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Proto:Bomberman '94

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Bomberman '94.

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In 1993, a demo disc containing an early version of Bomberman '94 was released. The demo disc was called Bomberman '94 Special Version. The demo was made to show off the Battle Mode in Bomberman '94. This article will cover the differences between this and the final game.

General Differences


!Caution! This game is HOT!

The demo starts with a "Caution" screen.

No projected release date for you.

After that, we get a screen telling the player that more info on Bomberman '94 can't be revealed at the moment. It is interesting to note, that the Japanese text is entirely different from the English text.

Japanese Text Translation




This year again,
He will return
to your room


Don't miss it!
Special Version Final (Japan)
Someone must have REALLY ticked off White Bomber. Bomberman in SPACE!

There are many changes between this and the final title screen.

  • The artwork is completely different. Interestingly, the Special Version title screen shows Bomberman's modern design, meaning that this demo is the first product to have Bomberman's modern design. Interestingly, this modern design does not persist to the box art of the final game.
  • "PUSH RUN BUTTON" is written with a different font and it lacks the exclamation point.
  • Special Edition's title screen is a lot better than the one used in the final game.

Other Differences

Bomberman '94 Special Version's soundtrack is taken from Bomberman '93. This music is used as placeholder since the Bomberman '94 music had not been completed.

Battle Game Differences


Special Version Final (Japan)
BM'94 SV Battle1.png Bomberman '94 Battle1.png
  • The color of the background and text font was changed for the final game. It was changed (yet again) for Mega Bomberman.

Character Select.

Special Version lacks a character select. As a result, you can only play as Bomberman with all human players.

Special Version Final (Japan)
Only one stage is available here. The other stages are unlocked, obviously.
  • Special Version only lets you play one stage. The stage is the Arrow Arena (kicked bombs will change direction when they hit an arrow). The stage is identical to final release.
Special Version Final (Japan)
BM'94 SV BattleStart.png Bomberman '94 BattleStart.png

The battle start screen has different colors, and some graphics are different.

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