map for the checkered floor seen on bridges in Mafia Town. Again, it's exclusive to the Prototypes.

Tutorial Paint Graphics

AHatIntime spacejump(ProtoGoBiano).pngAHatIntime doublejump(ProtoGoBiano).png
AHatIntime ducktodive(ProtoCosmo).pngAHatIntime ctrlcrouch(Proto).png
AHatIntime wasdmov(Proto).png
Plastered around Mafia Town are various tutorial paint graphics that inform the player of the basic controls. These are not in the files for any version of the game outside of the Prototype builds. Starting with the Alpha builds, the game has a basic HUD menu that pops up at certain points in the levels that displays the controls. Note that the first two graphics are exclusive to the GoBoiano Prototype and the third graphic is exclusive to the Cosmo Prototype.

Stone Tablet Texture

Prototype Cosmo/Alpha Base Version Alpha Update 5/Beta Final
AHatIntime stone a(ProtoCosmo).png AHatIntime stone a(AlphaUpdate5).png AHatIntime stone a(Final).png

The stone tablet that is seen on 'Habboi Island' in Mafia Town has a few different designs across the builds. In Prototype Cosmo and the very first build of the Alpha, it contained additional text at the bottom of the stone that was removed from all future designs. By Alpha Update 5, the border around the text was thickened. In the final game, all of the text was completely removed.

Pot Texture

AHatIntime pot tex(Proto).png
The texture used by the scrapped pot model that is only present in the Prototype and Alpha builds.

Mafia HQ Wallpaper

AHatIntime wallpaper red(Proto).png
A unique design for the walls in Mafia HQ that is exclusive to the Prototype builds.

Cake Texture

AHatIntime cake(Proto).png
The texture used by the unique cake model, which is only found in the Prototype builds.

Flat Seagull Texture

AHatIntime seagull(Proto).png
A flat texture of a seagull, exclusive to the Prototype builds. Starting with the Alphas, it would be replaced by a flat LOD texture.

Lava Rock Mask Texture

Pre-Speedrun Final (Unused)
AHatIntime rock top alpha(Proto).png AHatInTime Rock top alpha.png

A masking texture for lava rocks that went unused in the final game had its resolution cut in half after the Beta builds.

Default Normal Map

AHatIntime normal default(Proto).png
A blank normal map texture, exclusive to the Prototypes.

Light Plant Head Design

Prerelease Final (Modding Tools)
AHatIntime light plant head(Proto).png AHatIntime light plant head.png

The scrapped Light Plant enemies seen in all prerelease builds (except the Speedrun builds) had a taller stem and had white heads instead of purple ones. The older head design also does not depict them with tongues.

Toilet of Doom Wood

Prototype Alpha Beta Final
AHatIntime toilet wood(Proto).png AHatIntime toilet wood(Alpha).png AHatIntime toilet wood(Beta).png AHatIntime toilet wood(Final).png

The wood texture used on the older version of the Toilet of Doom once had completely differently-stylized texture for it, which is more reminiscent of the game's art style earlier in development. The Alpha's version of this texture is slightly desaturated in comparison, and the Beta's is blurred. The final game's, which is used for other things besides the unused older Toilet of Doom, gained a completely new texture boasting far more detail and a lower resolution.

Mafia Body Texture

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime mafia body texture(Proto).png AHatIntime mafia body texture(Final).png

Each Mafia in builds prior to the Speedrun builds had a body texture that was 4K in resolution. This was reduced in the Speedrun builds and final game down to 1024x1024.

Mafia Apron Textures

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime mafia apron tex(Proto).png AHatIntime mafia apron tex(Final).png

The texture on one of the aprons on the Mafia before the final game was also 4K in resolution.

Prototype Alpha/Beta/Final
AHatIntime mafia apron2 texture(Proto).png AHatIntime mafia apron2 texture(Final).png

The text was redrawn and "Mafia" was added to the design.

Cafe Pictures

Prototype/Alpha Beta/Final
AHatIntime picture01(Proto).png
AHatIntime picture02(Proto).png
AHatIntime picture03(Proto).png
AHatIntime picture04(Proto).png
AHatIntime picture01(Final).png
AHatIntime picture02(Final).png
AHatIntime picture03(Final).png
AHatIntime picture04(Final).png

The paintings in the Seaside Spaghetti cafe in Mafia Town were completely changed in the Beta builds. All four paintings seem to originally have depicted the scrapped robo-bunny character, who is otherwise only seen in concept art for the game.

