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Proto:Conker's Bad Fur Day/ECTS Demo/Map Changes

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Conker's Bad Fur Day/ECTS Demo.


  • Some UVS outside the wasp hive were fixed.
Prototype Final
Conker ECTS wasp uvs.png Conker ECTS wasp uvs final.png
  • There is an untextured cog on the windmill. The windmill's roof uses a different texture.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD WindmillRooftop-ECTS.png ConkersBFD WindmillRooftop-Final.png

Barn Boys

  • The area made of cheese had a hidden context-sensitive pad which transformed Conker in an anvil, which would then destruct the ground, revealing a hook where a Squirrel Tail normally would be, but there isn't anything on the hook. This secret area looks to have been a secret passageway to another section of the level. Concept art suggests this would have branched out onto another section of the level.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD BarnBoys TailHook-ECTS.png ConkersBFD BarnBoys TailHook-Final.png

Bat's Tower

  • The area behind the waterfall where the extra life is has darkened shading suggesting it was once used for a map warp.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD BehindWaterfall ECTS.png ConkersBFD BehindWaterfall Final.png
  • The safe's textures are different.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD BatsTower Safe-ECTS.png ConkersBFD BatsTower Safe-Final.png

Uga Buga

Conker ECTS map 43.png

  • Some parts of the room where Conker finds the giant egg are untextured, including the giant egg itself.
  • The UV mappings inside the dinosaur statue were fixed.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD UV InsideStatue-ECTS.png
ConkersBFD UV InsideStatue2-ECTS.png
ConkersBFD UV InsideStatue-Final.png
ConkersBFD UV InsideStatue2-Final.png


  • Many floor textures inside the mansion do not have the correct sound or any sound at all when stepped on. For example, the hedges in the circular courtyard sound as if they are wood instead of grassy when stepped on.

It's War

  • The Tediz emblem was changed. This also applies to all multiplayer maps that reuse the textures.
ConkersBFD TedizFlag1-ECTS.pngConkersBFD TedizFlag2-ECTS.pngConkersBFD TedizFloor-ECTS.pngConkersBFD TedizGround-ECTS.pngConkersBFD TedizWall-ECTS.png
ConkersBFD TedizFlag1-Final.pngConkersBFD TedizFlag2-Final.pngConkersBFD TedizFloor Final.pngConkersBFD TedizGround Final.pngConkersBFD TedizWall Final.png
  • There's some buggy UV mapping on the protruding caves where the flamethrower enemies reside. This was replaced with less buggy (but still incorrect) UV mapping.
Prototype Final
Conker ECTS UV error.png Conker ECTS UV error final.png
  • The reflection geometry behind the elevator has a missing texture and displays a hall of mirrors effect. Furthermore, the elevator doors function and open improperly and can emit a ding noise halfway through the map.
Prototype Final
Conker ECTS missing elevator texture.png Conker ECTS missing elevator texture final.png