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This is a sub-page of Proto:Antonball Deluxe.

Download.png Download Antonball Deluxe (Prototype, January 30th 2020)
File: ANTONBALL_DELUXE_TEST_ROOM.zip (2.75 MB) (info)

This build of Antonball Deluxe was yet another control test, this time going for the SNES style that the game would end up with for its final release. Unlike the December 6th 2019 prototype, this one actually has more going for it, having one unused room.


This is the room the game will boot into. It shares some similarities to the final game.

Deluxe Test Room Final
PC-Antonball-deluxetest level1-1.png PC-Antonball-level1-1.png
  • The prototype plays in 1280x720, rather than the custom resolution of 1024x576.
  • There is no HUD or background.
  • The brick wall textures have no shading.
  • The ball can't leave the game.
  • The bricks are in a rainbow pattern, rather than being different per row.
  • The platforms are in a different pattern.
  • The arcade border is missing.

When all bricks are gone in the prototype, nothing happens, and you'll just stay in the room.

Unused Room

rm_test is the same room in the December 6th 2019 build, but it's bigger, has enemies that can't hurt you, has ladders you can't use and the room shows that the game had at some point a functioning camera.

PC-Antonball-deluxetest rm test utmt-1.png PC-Antonball-deluxetest rm test-1.png PC-Antonball-deluxetest rm test-2.png

Revisional / Unused Sprites

Anton's sprite seen by default looks different from the final. They also are in bigger grids for some reason.

Deluxe Test Room Final
PC-Antonball-deluxetest spr anton-1.png PC-Antonball-spr anton-1.png
PC-Antonball-deluxetest spr anton run-1.gif PC-Antonball-spr anton run-1.gif
PC-Antonball-deluxetest spr anton jump-1.png PC-Antonball-spr antons jump-1.png
PC-Antonball-deluxetest spr anton crouch-1.png PC-Antonball-spr anton crouch-1.png

The sprites for Antonball 2 are also here, and they're all identical (except for the jumping sprite which accidentally removed one pixel from his foot). For some reason, their grid is 1 pixel wider to the right. Their sprite names also have spr_classicanton in the name, suggesting Classic Anton was a seperate character in the game.

PC-Antonball-antonsballs spr anton-1.png PC-Antonball-antonsballs spr antonrun-1.gif PC-Antonball-antonsballs spr antonjump-1.png

Revisional Music

This game contains one music track, that being mus_level, which is an earlier version of Ball Busters that uses samples from Super Mario All-Stars.

Deluxe Test Room Final