Horizon Island

Pre-Speedrun Final (Modding Tools)
AHatIntime)horizon mountain(Proto).png AHatIntime horizon mountain(Texture).png

The resolution for a texture for an island in the distance from Mafia Town was reduced after the Beta builds. This island, however, was scrapped for the final game, but its texture could be found in the Modding Tools. The model, however, is not in the Modding Tools.

Slot Machine Textures

Prototype Alpha/Beta Beta Final
AHatIntime slot logo(Proto).png AHatIntime slot logo(Alpha).png AHatIntime slot logo2(Beta).png AHatIntime slot logo(Final).png
AHatIntime slot logo2(Final).png
AHatIntime slot scroll(Proto).png AHatIntime slot scroll(Alpha).png AHatIntime slot scroll2(Beta).png AHatIntime slot scroll(Final).png
AHatIntime slot main(Proto).png AHatIntime slot main(Alpha).png - AHatIntime slot main(Used).png

For some currently-unknown reason, the textures for the Mafia HQ slot machines are included within the files for the Prototype builds, along with the model. The textures themselves differ from the ones in the Alpha and Beta builds, and look even more different to the final game's. The logo for the slot machines says 'A Hat in Time' instead of 'Slot Machine', and features an overall simpler design. The machine itself is yellow, while future builds make the machines mostly grey.

Rope Texture

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime general rope tex(Proto).png AHatIntime general rope tex(Final).png

The resolution on the general rope texture was cut in half twice.

Watermelon Texture

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime watermelon tex(Proto).png AHatIntime watermelon tex(Final).png

The resolution for the watermelon's texture was cut in half twice for the final game.

Generic Wood Texture

Prototype/Alpha Beta Final
AHatIntime wood generic(Proto).png AHatIntime wood generic(Beta).png AHatIntime wood generic(Final).png

A simple wood texture used throughout the game had some really minor changes across builds. In the Beta, some slight details were removed, and the resolution was dropped in the final game.

Rock Hill Texture

Prototype Alpha Beta/Final
AHatIntime Mountainrock(Proto).png AHatIntime mountainrock(Alpha).png AHatIntime mountainrock(Beta).png

The texture for the rocky mountain areas of Mafia Town is quite different from the final game's, which is far more simplistic and uses a completely different art style. Compared to the Alpha's version, the version in the Prototypes is darker.

Cellar Props and Wine Stain

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime cellar props01(Proto).png
AHatIntime wine stain01(Proto).png
AHatIntime cellar props01(Final).png
AHatIntime wine stain01(Final).png

Both the textures for wooden barrels and a wine stain were both 4K in resolution before the final game.

Mafia Stool Texture

Prototype Alpha/Beta Final
AHatIntime mafia stool(Proto).png AHatIntime mafia stool(Alpha).png AHatIntime mafia stool(Final).png

The texture for the stools seen in Mafia Town and Mafia HQ had a minor design change for the Alpha and Beta builds, and the resolution was dropped for the final game.

Rooftop Tileset Textures

AHatIntime rooftop tileset1(Proto).png
AHatIntime rooftop tilset2(Proto).png

Prototype Alpha
AHatIntime rooftop tileset normal(Proto).png AHatIntime rooftop tileset normal(Alpha).png

The rooftops of the buildings in Mafia Town in the Prototype and Alpha builds use unique textures that are gone by the Beta builds. The normal map for this design changed a fair bit between the Prototypes and Alphas, gaining a lot more definition.

Blue Pillow and Dark Blue Pillow

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime darkbluepillow tex(Proto).png
AHatIntime bluepillow tex(Proto).png
AHatIntime darkbluepillow tex(Final).png
AHatIntime bluepillow tex(Final).png

The resolution for two textures called for 'blue pillows' were cut in half twice as well.

Calk Plaster Normal Map

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime)calk plaster normal(Proto).png AHatIntime calk plaster normal(Final).png

Again, the resolution of a normal map for calk plaster was drastically reduced. The original texture was 2K.

