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Proto:Blood/0.91 Beta

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Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

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This particular version of Blood was compiled on January 2nd, 1997. This build only has the first three maps of the first episode. The build can be found here.

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General Differences

  • The Fanatic still has the ability to throw dynamite.
  • Music seems to be completely absent from this build, sans the title screen itself. Though the user can specify -nocd and the music will play in levels.
  • The map name is shown in the top lefthand corner at the beginning of the level.
  • Some of Caleb's one-liners have captions, which are seen in the top lefthand corner of the screen.
  • Retail cheats do not work, but shareware cheats do.
  • There are switches at the end of the level instead of horns.
  • There is no results screen if you complete a level, you are just transported to the next map.

Main Menu

Prototype Final
Blood beta091 title.png Blood final menu.png

The option to play online is not present in the 0.91 beta, considering it is technically shareware. No demo gameplay is present in the beta, resulting in a pitch-black screen. There is one episode in this build with the first three maps of the first episode. 'The Way of All Flesh' is just called 'Episode 1'.

End Level Switches

Prototype Final
Blood beta091 switch.png Blood final switch.png

The end level switches use generic switches rather than the unique Tchernobog's seal.