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Proto:Chrono Trigger (SNES)/Gameplay Differences

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Chrono Trigger (SNES).

General Differences

  • Battle code is less refined, making battles slightly slower and "flickery".
  • You can't access the intro from the title screen by pressing L. This simply brings you to the file menu.
  • No "ATB 2.0" screen or "enter a name" notice when starting a new game.
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GIF comparison.
  • Running animations don't seem to be as fast as in the final.
  • You can't re-equip characters not present in your party.
  • Crono starts with Cyclone already learned.
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Move to 1000 AD section.
  • The Truce Mayor doesn't seem to give you 300G.
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  • Characters use a strange blue palette when they are blinded.
  • Ayla starts at Level 23, as opposed to Level 18.
  • Frog's theme is used whenever Robo's theme should be played as a placeholder.
  • Characters never use their idle sprites on the world map, although there is sprite data present for it.
  • The "Era" sprite remains on the world map screen regardless of character movement.
  • The game will occasionally crash if you attempt to back out of the era select menu.
  • Taking the Epoch to the End of Time will result in you getting stuck in a wall.

Options Menu

Proto Final (Japan)
Psh. Is that all? Now with more cursor memory settings and useless skill/item descriptions.

Quite different at this point.

  • Three options are missing: "Battle Cursor Memory", "Item/Tech Cursor Memory", and "Item/Tech Descriptions". The icon for the "Menu Cursor Memory" option was also changed from a finger to a small menu graphic in the final.
  • The left side of the menu is narrower, with the options in a single column of seven instead of two columns of five.
  • There is only a single Battle Speed option at this point, which appears to control both the messages and gauge. The final splits this is into two separate options.
  • The background color/pattern option was moved to the top of the menu.
  • The ATB gauge could only be toggled on or off, with no option for an alternate setup.

The Epoch

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Add GIF of Hovercraft warp error.
Proto Final (Japan)
Time-travelling hovercraft! Yeah, just sit there, why don't you?

While the Epoch is fully capable of flight in both the prototype and final, it had an extra feature earlier in development: before its wings, it acted as a hovercraft! This isn't very well-implemented, however: the time travel effect is a simple fade to white, and if the destination point in another era turns out to be on invalid terrain (ocean, mountains, etc.), you'll promptly be dumped back to the place you were when you tried to warp. The developers could access the Epoch via a hidden trigger in the Guardia Millennial fair. Activating this trigger would display the message “Time machine get!” and the Epoch would be spawned on the overworld.

Likely due to how awkward this entire setup is, the Epoch was modified to remain stationary.

Tech Differences

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Somebody should put up some YouTube videos here, if possible.

A good 95% of the Techs are graphically different or unfinished at this point.


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Pictures. Also, look at Lavos AI.

Lavos is incredibly weak, having only 200 HP. Once he's defeated, the game displays the below string of text and locks up:

エンディング![END] Ending!
(All translations: GlitterBerri, N. Onymous)