Non-Generic Calk Plaster Normal Map

Prototype Final
AHatIntime calk plaster normal(Proto MafiaTown).png AHatIntime calk plaster normal(Final MafiaTown).png

Another calk plaster map, this one dedicated to Mafia Town. Its design changed between the Prototype builds and the final game. This texture was absent from all Alpha, Beta, and Speedrun builds.

Subcon Tree Stump

Prototype/Alpha Beta Final
AHatIntime tree stump clean(Proto).png AHatIntime tree stump clean(Beta).png AHatIntime tree stump clean(Final).png

The early design for tree stumps in Subcon Forest is present in all builds that predate the Speedrun builds. The design of it is the same in the Prototypes and Alphas, but in the Beta builds the brown was brightened up a bit. In the final game, its design was overhauled to be purple and far more detailed.

Mushroom Stem

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime mushroom stem(Proto).png AHatIntime mushroom stem(Final).png

A significant amount of extra detail was added, including dark shading at the top of the texture.

Secret Level Sweets Textures

Prototype Cosmo Final
AHatIntime cake base01(ProtoCosmo).png
AHatIntime icing base01(ProtoCosmo).png
AHatIntime cake base01(Final).png
AHatIntime icing base01(Final).png
Prototype Cosmo Alpha
AHatIntime platform cookie diffuse01(ProtoCosmo).png AHatIntime platform cookie diffuse01(Final).png

The textures for a cake platform found in the Cosmo Prototype are much higher resolution than the ones in the final game, being 2K instead of 512x512. Note that the cake textures and platform were absent for all Alpha and Beta builds. The texture for the cookie platforms, however, was a whopping 4K in resolution. By the Alpha builds, this was cut down to 1024x1024.

Secret Level Cloud Texture

Prototype Alpha/Final (Modding Tools)
AHatIntime sky02(Proto).png AHatIntime sky02.png

One of the cloud textures in the background of the Secret Levels in the Prototype and Alpha builds is darker in the Prototypes compared to the version found in the Alphas and the final game's Modding Tools.

Footstep Texture

Prerelease Final
AHatIntime footstep(Proto).png AHatIntime footstep(Final).png

The texture for a player's footprint was made brown for the final game.

Mustache Girl Textures

Prerelease Final
AHatIntime mustachegirl facial idle exp(Proto).png
AHatIntime mustachegirl facial idle white(Proto).png
AHatIntime mustachegirl facial idle lashes(Proto).png
AHatIntime mustachegirl facial idle exp(Final).png
AHatIntime mustachegirl facial idle white(Final).png
AHatIntime mustachegirl facial idle lashes(Final).png

Mustache Girl's idle face and eyes were redrawn slightly for the final game, and the masking texture was adjusted as well.

Time Piece Wood Texture

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime hourglass wood(Proto).png AHatIntime hourglass wood(Final).png

The texture for the wood on the Time Pieces was originally 4K prior to the final game.

Umbrella Texture

Pre-Speedrun Final
AHatIntime Umbrella(Texture)(Proto).png AHatIntime Umbrella(Texture)(Final).png

An extremely minor change to the texture was made for the final game. The top-left part of the UV map had a slight adjustment. The textures are otherwise identical.

Hat Kid Textures

Prototype Final
AHatIntime hatkid body tex(Proto).png
AHatIntime hatkid body normal(Proto).png
AHatIntime hatkid body shine(Proto).png
AHatIntime hatkid body(Final).png

In the Prototypes, Hat Kid had a normal map and a "shine" texture, something no future builds of the game have at all. The texture for Hat Kid's body is also a completely different texture in its name, which is "hatkid_body_tex". All future builds of the game use "hatkid_body".

Prototype Alpha
AHatIntime) hatkid hat tex(Proto).png AHatIntime hatkid hat tex(Alpha).png

In the Prototype and Alpha builds of the game, Hat Kid's hat used a unique texture called 'hatkid_hat_tex'. Starting with the Beta builds, the hat just used the same texture as Hat Kid's body.

Prototype/Alpha Beta/Final
AHatIntime Hatkid facial angry exp(Proto).png AHatIntime hatkid facial angry exp(Final).png

The positioning of Hat Kid's mouth when angry was higher up in the Prototype and Alpha builds.