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Proto:Burnout Revenge (PlayStation 2, Xbox)/Review Builds

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Burnout Revenge (PlayStation 2, Xbox).

This page mainly documents the incredibly late builds that were sent out to reviewers, and have barely any differences. They're better off bundled together in a single Review Builds page such as this one!

Beta 7 (PlayStation 2)

Title screen.
To do:
  • Find out the reason why Danish was removed.

This is a near-final version of the game, internally marked as Beta 7. It is compiled on August 4, 2005 and is based on the non-English European version, internally referred to as "PAL2".

General Differences

This build has the Danish language as an option. It has been removed in the final PS2 release for unknown reasons. Strangely enough, the final EU Xbox versions which predate the PS2 ones by a little over a week, still has the Danish localisation. For comparison, the final Xbox version of this SKU is compiled on August 13, 2005 and the final PS2 version is on August 23, 2005.

Early Final (Xbox) Final (PlayStation 2)

Beta 9 (PlayStation 2)

Title screen.

This is a near-final version of the game, internally marked as Beta 9, based on the "PAL1" SKU. It's compiled on August 9, 2005, slightly less than a week before the final NA build, but two weeks before the final EU builds.

General Differences

This build is so late into development that it only really has two differences, excluding SYSTEM.CNF saying v1.00 unlike the final EU versions which say v1.01. Those two differences are found in the French localisation, where the spelling of a few words was changed. Their respective String IDs are D6AEE6DB and E20BCA94.

Early Final (French) Final (English)
BRevengePS2-B9 LoadStringDiff.png BRevengePS2-FIN LoadStringDiff-FR.png BRevengePS2-FIN LoadStringDiff-EN.png
BRevengePS2-B9 InstRevDiff.png BRevengePS2-FIN InstRevDiff-FR.png BRevengePS2-FIN InstRevDiff-EN.png