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Proto:Chrono Trigger (SNES)/Music Differences

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Chrono Trigger (SNES).

While mostly finished, the prototype version's soundtrack still has a few rough spots, with a few songs entirely removed from the final. A full SPC rip can be found here, but the songs below are the ones that received tweaking or were deleted.

Early Versions

To do:
  • The Lavos theme is early and much higher, while the Time Gate ambiance is much different.

Battle 1

Prototype Final

The normal battle theme. Mostly the same as in the final, but more "futuristic"-sounding. (See "Battle 1 Remix" for a possible explanation for this difference.)

Wind Scene

Prototype Final

An almost-complete version of the 600 AD world map theme. The most notable difference is that the track which supplies the bottom end of the music is not present.

Ruined World

Prototype Final

Another almost-complete world map theme, this one from 2300 AD. The "clanking" sounds in the background are far more pronounced in this early version.

Rhythm of Wind, Sky and Earth

Prototype Final

The 65,000,000 BC world map theme. It begins similarly to the final, but midway through uses different instrumentation and sounds a bit on the rough side.

Brink of Time

Prototype Final

The End of Time theme is in a higher key in the prototype, and is missing elements found in the final version.

Delightful Spekkio

Prototype Final

Yet another song that's almost there, but the lead features a slightly different sound.

Primitive Mountain

Prototype Final

Mostly the same as the final, except the "swishing" sound is constant in the final whereas it fades in and out at this point.

Corridors of Time

Prototype Final

The Zeal Kingdom map theme, later the general 12,000 BC map theme after Zeal falls. This version is fairly rough, missing some elements found in the final, most notably the prominent "chanting" voices heard throughout.

Schala's Theme

Prototype Final

Just a few instrument sample differences separate prototype version from the final product.

Zeal Palace

Prototype Final

This song is in a very preliminary state at this point: it begins similarly to the final, but about halfway through the arrangement is drastically different to the final version. Adding to its roughness is that the track has yet to be looped.

This, coupled with the fact that the Zeal Palace is completely empty, gives the impression that this area and other Zeal towns were some of the last things to be worked on in the game.

Mystery of the Past

Prototype Final

The end of this mysterious cue is slightly more drawn out, and also includes the "chanting" vocal sample heard in a few other songs.

Inside Lavos' Shell

Prototype Final

The ambiance inside Lavos' shell in the prototype features that same creepy whine/laugh heard in Magus' Castle.

Unused Songs

Battle 1 Remix

A remix of the normal battle theme with different instrument samples. While present in the prototype, this isn't actually used anywhere, though a slightly different version did see usage in the 1994 V-Jump Presentation. The instrumentation and arrangement give the impression that it may have been intended for battles in 65,000,000 BC.

This and the "futuristic" sound of the main battle theme may indicate that, at some point in development, each era would contain its own era-appropriate remix of the battle theme, which would have been a neat touch.

Boss Battle 1 Remix/Alternate

An alternate version of "Boss Battle 1". Unlike the battle theme remix, this is an entirely different version and arrangement all its own. This theme is used in the prototype during the Zenan Bridge battle (but not during the Zombor fight), the Masa and Mune battle, and in the Tyrano Lair. The theme used for major boss fights in the final ("Boss Battle 2") had evidently not yet been composed or implemented at this time.

It's unknown if this song was really intended for the Tyrano Lair or if it's just used as a placeholder, as the dungeon's music is not present at this point.

Keeper's Dome

A very mysterious-sounding song played in the Keeper's Dome and when sealed doors are opened in the prototype. Unlike most songs from the prototype that were replaced, the song used for these events in the final ("Sealed Door") is present in the prototype but not used anywhere. The presence of both of these tracks in the prototype may indicate that "Sealed Door" originally had another purpose before being assigned to the Keeper's Dome and sealed door areas.

Unused Song

This non-looping "angelic choir" song, though present in the prototype, is never used for anything and its purpose is unknown. It does date from very early in development, though, as it appeared in the same promotional video as mentioned above.