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Proto:Banjo-Pilot/Voxel Engine Build

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Download.png Download Banjo-Pilot Voxel Engine Build
File: Banjo_Pilot_Voxel.zip (7.45MB (14.8MB decompressed)) (info)

The voxel engine build of Banjo-Pilot was the result of a few months' work. The title comes from the engine which renders the tracks in this build, which was dropped due to lag and a lukewarm reaction.

This build was released on December 17, 2011.

General Differences

  • No music is played while racing, which is odd considering that music from Diddy Kong Pilot is still being used.
  • The player is unable to shoot bullets.
  • Bottles' theme music is a pitch lower than the final build.
  • All character sprites in the menus have less frames of animation than the final game.

Aesthetic Differences

Prototype Final
Banjo-Pilotvoxel1.PNG Banjo-Pilotfinal1.PNG

Two options were removed from this menu in the final: multiplayer weapons and reverse controls. "Erase Save Data" was moved to the bottom center of the screen.

Prototype Final
Banjo-Pilotvoxel2.PNG Banjo-Pilotfinal2.PNG

Quick Race is not present in this prototype. The descriptions for each of the options were condensed into one box at the bottom of the screen in the final version.

Prototype Final
Banjo-Pilotvoxel3.PNG Banjo-Pilotfinal3.PNG

Everything is far cheaper in Cheato's shop, possibly to make testing easier.

Prototype Final
BanjoPilotVoxel-banjoselectsprite.png BanjoPilot-banjoselectsprite.png

Upon selecting Banjo in the final game, his chest will turn brown. This is not present in the voxel build.

Plane Selection


After you select your character, you'll be given a choice between three different planes which represent the difficulty. In the final game, each character has their own unique plane.

Debugging Features

Free Movement

During gameplay, holding the Select button stops motion for your character and enables free movement, even allowing you to go outside of the level boundaries. While Select is held, pressing Up and Down moves you forward or backward relative to the camera, while Left and Right rotates the camera. When Select and R are held, Up and Down adjust altitude, and Left and Right strafe.

Instant Win

Pausing the game and pressing L during gameplay will allow you to instantly win the current race or battle.

Debug Menu


Pressing L while in the main menu will activate a small debug menu containing a level select and sprite viewer. To select levels, hold R and press Left or Right to change the level and press A to play it.

Sprite Viewer


Using the debug menu, you can access a sprite viewer. Holding R and pressing Left or Right will change the sprite. Holding R and pressing Up or Down will change the sprite's animation. Pressing A will advance one frame of animation. Pressing B or L will exit the sprite viewer.

Trev Test Zone


Using the level select, you can access a test map known as TREV TEST ZONE which appears to just be a carbon copy of Spiral Mountain.

Unused Track Names

Prototype Final
Chilly Chasm Freezing Furnace
Lava Jetty Grunty Industries
Chilly Chasm R Freezing Furnace R
Lava Jetty R Grunty Industries R