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Proto:Antonball Deluxe/antons balls (Antonball 2)

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Antonball Deluxe.

Download.png Download Antonball Deluxe (Prototype, December 6th 2019)
File: Antons_balls.zip (2.74 MB) (info)

This is the earliest prototype build of Antonball Deluxe publically available. This build is even referred to as "Antonball 2" in the application name. Supposedly, this sequel would have continued the Game Boy-like style that Antonball Classic had, instead of the Super Nintendo-style that was introduced later.

Because of how early this build is, there is no unused content, just minor differences in Anton's sprite from Antonball Classic.

Antonball 2 Antonball Classic Antonball Deluxe (Final)
PC-Antonball-antonsballs spr anton-1.png PC-AntonballClassic-spr stance-1.png PC-Antonball-spr anton-1.png
PC-Antonball-antonsballs spr antonrun-1.gif PC-AntonballClassic-spr run-1.gif PC-Antonball-spr anton run-1.gif
PC-Antonball-antonsballs spr antonjump-1.png PC-AntonballClassic-spr jump-1.png PC-Antonball-spr antons jump-2.png
PC-Antonball-rm test-1.png