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Proto:Chrono Trigger (SNES)/Item Differences

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Chrono Trigger (SNES).

A whole mess of items in the prototype differ from their final counterparts. In many cases, the change was a simple stat tweak, but some items don't resemble what they'd later become at all.

Modified Items

The following items have been changed in some form or another.


By and large, only Frog's weapons saw much in the way of major changes.

Weapon Type ATK (Proto) ATK (Final) Notes
Mop Katana +3 +1
WonderShot Gun +140 +250
BronzeEdge Sword +7 +6
Iron Sword Sword +11 +10
Masamune (1) Sword +53 +75 "Grandleon" in Japanese ver.
FlashBlade Sword +73 +90
Pearl Edge Sword +84 +105
Rune Blade Sword +98 +120
BraveSword Sword +112 +135
Masamune (2) Sword +125 +200 "Grandleon" in Japanese ver.


  • The Demon Hit does not exist at this point in development. In its place is a 45 attack power weapon called "Soy Sword", which would have been won from Slash (whose name is "Soysau" in the Japanese version). This weapon was changed into Crono's Slasher in the final, very likely because the player had just gone through a long process to repair the Masamune.
  • There are seven "Fist" weapons for Ayla in the prototype. In the final, there are three Fists, the Iron Fist, and the BronzeFist, with the latter two Fists having been cut entirely.


Nearly every piece of armor had its stats changed in the final, usually for the better. A few helmets were also tweaked.

Armor Type DEF (Proto) DEF (Final) Notes
Hide Tunic Armor +11 +5
Karate Gi Armor +13 +10
MaidenSuit Armor +16 +18
Iron Suit Armor +20 +25
Titan Vest Armor +22 +32
Gold Suit Armor +24 +39
Ruby Vest Armor +28 +45
Dark Mail Armor +31 +45
Mist Robe Armor +34 +54
Meso Mail Armor +35 +52
Lumin Robe Armor +38 +63
Flash Mail Armor +40 +64
Lode Vest Armor +45 +71
Aeon Suit Armor +50 +75
ZodiacCape Armor +55 +80
Nova Armor Armor +58 +82
PrismDress Armor +60 +99
Moon Armor Armor +60 +85
Ruby Armor Armor +45 +78 See notes
RavenArmor Armor +50 +76 Magus only
Gloom Cape Armor +60 +84 Magus only
Hide Cap Helmet +7 +3
BronzeHelm Helmet +9 +8


  • The Ruby Armor did not yet exist in the prototype. In its place was the Death Mail, a much weaker suit of armor that could only be equipped by Magus.

Accessories and Items

Accessories and items were largely untouched, although there are a few exceptions:

  • TyranoFang - This is the only noteworthy altered accessory, which took the place of the Third Eye in the prototype. The names are entirely different, but it's unknown as of yet whether its effect is the same or not.
  • Big Lapis - A consumable item that would later be replaced with the MegaElixir. This restored the entire team's HP to max, but did not affect MP.
  • Memory Mirror - A mysterious unusable item with a description that cryptically translates to "Exit", which suggests that this may have been intended to be used to either escape from dungeons or battles. It was replaced with the Lapis in the final.
  • Magical Handkerchief - Sharing the same slot as the Barrier in the final, the description of this item states that it should have the same effect, but it doesn't appear to do anything.
  • Protein - Same story as above. This seems to be an early, non-functional version of the Shield.
  • Green Dream - In the prototype, this key item occupied the same slot that the "C. Trigger" did in the final. It's unknown if this was meant to be the same item, but the final features an accessory with this very name. (Said accessory exists in the prototype, but is called "Angel Feather".)
  • Bike Parts - Seems like it was originally planned for you to repair the jet bike in Lab 32 before you could use it. This notion is supported by sprites that seem to correlate to the item name. This was replaced with the Race Log in the final.

Missing Items

The following items are not in the prototype at all in any way, shape, or form (bold text denoting an item that is unused in final):

Bolt Sword Slasher (Crono's version) Swallow Slasher 2 Rainbow Siren Graedus
Crisis Arm Iron Fist BronzeFist White Vest White Mail Black Vest Black Mail
Red Vest Red Mail Blue Vest Blue Mail Taban Vest Safe Helm Taban Helm
Sight Cap Memory Cap Time Hat Vigil Hat OzziePants Haste Helm R'bow Helm
MermaidCap Gold Rock Hero Medal MuscleRing Flea Vest Power Seal Magic Seal
Relic SeraphSong Sun Shades PrismSpecs Speed Tab Ruby Knife Yakra Key
Clone Toma's Pop 2 Petals 2 Fangs 2 Horns 2 Feathers