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Proto:Conker's Bad Fur Day/ECTS Demo/Unused Maps

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Conker's Bad Fur Day/ECTS Demo.

The demo contains quite a few test/unused maps. Most are test maps, but a couple may have been unfinished maps intended for the final game.

Unknown Interior

An unused castled-themed map can be found using GameShark code 800A679F 0015. The sections that look like warp points are non-functional.

Conker ECTS map 15.png

Tank Test Room

A large test room consisting of solid ground and a tank. It can be accessed by using GameShark code 800A679F 0016. The map itself lacks any lighting aside from the tank's headlights and features garbled floor textures.

Conker ECTS map 16.png

Uga Buga Test Room

A primitive, blocky room for testing friendly Uga Buga can be found with GameShark code 800A679F 002A. The entities will fall from the sky and follow you.

Conker ECTS map 2A.png

Unknown Test Room

A test room with flat ground and various cube-shaped platforms. Can be accessed using GameShark code 800A679F 0009, you'll spawn in midair in the room used for Gregg's cutscene, and moonjumping out of bounds will respawn you to the intended room.

Conker ECTS map 09.png

Fish Test Room

A room for testing fish entities can be found using GameShark code 800A679F 0003, the room itself sports a single texture with the rest being solid white, and looks like it served purpose for something else in development. Falling out of bounds and respawning will crash the game (not confirmed on console).

Conker ECTS map 03.png

Cheese Test Room

A test room for the cheese AI can be found using GameShark code 800A679F 000D, it features geometry and slopes that are impossible to see due to being set with a black texture.

In-Game Ripped model (for geometry reference)
Conker ECTS map 0D.png Conker ECTS map 0D wireframe.png

Fangy Test Room

A test room for Fangy (the dinosaur you ride during Buga the Knut's boss fight) can be found using GameShark code 800A679F 000F. It features a flat plane using a texture from the war maps.

Conker ECTS map 0F.png

Unknown Test Room

A test room containing only a flat ground with garbled textures from the tank test room be found using GameShark code 800A679F 001F. A duplicate can be found using code 800A679F 0020.

ConkersBFD Map1F-ECTS.png